The Mystery of Fast-5 and D.I.E.T.: Bert Herring, MD at TEDxRiversideAvondale

Translator: Rhonda Jacobs
Reviewer: Peter van de Ven Good morning and thank you. It’s an honor and privilege to be here. I feel very lucky to be
one of those invited to do so. So, I’ll begin. First of all, if you came here
to hear about the Fast Five movie, or you’re Vin Diesel fans, (Laughter) you got the wrong ticket. (Laughter) Okay. So, we’re kind of doing a bit
of time traveling this morning, so let’s do this again. Imagine you’re 100 years old, celebrating your 100th birthday. Imagine what that feels like, what you look like, and what you’re doing. Now, imagine that you’re celebrating
your birthday on water skis. The water’s skidding underneath your skis,
you approach your dock, you wave to your kids, your grandkids,
your great-grandkids, maybe some great-great-grandkids
and their friends, who wave back to you. And then you cut wide
and you splash them all with water. (Laughter) Now, is that sort of vitality a dream or can it be reality? Well, let’s look. This is a cartoon, a sketch,
based on an MRI image. It shows what it looks like
to slice through the thighs of a 40-year-old athlete. The red’s muscle, the yellow’s fat
and the white’s bone. So there’s lots of muscle,
pretty thick bone and just a rim of fat. Now, this is a similar image
of a slice through the legs of a 74-year-old sedentary male. With muscle withering away
like that in the 70s, is the kind of energy and strength
you need to water ski at 100 even possible? Well, let’s look at what stands
in the way of getting to 100. The top ten killers: heart disease, cancer, lung disease, stroke, accidents, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, kidney disease, lung infections and suicide. Those are some pretty big
horsemen of the apocalypse that we have to get by. So what can we do? When I was at NIH,
I had put on 20 extra pounds, and that was since leaving
the Navy and the Marine Corps, and I didn’t consider that to be a threat, because it wasn’t one of those ten
that I just listed, and I was just overweight,
not even obese. But I also knew what to do to cure that: eat less, exercise more. And I was eating a good diet, I was eating something similar to this. You may recognize it — this is the current recommendations
of the United States government, and — what they call healthy. And this is similar to what I was eating. And you may not recognize
that there’s a lot of industrial influence that goes into these recommendations. Harvard took a look at this and said,
“We can do better than that,” and so they made some changes. And they called it “Healthy Plate”
instead of “My Plate.” And so they said, more vegetables,
less fruit, cut out dairy, there’s some people
who can’t even eat dairy, and whatever’s in dairy
we can get somewhere else, so it doesn’t have to be
a recommendation, that’s just the influence
of the dairy industry. And they also brought healthy oils
and staying active up onto the front page instead of burying it in the fine print. And the MyPlate recommendations, even after decades of epidemic obesity, didn’t even include the advice
to eat less until 2010. (Laughter) Again, that’s industrial influence — they want you to eat healthy
or don’t eat healthy; as long as you eat, they’re happy. So it’s eat, eat, eat. Now, at NIH, my day was sandwiched
between my childcare drop-off and pick-up. So to try to get more work done,
I started skipping lunch. One of those days,
I also skipped breakfast, which, at the time,
felt a little bit sinful. And that shows you how strong
the dogma is about breakfast. But that “breakfast is the most
important meal of the day” thing, that’s advertising, not science. So anyway, I skipped breakfast, and I noticed that I was
less hungry during the day than I’d been when I ate breakfast. So I sinned again, I tried it again, and again, and again, and kept it up,
and after a few days of that noticed that that 20 pounds of flab
I was carrying felt a little thinner. So I checked on the scale,
and sure enough, my weight had dropped. So I kept it up —
week after week for 20 weeks, my weight was dropping
by a pound per week. And the key here is appetite. My appetite had dropped. I wasn’t trying to eat less at this time. My appetite had dropped,
so I was eating less and feeling full, having eaten less food. Sounded great to me. And so that was my way
of getting rid of that extra 20 pounds. Fast forward to 2005. My wife tried the same thing — what I called it then was a study of one,
I tried it on myself. My wife tried it on herself. She had the same result —
the same kind of study of one. In 2005, we wondered, can we share this?
Can this work for other people? But there was a problem —
calories in, calories out. Timing wasn’t supposed
to make a difference. We’re physicians,
we know this stuff, right? Why would timing matter? We had no good explanation for that. So I dove into the scientific
literature trying to find out, trying to solve this little mystery. And looking through stuff
that dated back to the 1930s, I started seeing how much influence industry had had on our perceptions
about diet and eating, and that’s where
I learned about things like “breakfast is the most
important meal of the day.” But I also learned that
the solution to the timing question was a fairly obvious thing; it was based on stuff I’d learned
the first year of medical school and was too boring
to be thinking about later. So, I put the pieces together,
put them in a book, and my wife and I founded
this company called Fast-5 to try to encourage other people
to try to give this tool a try. So we printed this book,
and it comes down to five — one rule, five words: Eat within five consecutive hours. So what’s the rest of the book about? It’s talking about,
explaining how it actually works. (Laughter) But it does come down
to that one rule: five hours. And that five hours can be
at any time during the day — meaning it can be
an evening window of five hours, a morning window of five hours, doesn’t matter. And what you choose to eat
during that window is also up to the individual. It can be MyPlate;
it can be Healthy Plate; it can be vegetarian;
it can be kosher; it can be halal — whatever a person chooses to eat
can fit within the Fast-5 program. It is the timing
that makes the difference. For some people, Fast-5
is like Cinderella’s slipper — they’re overweight, they’ve been overweight
for as long as they can remember — obese. They try it on, it fits perfectly,
and their whole life changes. And because of that, with us just
having a website and very little else — a bunch of e-mails
back and forth to people, Fast-5 has spread
to those six continents. Seven if you count penguins. (Laughter) But penguins fast
for three months at a time, and so I think they’re taking it
a little too far. (Laughter) So, translated
into the various languages by people who wanted to share
this idea that worked for them, in their own language,
with their own countrymen. And there are Facebook groups,
Yahoo groups with over 3,000 members. So people are out there sharing it,
sharing what works for them. This is one tool in the arsenal
that people can try and see if it works for them. That’s why I call it the study of one. You don’t have to ask
somebody else if it’s healthy, you can find out for yourself. Does it work for you or doesn’t it? That’s what the study of one is about. So — this is how you can
get started on a study of one — and this doesn’t have to be about Fast-5. A study of one can approach
any question that you have. Is this healthy for me or not? And what I’ve learned from e-mailing
all these people about Fast-5 is that people often don’t trust
their own sense of what’s good for them, they need it to come from outside. And I’m saying you can trust yourself; you can trust your body —
it’s good at this. And this is the way you can get started: You take measurements —
the first three you can do at home, the last two are lab tests. And there may be others
that your doctor would recommend based on whatever change you’re making
and you want to give it a try. Now, I ask for
a little bit of common sense — you don’t want a pulse of zero. (Laughter) You don’t want a blood pressure of zero. But within the range of common sense, all these numbers
are the lower, the better. So it’s fairly simple
to navigate with these: the lower, the better. And HbA1c is a measure
of the average blood glucose over the last couple of months. So it just gives an average measurement
to let you know where you’ve been. hs-CRP is a measure of the amount
of the amount of inflammation that’s going on anywhere in the body. Inflammation is our body’s primary tool
for treating anything — it’s its only tool. It just throws inflammation
at anything that goes wrong. So if anything is going wrong,
inflammation goes up; and if everything’s quiet
and good, it goes down. And you may be wondering
where cholesterol is on this. Cholesterol has 11 subtypes and lots of different risk factors
that have to be integrated, so it doesn’t make
for an easy choice or an easy guide. The study of one is like
navigating the old fashioned way: You check your position,
you set your course, you travel it for a while, and then you stop and you check again, and if things are looking good,
you keep going the same way, and if they’re not looking good, you change course
and do something differently. Now, two or three months is a long time. It’d be nice to have a GPS
where you eat a candy bar and it says, “Oh, you’re going downhill.” (Laughter) And then it says, “Make a U-turn.” And then you eat a salad,
and it says, “Recalculating.” (Laughter) Well, we don’t have that yet … maybe. For right now,
we just have the study of one. But what the study of one does is tell you what’s healthy for you
with your activity, your choices, your diet, your stress level,
your environment and your genes. It doesn’t say what’s healthy
for some lab rat or some person who’s in a paid study
in an ivory tower somewhere; it’s what matters for you. In addition to those
tests and measurements, I also say, “How do you feel?” Because your body has a network
of monitors called nerves that you can count on
to tell you what’s going on, but they don’t print out numbers,
so you have to record, maybe assign it a scale of one to ten
to say, “How are you feeling? How are your aches and pains? Are you feeling
energetic and sharp or not?” And with those, you can guide yourself
on what’s healthy for you. Now, there’s another mystery about Fast-5, and that is: how do animals
control their level of fat? Not too little, not too much. It’d be nice if it
were happening for humans too. They have some fat for reserve, but you never see animals
just eating and eating until they blow up like puffer fish. (Laughter) Fast-5 seems to turn on
the same mechanism for humans: to get just the right amount of appetite
to keep the fat in balance — not too much, not too little. We still do not know how that works. But I trust that it does. And if you would like to try Fast-5,
you can see if it works for you too. Now, let’s go back to the athlete. Lots of muscle, right? This isn’t the 40-year-old. This is a 70-year-old. Let’s look at all three for comparison. On top: 40-year-old. Middle: 74-year-old sedentary. On the bottom:
70-year-old and very active. This is why the fact that muscle
is use it or lose it, is why there’s more to diet
than just food. And this doesn’t stop at muscle cells. Use it or lose it applies to brain cells. And it applies to the body as a whole. Whether we’re used and active
and important to our community — that matters. And so my idea of a healthy plate
looks something like this: You say, “Well, where are the veggies?” (Laughter) They’re some little dot
in this physical part, so small you can’t even see it, because there’s activity,
there’s things like not smoking, alcohol in moderation
that goes into physical. But there’s the whole
other world of social activity and mental activity that we need a diet of
to keep everything healthy. Our cells go way beyond our skin
in terms of how they communicate. Now, we see this word
every day, probably — probably more than we like to see it, and so I’d like you
to use it as a reminder. Did I enrich today? If you see this word somewhere out there, think: Did I enrich today?
Did I put something new in my life? Did I generously share
some advice or some skills or something with somebody else? It’s like biological karma: What you give out comes back to you. Now, imagine you’re 100, again. It’s your birthday still. The sun’s setting,
you’re sitting on the dock, life is good. Your knees ache … from skiing. (Laughter) After all, you’re not 90 anymore. (Laughter) (Applause) And you think, if one can profit
from their own generosity, what better dividend, what more precious dividend
can there be than health. Thank you very much. (Applause)


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    *Motive of preponderance is profit.
    -Peer reviewed scientific trials, and consesus of all experts in the matter.

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  12. What i can tell you about fasting that i've learned from my own experience is a drop in blood pressure readings. I've never did a longer fast than 3 – 4 days. Anyway Even throughout the first day my blood pressure dropped enormously. These are my average results before fasting: 150./70 (taking three medications per day). I make average out of 3 readings during the day.. What really sucks here is big pulse pressure, because of which i feel my heart pounding almost all the time. Anyway, even during the first day of fasting my average went down to 125/80. And second day 110/70 with the lowest reading of 104/64 (pulse pressure around 40 mmgh average),. Only during fasting i feel like a healthy, normal person. I don't know why does it work like that, but for me even eating a normal meal to break a fast, makes my blood pressure skyrocket again. Nevertheless Those are my results and because of the fact that i did 3 day fasting (water only) few times and always had the same experience, i can tell that this is only due to a fast.

  13. Fast 5 works for me. I started it April 2016. I adapted to it in about three weeks. When I felt hungry a few hours before the eating time window opened, just have a glass of water, get busy working on something and soon the hungry feeling went away. By Dec I had dropped 30 lbs. I found I felt better, had more energy, and clearer faster thinking.

    I also naturally craved healthier foods, and new recipes to try. Mostly I ate whatever I wanted, only mostly avoiding cookies, etc. except for once or twice per week. Once getting to about the weight I wanted to be I was less strict about it and resumed having coffee and a muffin. From Dec to April 2017 I dropped a few more lbs, Now oscillating between 143 – 145.

    I did it partly for myself and partly to prove it works and hopefully inspire my wife to try it too. After criticizing me for several months, that it wasn't healthy for me. She realized that it was good for me, and she decided to give it a try too. She adapted to it much more slowly, taking about 2.5 months to get to a 5 hour eating window. But once she found she is also averaging losing about 1 lbs./week she has stayed with it and has dropped about 40lbs. and two dress sizes. However, she says she doesn't notice any increase in mental alertness or energy level, but also no drop in energy level.

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  94. Candy bar and it says, you're going downhill–that was funny!

  95. I've always eaten once a day…not on purpose it's just how I work, if I eat anything substantial before 2 pm I get extremely tired and it made working difficult especially in a labor job but everyone harassed me over it yet I noticed (I feel terrible saying this I really do) I was a bit more fit and energetic than most of the other people at work. Some people constrict and limit against their will, while some force and gorge themselves to 'right their diet' but it backfires A LOT. This finally makes me feel like I'm not strange I'm right where I'm supposed to be for me. Edit: I don't know squat about dieting but I do have one rule that I recommend for EVERYONE is never eat till your full…eat till your not hungry anymore, I credit my energy level to that and that alone.

  96. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day well that depends on what you do for a living If you are let's say a logger and your hiking up and down steep hills carrying a chainsaw cables maybe an ax and if yo i don't eat a good breakfast your going to have a hard TIME making it to lunch without collapsing I was never a logger but I had a very strenuous job at a concrete factory where I had to load bags of cocret some weighing up to a hundred pounds a piece for 4 solid hrs with 2 15 minute breaks in between This was back some years ago when I first started that job I was about 15 lbs over wt and at the 3 month Mark I had lost all the wt plus some despite eating a huge breakfast and lunch so if you are just going to sit around and watch tv or if you have a an office job then yea skip breakfast but if you're going to lift concrete bags and load trucks all day then yea eat a big breakfast I hate this one size fits all carp Or you could go on a nice hike on the mountains or hill country let's say 10 12 miles with a pack up and down steep trails and 1st time with no breakfast then with breakfast so I hope I made my point It all depends on what you doing after the most important meal of the day cheers

  97. I do more than 10 years of IF 😉

  98. I lost 50 pounds with no effort whatsoever by merely going from eating three meals a day to two meals a day with an occasional one meal a day. I stopped eating by 5 or 6 o'clock and excercise was not a factor. The body quickly adjusted and I never felt hungry. If you eliminate processed junk food and add a little exercise while drinking adequate water everyday your results could be even better and faster. Some people call this intermittent fasting…at the time I didn't have a name for it. I've also effortlessly kept the weight off for over two years now. I'm now 65 years of age and have returned to my bodybuilding and martial arts roots while adhering to a plant based way of eating. I've never taken a drink of alcohol, smoked a cigarette or done any drugs. I don't plan to change anything any time soon!

  99. Yes, and I discovered that delaying eating until as late n the day as possible, gave me significantly more energy, and I feel better, overall (heard it from Dr Bill Sardi: tried it; liked it)!


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