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all right beep let's do this first thing first the name is the lui secondly the game is the game of professional bodybuilding thirdly thirdly first time we try a video on this newly acquired computer hopefully it's gonna be loyal I want to make a special video guys about mandatory pussies baby please right if you tell me a side chest side tricep from double bicep right what you're not image what kind of bodybuilder jumps into my mind in any given Posey's will you piss or we take you through my mind right now I'm gonna miss a lot of guys a lot of good posers a lot of epicness but this is just right of the back unscripted not even edited right you guys can see this picture for instance not even a medical report that it is an epic shot from 1993 mr. Olympia flex wheeler Dori in the back yes Shawn Ray we have actually my loss sir self we have Lee lebra de the late Mike matarazzo I think and Flavio Puccini the smallest guy back then this was in 1998 Ronnie Coleman centerstage flex wheeler right here at the lake masseur and some Mari they were doing battle actually to acquire the title of mr. Olympia phenoms take a look at Aaron Becker Shawn Ray probably not saluting on the back no it looks like a Canadian guy called Claude guru proceed Swamy this was 1996 wasn't it not easy of course Kevin laughs Ronnie Shawn ray we got Mike home swap and we got our friend Chris Cormier there this guy I know but according to the bubble got published 30 in yet is it gates looks like it looks like freaking easy procedure shall we even was this was 1993 actually in Kevin Lila brother ray sir self love you but Gianni this guy I have no idea with proceed shall we an epic picture of dorian yates doing this fashion actually working the back and talking about this first day i tried both you know way of holding the bar supinated and the the commercial way this one actually activates the back better it just does it just does so this is what i do myself the only bad side about it it activates the I mean the the biceps in a series where it's one flex magazine cover all of Dorian Yates this is flex Lewis on a flex magazine this is our friend the wolf this is mr. Xie the green this though is an epic almost historical kana Turner magazine actually issue this was 1993 when this gentleman right here made a revolution in bodybuilding Dorian Yates published these black-and-white pictures if I don't recall there were just six of them six of them of this issue it was a revolution everybody was normal bodybuilder anybody was coming off the Lee Haney era he was arrayed in mr. Olympia he one person's Kevin lavro knee in Helsinki but he was still small he was in a continuity of the legacy of Lee Haney was you know it was better than Lee Haney granted but we did not leave humanity as of yet these pictures assured the advent the very day beaut of the big fauna era he became huge and he killed everybody he demoralized them when he showed them this these pictures you guys can see he was 269 pounds however in the show he showed up at 257 even more shred but a bit smaller nonetheless it was just epic I do recall this magazine HD in French these guys one of them is Mike quit I forget the name of his fellow trainee back then but these guys were thrown out of most gyms back then they were destroying the apparatuses right and this issue they were doing some legs procedure are we a very epic shot of mr. flex wheeler can we der 1993 of course miss Olivia his best year ever best year ever and no matter what he says he prefers 97 or what he became back in 99 we tried to chase Ronnie Coleman unsuccessfully so I'm sorry flex 93 on day in every day man we're talking about the front number bicep here right of course this is the first mandatory boy this guy is Charles Clermont although the name is French he is a bricked this guy moves the IFBB he came from a different Federation he was so underrated you know the thing is when you come to IFBB and he was the champion of the other Federation like now bar or thing I forgot about it they would not let you be a champion in the IP because it will mean that you come from a different Federation and then he will you would kill everybody in our Federation maybe which means dinner the it would suppose the other Federation was stronger than us so he was dinged and underrated in so many ways right absolutely saluted physique though big ramming this year front double bicep of course this was in Spain I think yeah Spain he gets second but I really like his version in Spain I really like his version I'm gonna talk a lot about big Remy today because I wish I wish he would not be an unrealized prospect and unrealized potential because this year you made a statement my name is Sophie I didn't like him in okay he was medium around me I mean especially in you know and the prejudging also what the hell did he do it was a mess he was not that good corrected it especially in Spain and then you know Prague and whatever Kuwait it was pretty much the same but I love like the pictures of of Spain but every picture of myself I'm sorry about that I got a full year jaeyun video cerebellar by Sofia video store up and median are making a video I'm gonna call him an edited as you guys know I never added my videos so this guy whatever picture we show about this year or last year it's not the final version hopefully he would progress even more it was just a statement this year he should have been second in mr. rompilla if he came like this but he did not call my base it was definitely smaller more depleted but hopefully this would be an outdated picture next year because he would progress and he will overshadow this version right we have Brian Buchanan and we look at the difference wow this is like freaking 60 pounds of difference at least right Brian Buchanan is an epic firm double bicep not only for the Bison to sell but you guys can see the waist I mean you can really cut this guy he has the smallest waist ever the ratio between the the upper part and the lower is just stunning it was just marvelous Oh Doreen here we're gonna talk about Dorian later the wrong picture again mr. Brian Buchanan he was a Brit as well it wasn't Britt you can see here not an edited non-doctor picture but he looked amazing next to Albert battles I quote Albert Beck please because it rhymes with baby please right we have Mike Christian and the other guy looks like Bob Paris our shape Bob Paris but this guy Brian brow his front double bicep sees baby piece was just epic so it comes into my mind when I think about front double bicep we got Lee Haney I never liked his front double bicep his arms were not a sight to be saluted even by back then standards fade he's though the goodness Olympia this is an old picture of course he used to have a very good friend of bicep and granted he was small this year though and nowadays he became this quite a contrast he had no choice he was too small here especially in the back his back was just shallow so he had to grow and he became this this year everything is bigger everything is oversized but admittedly the frontal biceps I just don't like it that is a lot of tightness up there another phone call can you imagine that probably my mom anyway so I don't salute his front double bicep specially now this year an epic shot of the Prince the Black Prince Robby Robinson it jumps into my mind I mean for so many reasons one of the most epic bicep tricep sweet combination combined without vacuum it's just epicness this guy was pretty much the the Dexter Jackson of the 70s slash 80s and even slash 90s because he lasted pretty much he competed during the three decades and he is a master mr. Olympia of course but his front double bicep listen he was probably we're in his forties here was just epic Arnold Schwarzenegger is a marvelous classic called historical front double bicep this was a poster that was probably on your room as well just like mine so he is definitely there in the front double bicep we got again Albert battles between baby please he has kind of heart shape bicep just like the guy next to him Boyer Cole there were just two epic biceps of the 70s flash 80s right this is boy Orko when he was young and the the peak actually the biceps got more outrageous with time you can see it looks like a heart shape some say he was in think Ron mr. Olympia 1980 1980 but that was taken by Arnold and it's another story right this year's version talking about Arnold his version of Kyrene and the other classic this by SAP front upper bicep shorty is just marvelous just perfect it's just a it would stay in the pages for ages just proper everything from bottom to top of course even though I'm in the lower section the quads he brought this year just a sight to be seen absolutely proper we cannot dismiss the blonde myth the blonde myth is from Down Under mr. Lee Priest crazy arms development of course one of the best only rivaled nowadays by that of boob under Rudy Winkler proper by the way the the he is nicknamed the blonde myth but that was actually taken from one of his mentor's and an American guy who passed away about two years ago forgot his name Colin Firth au coeur furred or four guys they may rest in peace he was a blond guy and he passed away two or three years ago from a heart attack in his sleep mini rest in peace right commerford i think his name is Comerford proceed haha shall we we arrived to the back double biceps again I'm gonna miss a lot but this is gonna be shorter because the epicness of the Magna biceps is not that prevalent you do not find it that much so I'll start right away with this lebanese then you please samir bannout it jumps into my mind bad double biceps it comes into my mind right before him I'm sorry they were not that epic and I'm sorry there's nobody no more Arnold no nobody pretty much to be honest with you guys so it starts in 1983 and that from there I will bypass even the Lee Haena era leading was known for me for his back but I'll bypass him I'll go right away to somebody else again this is semi renewed so I'll jump from Sameer right to the 90s right we get more more benezia here and Dorian Yates because between them I'm sorry there was nobody comes to my mind nobody no Leela brother no my Christian Mike Ashley for I mean Richard Gaspari they're all weak in the back in my opinion so Yates brought a revolution in the back this was a 1993 of course it was just massive this Brit was just compact that the density of that bag is just biblical if you ask me 1992 version of flex reader was very very good in the back now that dice actually admittedly in the lower section but that bag was just royal right this was a 93 quite a known picture 93 as Wow it was just thick and then with the years it became Maggard this was in 97 I think he won the honor classic but you can see that the contrast it lost some thickness to it right it wasn't the best version of him in my opinion but prior to that like this was 92 93 look at the back was just fun it was just fun right 93 again epicness we arrived to of course Ronnie Coleman I prefer his back 98 99 when it was still small and he did not have a discrepancy on the left side it was not you know there was not an imbalance we started to see an imbalance when he became big specifically in thousand and three thousand and four especially on the left side right and then mysterious did you guys know he was injured from that area it became not loyal innocence but when he was small definitely a proper back double bicep cheese baby please when we jumped to this year's version of Philly I think it's getting better by the year although this pic is not the best one the angle was not that cool if you go back 2013 though look at that the lighting was definitely more loyal this guy is solid this guy is dominated from the back he has a lot of good shots release but his epicness and his domination is a testament from from the back I mean from bottom to top he's just solid he dominates his rivals let's take a look at the bottom actually do you know another guy in the circuit right now having this kind of development that's kind of conditioning that is not he is in the lead a clear lead right and of course the top he still brings that that 3d effect just completeness so he's dominating in this pose properly we go back to master Dave a Grammy I'm gonna talk a lot about the Grammy tonight now admittedly is nowhere as developed or as mature certainly not as condition and so Olympia by no means but when we we're seeing here is a you know baby steps here bargain is getting better I mean last year we did not see these details at all so he's getting there this is a potential that's why all these gurus love him I mean Dennis James was chasing him and then towards Farrah and nowadays we have Chris Osito everybody loves this guy right I mean even handy Rimbaud loves him that I know but I know right but it's still an unrealized potential we all were crying when would he basically blew me coming to the scene well this year we had a testament he can perfect it year by year he should become that like Steve Weinberger said this guy is a future mr. Olympia it just needs time and hopefully that will be realized so that this picture would be an outdated one we will dismiss it completely cuz he will bring something even better than that of Dorian Baker and then of roni and probably this condition as the current mr. Olympia right Jay Cutler 2009 both pictures they are think of are from the same year prejudging and the finals his bank was not the most details detailed one ever but he was imposing the mass he was dominating by bullying the guys with with sheer size and you know that density of his right it was not the most detailed back but it was just good just enough to keep the competition at bay right we arrived you side chest again I'm sorry in the 70s nobody jumps into my mind um I was not that impressive right that of mr. Olympia Leonie I didn't like it his arms are too small as I mentioned but that of the Lebanese really pleased 1983 Samir but which was good it was good side just and then I jump right away to Kevin let Virani almost a signature pose Kevin got the side chest by the book just epicness is a big or small it was just good for him right 1993 that flex wheeler I also liked 1993 and that said that of a Dorian nobody likes nobody should like actually it is sight chest everything was small the chest was small dance but small the the bicep was also small and short it's kind of here it was like too tight in my opinion I mean it's just my opinion I think he has some he had some tightness from the front when it comes to the nerves the nerves were not loaded the median and the owner were or not stretched properly again this is the year of a confident big Remy not perfect but just a prospect I don't like the sweet or the lack of it actually the lack of the sweep of that hamstring patient me she'd perfected hopefully it will come even better next year now I know how he trains I don't agree with the way he trains for certain body parts right I don't agree with the fact that sometimes he tells his trainer no I'm not gonna do that that should not happen well you have a guy like Dallas McCarver having the battered glutes right and his hamstrings are a bit better at 24 25 that guy does what it takes to train these body parts in an efficient way I think it'd be grimy can do better right it's all good having proper of genetics and access to anabolic chicken but I need to optimize that his training is not top-notch as of yet right I think it's good but the training itself what the weights are being lifted is not the most optimal one this hamstring suite can be battered he has that the genetic package to be the most most perfect body builder of all time he must do it hopefully he will address it this year then again I loved the side chest of big Ronnie this year especially in the upper upper upper area is just perfect and it's not out of the oven it can become even more monstrous I meet with his trainer Ashley Chris Osito he said lately big Ronnie plus 10 pounds he still has a good 10 pounds to put everywhere without him looking blocky or stocky he has still has that in the bag and it will just perfect his package she will not be overdone it would not be an overkill he can still move about but we need sweep here means we here is able to dominate strong Roden and Dexter Jackson with this package but would feel heat nothing short of completeness is the perfect weapon we arrived to the side chest right away I started with Dori nice 1993 I mean his triceps is is high his arms are not that big but he gets this pose textbooks just suits him good the way he killed his body it was just a proper one then we moved to another ex trainee of Chris Osito may he rest in peace Paul DeMaio Paul denai although his named nickname actually Quadzilla triceps he had was just epic I mean it was just a marvelous may he rest in peace he passed away from overdose if I'm not mistaken at the age of 32 it was just proper this guy he was invited in this Olympian back then there was an invitational basically guests actually are the mr. Olympia this one was one of them I think it was in 99 I need three actually from nameste 293 if I'm not mistaken yet I recall feeling of course one of the craziest triceps nowadays alongside that of Bob and Rudy Winkler smaller than Rory Winkler but he gets it better Roley does not take advantage of the sight triceps rather properly talking about the sweep look at the difference between this one and that of Remy right it needs to be dragged by gravity it's literally a bicep literally a biceps right there the try me need to the bottom front last breath of course you know Lee Haney was good but when Dorian came in it's just a whole new level he is all that I mean the front light spread of Dorian it's just a picking is the very first one that comes into my mind right Ronnie Coleman I liked his it was good when he was small we could all agree but when he became big true big it hindered the balance and it showed it didn't look good it didn't was not looking good right Joshua and Leonardo is the Koala can guru hybrid by the way this is the real nickname that I gave him and he accepted so right now we go to his social media his name is a koala hybrid Dorian asked not out of the oven as of yet I spoke to him we don't know he trained his back and a testament that is a testament that this guy if he does well he will progress even more hopefully who do you know this kind of roles I showed you about Dorian before he should do that religiously and he should stick to them in an exaggerated way Wow they grabbed me again this year I think has the best front last pride but then he has I mean this guy outside everybody he has so many large body parts is wide upstairs so when he spread them it's even bigger than that of tourists definitely the most impressive front last present the largest one ever right he trained actually in the Nautilus pull over machine apparatus that of Dorian and he was just too big for it too wide so it doesn't suit him right but then again he can perfect this but this year is the best one backless Brad of course these two guys are at the top namely Dorian and Ronnie Coleman bye bye bye bye miles they have just the best again this is Dorian when he was dominating nasarah and some body keeping him at bay a guy behind him is Rukia Fuchs is his back was not bad to which he wrecks me right again this is Yates very solid very granite he very thick hugely overgrown traps that of Ronnie Coleman again I prefer him when he was little but small it was in 99 if I'm not mistaken there we go this year's version of beneath very very dominating very secure polls from him we're not talking about with of course the gun is now wide what he has done is knowingly or unknowingly but you know it is hard work develop a proper proper batter is just thick comin atcha the the king cobra effect again what I called the Central Valley of California in the center and he had the Colorado River down there Grand Canyon right this guy for the record if you guys remember he took literally two years off from his own Olympia back then because his back was weak and he started to do these dorian yates style rows I remember him doing it actually on a smith machine right so you have a supinated basically grip right he was taken out the thump out of the picture and just dragging just Rowan Rowan religiously and we came at the back that was a weakness was a strength so proper back last proud for this guy we arrived to you another mandatory position around there is abs and thighs very first guy that comes to my mind now stare at somebody 90s I mean the the phone are the big fauna Jurassic era right he had a very solid one the guy you see here is Mike Quinn Mike when was it Mike Wayne I think is Mike Quinn his name is Quinn the first thing I forget about Mike yeah Mike Witt sorry so the other guy as we saw before is Jim Quinn this guy is Mike Quinn and the other guy is Jim Quinn Jim Quinn is a taller guy you can see here the same pose mr. chaudhary had a very good one I mean the midsection of Sean ray is just epic epic epic right so again you see now sir next time and Kevin here you see 1997 actually where flex wheeler won his second or Atlantic versus actually now Saracen body you can see that that that abs and thighs and some legend say I mean we were all waiting for basically flex to collide again with doriath mr. Olympia but then some people spoke about ninja I don't know if it's true or just a rumor right that's what's up talking about Dorian his was also good absinthe ice very epic not more so for there for the ABS but you know the the side section of all of those obliques was just too loyal right absol are Lebanese baby please I'm ed Haider for Haider pre-much this guy was all apps I mean he was known to to have craziest as even by today's challengers just epic very very his best body parts right that's why it's called ABS illa they grabbed me again this year I like it I mean you know the biggest guy would clear small waist his abs were absolutely loyal but the gain of the thighs is called adds and finds the biggest thighs probably ever definitely bigger than even that of Ronnie Coleman so hopefully it's not the last version of him again we arrived here the most muscular pros and we stay with him he does it in several fashions right he's quite versatile in it so this is the you can say the cools or joined hands and most muscular pose it's like just me looking at him I know that there are still 10 to 15 pounds in the bank for for this guy I mean my mother building measures when it comes to maturity these arms are not there yet I mean this bracket is can be even more outrageous the bicep that the triceps if everything can be more more epic so you know that this guy is just still a kid actually in the muscular development but he is still good I prefer this one too you know hands on the waist not a lot of people can do this right I mean it should be very very completely Dorian never did this did when he was young but when he was big he could not do it anymore right I don't like or yet I don't like he at his grab a pose there's a lot of void up there it's just not saturated enough it's not a take-home pose for him his fellow-countrymen the Egyptian Nasser as somebody may he rest in peace had the factor of saturation genetically was not as gifted as asthma Graeme this guy was not a genetic freak I mean he just transformed from 1994 to 95 he made great progress and then he brought this solid granny T package 95 96 97 he was this good he saturates the damn post just to take home post he was just saturated no void whatsoever and he was quite versed on as well you can see him here next to Dorian and Kevin laughs Roni I don't like the crab pose of Kevin laughs when he was not his his best one right but this one ball just textbook just textbook he was big one room he did not even lift back I think this was in 1995 my favorite version of him right we can Boop under Rolly Winkler he does the crap pose in a very special way right this is the famous anabolic chicken mirror down in Kuwait quite unusual way to do it so it's not really a crab pose but it's not a joint hand so it's a hybrid between the two salud – Nathan dear sure and also one de la Rosa next to him and I had asked her his trainer mr. Olympia da fiel Heat Wow I mean this guy is narrow upstairs but it's like he takes advantage of that of that feature of him that he cannot change it is narrow so everything is more compact he fills the void rather more efficiently there's efficiently in in this pose just roundness above roundness above roundness it's just suits him well I think nobody beats him especially not this year when he does this kind of poses it's just too dominating – to secure in this pose ease ha ha baby please Oh Albert specially its what the hell you doin there so that's it boy so these are pretty much the the pictures I have in my mind on top mama without even thinking twice about some mandatory poses from different eras salucci what have you is don't forget to like the video and you know what I know that I missed a lot of them a lot of them so please aware me tell me which one you guys prefer what what year what bodybuilder has the the most epic mandatory posies hahaha baby please properly executed


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