THE NEW GENERATION | Aesthetic Fitness Motivation (2018) – Part 2


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  2. Stanozols a wonderful drug

  3. david (get) laid

  4. 3:19 best body

  5. Ariba el que es mexicano y es fuerte

  6. what the title song??

  7. No Connor Murphy, Im dissapointed

  8. Nattys

  9. Carlton Loth being the real slayer

  10. Nice to video
    Hot hai boss

  11. And part 3? I liked ignite an super hero and we are… Why delete?

  12. Monu rsj

  13. Andrei:)

  14. David laid and Jeff seid 🔥

  15. "naturals" xd

  16. The new faces of gear. All you fan boys swear they get like this with oatmeal and protein shakes.

  17. Fantastic

  18. Господи от первого трека такие мурашки по телу, просто космос!

  19. Reallly awosome

  20. Gerardo grabriel should be there tho 🤔

  21. awesome motivation video!)🔥🔥

  22. Fuckboiiiiii compilation

  23. si alguien descargo o tiene la tercera parte que me lo pase plis

  24. que paso con la tercera parte?

  25. Please teach me how to build my muscles like that, please?

  26. que paso con la tercera parte osea la parte 3, por que retiraron el video agradecería su respuesta

  27. podrian darm el nombre de la musica del min 7:40

  28. Part 3 ?

  29. You know whoever's making these videos got to have a f**** problem with all of that flashing light they put on there we want to see the video why do they keep strobe light in the video flashing on and off like that bro that's the stupidest f**** s*** I've ever seen can't we just watch the video in peace without use f**** adding that stupid ass f**** effect f**** dumbass s***

  30. Were is connor murphy

  31. Andrei roidsu

  32. Jeff seid

  33. GOOD 😀

  34. Name of this music please

  35. Hello people,first of all my name is Valery, i’m a single lady, i live in California and basically i love to share some time with myself doing some excercise, hearing music, playing the guitar, tripping out, hahahaha i don’t trip myself that was just a joke,mmmmmm, what else… Oh yeah i like to play with my dogs and have a very chill out life haha.

    I want to talk with you girls, guys and whoever sees this document about a very concerning situation, before i started myself in the gym i had a very bad conception of myself, my self-esteem wasn’t as cool as it’s now, i used to be fat,no one wanted to make a conversation with me!!!!, it was very frustating as i used to think the love could be coming from anywhere at any time, however i discover something else which really disappointed me a lot.

    Actually, i discover we live in a very dark society, a society which no matter what they don’t care about anything in which to feelings refer, nobody wanted to talk to me after i started to make excercise and have a very sculpted body, after that every man tried to seduct me and everything got me confused as i was starting to think that they were only attracted to me just because of my body. The thing is that i’m really disappointed in regards to this society in which everyone sees materialistic to be a door to accomplish their dreams.

    By the way if you’re a woman and you’re looking to get a man to protect you, my best advise for you would be to make a diet and some excercise as that’s what men are looking for.

    I leave you my routine in case you want to follow it


    Here’s the diet in order to have a really tonificated body, this is miraculous

  36. like

  37. Andrei Deiu ya esta listo para el MR Olimpia. Bien ahi macetas👏👏👏💪💪💪👊👊👍👍👍

  38. Best

  39. zero naturial unfortunately

  40. Shout out to The Beast Motivation! Keep up with the good content you got yourself a new subscriber and Uzoma all the way!!

  41. No one is so fuckin shredded like carlton Loth 💪🏽
    But abdre deiu is a bigger Beast
    Different weight Classes

  42. This video should be called "the new generation of steroids" LOL.

    Im not complaining i love them all and i am at gym aswell.

  43. Carlont loth boy

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