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alright folks welcome back to roller Martin on the filter it down so they of course is the first day of summer and people are already posting their photos by the pool by the beach been there others who are saying I'm not doing any of that because I don't look the way I want to well part of that is also not just exercise but it's also what we eat it when it comes to losing weight and so joining us right now to talk about this is Nathaniel Jordan he is the minister of wellness anything how you doing finally speak with you so again folks talked a lot about again working out in and walking and exercising things along those lines but if you talk to be nutrition as they tell you the key to losing weight 80 to 90 percent of it is really your diet not your workout correct and I'm a living witness because I lost 100 pounds and I've kept my weight off for seven years and I also reversed the killer of 400 black men every three days and that's heart disease and I want to tell you also brother Roland the response that I received from the lecture that you livestream that steel up on your page this is steel I'm still getting feedback from that people lives that big transforms I just wanted to throw that out there and to say thank you you should see some of the testimonials I I got from people changing their family's diet and reversing evil even mental illness but diet is diet is the cake and then exercise is the icing on top of the cake we have to change our diet you talked about reversing in losing 100 plus pounds keeping all for seven years how did you do it I learned about the 12 components of food addiction the reason why we all want to be lean and healthy but we're struggling to achieve that is there 12 components of food addiction be the foods that we're addicted to let's be honest they're more addicting and crack cocaine and many of us no matter what type of willpower we use unless you understand addiction and those 12 components that I've discovered through my seven years because it hasn't been easy brother has it been easy to stay this way and I've put together these components and I travel the nation as a speaker teaching people how to defeat those components of food addiction and one and that's that was one of the lectures that you livestream genocide by dying on your on your Facebook page I'm gonna Jean Craig because Eugene of course has talked about getting type 2 that was a type 2 diabetes gene one site one type one and how old are you 20 you're 21 at the time and so so gene what question do you have for the for the doctor for the minister and the chronologiste told me you know when discover had diabetes was some of those slight changes and diet till the carbs and they'll meet what are the some of the minor things that could have major impacts that people could do you know cuz sometimes it's the slight changes in your lifestyle that could have the major impact on how you live we want to eat a diet is based on fresh fruits and vegetables though it's the micronutrient content the vitamins the minerals the natural phytonutrients within plant foods is the old saying that fool be thy medicine and medicine be thy food the foods that have the most medicines of fresh fruits and vegetables the problem brother is that we we have lost our taste of real food and we have become addicted to fake food and our addiction is so strong that we call fake food we call real food rabbit food and fake food is human food now so we have to flip the pack that's a five faithful what what what are you what are you consider fake food so fake food will be the foods loaded with all the the toxic chemicals or you have a takes a whole Oreo cookie or the Twinkies of the doughnuts and cakes with the paragraphs full of ingredients you can barely then we have to consider where our meat is coming from they're sticking them with loads of hormones and antibiotics and the diet they're feeding them is unnatural so I consider those fake food because they don't give they add no nourishment or medicinal value to our body and more orderly to our brain which is something that we're under estimating with which I again I have a whole lecture that I focused on concerning that so we so those are the food oza I call them frankenfoods they're designed in the laboratory to take the plants whole plant foods and manipulate them and we get all of these fake foods that are in many places are the only options that people have the Erica for joining us I just want to say Rob my father is a marine served for over 20 years and so with the message that you're carrying you're talking you just shared with us that food addiction is even more aggressive than someone who is addicted to crack how do we get that message to penetrate into mainstream so that people can start to reverse course at numbers that really seem like the messages they can hold well it's it's a it's a difficult it is a difficult hill to climb but that's why me as a health speaker I travel around the different organizations it's grown within the church I speak at churches quite often and other organizations in double-a-c-p and Urban League and usually of the response is tremendous but it is it's a lot of knowledge it takes a lot of knowledge I have signature programs that I teach that really focus on empowering people so they can believe that they can do it because a lot of people have lost hope they don't believe that life is worth living without eating barbecue ribs and fried chicken and I know this because I posted videos on very large platform even when I did the livestream with you brother Roland because the video I did with you had got a combined over 100,000 views and even within the comments you still have unfortunately a lot a lot of naysayers who just don't want to accept the fact that what we eat could even affect our motions and could even affect how we treat each other and how we feel so it's an uphill battle but I'm fine I'm fighting that battle I was out in DC working with rock Newman that's how I got connected to have the honor to have that whole live stream posted on on your page and I had helped him but even he'll tell you the battle the battle with the battle with food addiction is serious I don't know anybody who has these 12 components like I do and that's why I appreciate you all help and giving me these type of platforms that let people know that hey I've reversed heart disease I lost 100 pounds I've kept it off I'm seven years strong and I have the knowledge to help you all to get off what I call the death train CJ final question from you I think one of the things I would love to know you know when people talking about the fruits and vegetables because I grew up on a farm and the fact that they would have to convert back to using that as a primary means for particularly for women there often comes at pH imbalance what do you share with folks as they're beginning to restructure their eating habits and that's a way to stabilize their pH balance for women yes sir there's a there's definitely a period of detoxing that we have to go through that's actually one of the components of overcoming food addiction is the withdrawal and the change that goes on in the body however it doesn't take too long and I have tremendous success stories if you go to my website the Minister of wellness comm I have dozens of success stories pouring in across the nation and most of my success stories usually all women and I do want to encourage sisters out there that I tell you that my female clients they they lose weight Jaxx's quickly and just as permanently and reverse their conditions just as fast as men do so it's just an abyss period of letting the body change but when you really dive into it it shouldn't take any longer than one or two weeks now Thank You Jordan we're appreciating the hakka need to reach out to you well I'm on you to the minister of wellness I have a 12 part series covering each component of food addiction my website for seminars is Nathaniel Jordan comm I have books DVDs and supplements at the minister of wellness comm the minister of wellness comm I'm the only one in the world and that's how you can find me on any social media platform all right we're truly appreciated thank you sir very much for joining us yes sir thank you as an honor bro all right folks going to a break right now we come back where are the black people going in Chicago they're losing their black population we'll discuss that next role of Martin unfiltered back in a moment


  1. Halleyluyah brother. Yes praise YAH.

  2. Greetings Minister and family. It takes long for me to lose weight. I haven't weighed myself but I don't feel or look like I've lost even 5lbs after eating no meat for 30days and only a smoothie and one meal. I'm going to keep on going because it has to be a lifestyle of health and I'll be successful in the long run.

  3. Looking great Mr Jordan, and your skin!! 😊

  4. I'm not the biggest fan of Roland Martin, but I'll still support you!

  5. Luv luv luv it !!! ❀

  6. Roland need the books, dvds n cds.


  8. This was a blessing! How do you increase weight-loss if you have a certain area of fat, say in the back or if you feel that your weight has become stagnant?

  9. Ok Minister!! SHARP in ALL WAYS! Pure&Humble Man of Yah You Are! πŸ™πŸ½Great Job!!!β™₯️

  10. HallaluYah

  11. Congrats Minister Nate!! Huge platform to get the message out!

  12. HalaluYAH!πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ. All Praises To The Most High YAHUAH!πŸ’™πŸŒΏ Awesome Message, Interview and Advice Ahki *The Minist Dr of Wellness Nathaniel Jordan*! πŸ‘‘πŸ’™ May the Most High YAHUAH continue to Bless you as you continue waking usπŸ“±πŸ“ž All up to regarding our Food Addiction, controlling our Health in general and the stumbling blocks that has been put in our way!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’™

  13. Shabbat Shalom thanks for the video message.

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  16. Greetings Iyah, mi so happy dat him found ya. Him need much help, seen. Soon come, cause to mi him don't hav much time left ear. Peace & Love on, seen.

  17. I applaud your work ethic and perseverance brother you make tough work look easy and that's not easy to do especially whn dealing with Stiff necks,Keep Hammering πŸ’ͺ🏿✊🏿

  18. MOW you all dressed up like the state board of health…by the way I got 2 jobs brother NOW…CASH APPS COMING TO YOU!

  19. I still need your help with this matter. My mother is diabetic n I need your lecture about gbombs and the to reverse diabetes , heart failure, and sugar n blood pressure. Good job on the show

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