The Miami Heat at the White House: Healthy Tips From NBA Champions

hi everyone i'm erik spoelstra the Miami Heat and a member of the NBA fit team I'm here today at the White House to find out why eating healthy can help you perform like a champion what are you fruits and vegetables every day because it gives me the energy I need to perform at the top of my game thanks Dwayne what about you Ray drinking water is important part of my pregame routine so I can stay focused and refreshed and you could take it for me eating right foods can help make you a better athlete pretty good


  1. She rocks enjoying her work

  2. Very good music!

  3. please Michelle check my instagram so you can see my trip to the white house from Miami trying to meet you but i received no answer from you, check please #mytriptomichelleobama, thank you i really need to talk to you, this IS NOT about me THIS IS FOR THE CHILDREN

  4. Wow! Such a fantastic video! I totally love the passion filmmakers put into their content here on yt! Can’t wait to see more material from this channel! I have been creating youtube movies for a few months now and I hope the community watches the films I create too 😉 Best Mike!

  5. @

  6. That was a power power dunk.

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  8. Michelle Obama for next NBA Jam game, please.  PLEASE. O_O

  9. Maybe they are doing this because America is known as an obese country. So it's good they are promoting this!!

  10. The day I saw this, is the last day I watched a Heat game. In fact, done with NBA altogether. Gee thanks leftist progressivism (sarc).

  11. can't egt over bosh's faces as he drinks the water. hillarious

  12. you Americans have a rely cool first lady

  13. I wonder whats more disturbing the racist comments or the number of likes to the racist comments.

  14. Dunno why Mfs here are so sensitive..  Only one message here its Hilarious.  Good on u michelle that was real funny!!  

  15. Apples apples everywhere


  17. I eat right  everyday and you bet it makes you healthier. Good job

  18. Bad directing… Would've made more sense if they were all eating bananas at the end

  19. I'm not a US citizen but hands down. Michelle tries to atleast something usefull being the first lady. What was the wife of bush doing?!

  20. I love it! The First Lady can dunk! Yayy!

  21. What would good ol mr washington say about this?

  22. I bet you some of these guys were fantising about her 😉

  23. Imagine what George washington would say if he saw black folks in the white house lol 😀

  24. Michelle the badass

  25. Wow, I never knew Michelle could be that funny. I luv it

  26. cant stop laughing.. she definately got swag

  27. she got a great rack

  28. The Miami heats gangbanged her & put some miama heat up in her

  29. I love her. She is silly and down to earth.

  30. I love this so much. 

    Also, it blows my mind how there is still all of this racism in the comments??? Like??? It's not 1960??? What??? 

  31. At least black people don't go around posting racist comments on youtube… If you were in the jungle, your dumb weak ass would get eaten alive by my race or theirs

  32. @ENKI Anu. Negus, Naga, Nagar, N'GS, N'GR are just a few titles meaning Sovereign, King of Kings, Nobility, and Divine, just to name a few so stop trying to use reverse psychology or maybe you are just illiterate, ignorant, or incompetent. Plus it takes a lot of intelligence to live in a jungle. Now go read a dictionary…

  33. Daym

  34. Mrs. O

  35. It's funny how the white folks mind about what's going on in the White House with the black people but it's ok when bill Clinton brings in that fat mistress

  36. A White House full of Black people

  37. so many gifs; so little time…


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