The MANY Faces of My Workout ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿคฎ

good morning guys last night I tried to make protein waffles I thought be a good idea I have no idea how to cook so last night I just threw a bunch of crap into a bowl took my roommates brand new waffle iron that he hasn't even used yet and then I made waffles and then today they actually turned out pretty good so I'm in like a little egg sandwich one thing is when I was making this egg sandwich I forgot that I had made chocolate waffle so it tastes a little funky but it's gonna get me all amped up because I'm going to hit a pretty good workout here in the garage even though it's freezing out right now I thought they were gonna be off and then I actually took a bite and they're pretty good they're pretty heavy on the protein oh yeah I think there's like 18 grams of protein in each waffle not me it's a little like quadrant and each waffle it's a little much but they actually taste better considering Jeff actually made them haha they actually don't taste too bad you know also when I was just saying on camera was that I forgot these are chocolate so I made chocolate egg sandwich yeah that's a terrible a public service announcement never ever buy the cookies and cream my protein protein I love my protein I'm buying all the time no no not paid for by my protein hey chocolate protein delicious this is what we normally get cookies and cream protein never ever get this you excited get this you will never get this you will never get these laughs it's so bad I emailed them to see if I can get my money back I still haven't tried it so I don't know you could be crazy you know how you just exclusively like really bland things yeah if I don't land it could actually be like their best flavor but because you don't like you know anything that's good that's a good point I haven't gotten a second opinion on it yet so I'm gonna try it you don't ride today all right well we'll see about that later for now I'm getting real amped up eating this chocolate egg sandwich [Laughter] finally getting around in the workout I'm gonna do just some shoulders and that amelia is gonna come over and we're gonna do a CrossFit workout so I have the world's worst shoulder flexibility so whenever I do shoulders I gotta try and warm up really good because I just have poor flexibility and amelia is already here I can even start it be millions already here I know that flowers are coming back and look the internet is here you want to talk to them there's no camera it's not even online you smell like Costa Vita I like that one I love the like that do you want me to start when you're going yep I don't know I can do this Jeff make sure your feet are wider so you have a stronger base then keep your core tight er so you don't arch your back like that but you don't call me okay so bad shoulder mobility plus like tons of shoulder popping and then also put in their like the fact that I want to lift heavy weight because I'm a guy and then Amelia just constantly makes fun of me because she's like what's that popping is that your elbow and I huh how's my flexibility compared to the older folks who train you can explain it to me now now that you're done running no just elbow should stay high a lot of times people drop them below oh I dropped them down there all the time you want your elbows level with your shoulders until you press and then they stop right in love with your hold okay I'm gonna do it one more time I need you to yell at me if I do it wrong oh you did that this is guy rule number like 75 never ever ever go down and wait but I have to because I've been doing this all wrong oh my god there's so much more engaged baby so these are a lot more difficult than I thought it's like I work out all the time I've worked out since I was probably 15 years old and then somebody teaches you something new like at the other day at the gym some guy was like hey he tried this way and it was way better on my triceps then Emelia out of nowhere she teaches me how to change the game on my own you can't learn something from your girlfriend if you actually listen that's probably the only time I've ever listened alright so last up I'm gonna do side raises when I'm a superset it because a million who is laying down here on the ground she right there that's Amelia if you didn't know and you skipped the entire first part of the video I so I want to get her away and she wants to do this CrossFit workout in a second so now I'm just gonna do a superset of some weighted dumbbell side raises she's probably gonna coach me and tell me I did everything wrong for my entire 15 years of working out that was super said it was something and probably midway through the workout I'll realize I've done everything wrong and the new way I'm gonna do it is can be way better we'll see how this goes you're the kicked out school because a family we're gonna do 15 minutes and amrap so as many rounds as possible then we're gonna do a single arm snatches to overhead a each arm 20 kettlebell swings 10 burpees and we're going to run to the stop sign back and that's just under a quarter mile running a stop sign I'm not let's hit to it because millions gotta get back to work so that was a really good workout and I'm glad Amelia came by even though she's got her head cut off right now now you can see part of it okay okay you can all go one cheek you go one cheek if we can do that okay so that was a good workout and my shoulders are probably give me sore cuz I was a lot of shoulder in one exercise and I learned a one workout I learned a lot in this workout from her so what I'll probably see you in the next video yeah and now I'm gonna go a swim because she's got a pool at their gym and I'm gonna go swim because I don't know it sounds fun like I haven't done something about it I've been trying to get better at swimming and I don't really know that much I almost have been watching youtube videos on how to get better and I get something to like the old ladies in the pool they like twist your body and so I've been taking advice from them too so I've been trying to get better at swimming are you coming to work with me yep I'm not gonna shower for yourself that's what the pool is for


  1. Whereโ€™s the soccer player

  2. You make exercise look like fun Jeff. Which is impressive!

  3. looks good

  4. hello Jeff I sent you a cooperation invitation on YouTube. If you are interested, please remember to contact me. Thanks~๐Ÿค—

  5. Hairy Dan is looking a lil hung over…

  6. keep it up!

  7. pls do more videos @Jeff we like your simple videos p.s been a while since u posted your last good to see u and emilia:)

  8. Just realized Iโ€™ve been doing those shoulder presses wrong my whole life. Keep the workout videos coming. You guys crack me up.

  9. Great video! Can u make the more often plz?

  10. You are A BEAST, Jeff! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ”ฅ

  11. I agree. Cookies & Cream My Protein is awful. I have bag gathering dust. Salted Caramel is the best that I have tasted of My Protein.

  12. Cool opening.

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