The most amazing Traps ! ( Natural Bodybuilding )

the traps are the Vegas must know the upper body if you want to have a massive upper body we definitely need to train them and train them hard then you should all share mine my main mass builder for the traps is the barbell shrubs for this muscle group I only use the drop set technique in this video I will demonstrate this exercise with moderate weight my rents range is between 10 to 12 even though it's not physically possible to do you need to try to make your shoulders touched your ears and then bring back the movement all the way down as low as possible now let's see the exercise from a back view since most of the shoulder exercises stimulate in a way that traps as well I always trained this muscle right after the shoulders thanks for watching guys don't forget to rate and subscribe for premium natural bodybuilding content updated frequently


  1. cleans help out a lot

  2. you have all necessary equipment at your home

  3. ahhahahahahaha

  4. @edza182 look up ice1cube Verticles or legs on youtube

  5. been waiting so long for you to do a vid on the traps . thanks lui = )

  6. damn….nice view!

  7. Thumbs up if you watched this video only becouse you saw a title bodybuilders picture

  8. dont use ur elbows that much! straight elbow for best results !

  9. @edza182 You could train your vertical leap without weights, but you won't gain any real muscle mass. Look up plyometrics. Your best bet to a good vert is heavy squats and plyo jumps though.

  10. you look great! good video, too. thanks.

  11. you look great! good video, too. thanks!

  12. wow i didnt know that you have to lower the wight all the way down. isnt it important to keep up the stress on the muscles constantly? i mean you dont put weight onto your muscles at the very bottom part, do you?

  13. Ripped!

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  15. Keep up the great work. You will only get better!

  16. @luimarco sorry im just a troll, u seem nice lol i feel bad 🙁

  17. @luimarco so u compete?

  18. Really nice. I want to subscribe. Your videos are really motivating.

  19. thanks a lot for all your tips bro!

  20. wen i do this, i get cramp in my hands.

    Any tips?

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