The male/female physical fitness bias.

hello gentlemen as promised I'm presenting to you today a video for my original channel Tito refresh the channels are starting at all today I want to talk about what I think is one of the most disgusting and hypocritical facets of dating life here in Western society most namely America there seem we're not there seems there is a very unbalanced bias between the physical fitness standards of men and women in this country I find it very odd and very illogical that men in this country are expected to to stay rip to the bone with muscles and everything you know all the way up until at least their early 50s despite having to work many hours to procure the things that women want them to do it to meet up to the material expectations of women somehow this man is supposed to find the time and energy to work out like a professional athlete now I work out a lot I've been working out a lot since I was about 12 13 years old and in preparation for playing high school football and on top of that I'm very very very lucky genetically you know I don't I don't take supplements vitamins I got a bad memory when it comes to things like that I won't forget anyway and I get this bill from the men on my mother's side of the family my grandfather was built was built the same way of him to the point about like 60 70 years old so hopefully it goes the same way from me I work out at least four days a week and you know I'm trying to push myself back from dinner table but the expectations of fitness for men in this country I mean unreasonable to me now don't get me wrong I think that managers me in shape but I think that women should be in shape as well and that same the same hypocritical standard that women frequently gripe about about Lebanon in movies women in video games women in fashion magazines and and oh that's that's the expectation that they have of us and that's that image that they want to cast us in wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute the same women are complaining about this aren't you the same women that they held magic mic 1 & 2 do record numbers at the box office aren't you the same women that their vote every WWE pay-per-view even though you're not the least bit interested in wrestling aren't you the same women that flock to the movies whenever a Dwayne Johnson aka the rock makes a movie aren't you aren't you you see how that works so the same standard that you frequently gripe about it's also placed upon me it is but somehow the standard doesn't apply to you women of America you think that is okay to live off of pizza and beer all winter and then attempt to go on some type of crash diet plan come March you don't believe in self-improvement at all most of you the vast majority you I'm not gonna say all there are some I've known heavyset women who who made a lot of put a lot of effort into trying to lose weight at least maintain the way that they act but most of you the vast majority you don't you don't care and you're looking for a quick fix to everything you're looking for a quick workout plan you're looking for all of this and you forget that any results you're gonna see is gonna be based off a hard work like me I'm gifted genetically but hell I worked my ass off when I go to the gym those four days a week why because I live twelve and a half miles away from my gym and I don't want to feel that I wasting my goddamn gas it's nothing else even if I don't feel like working out I don't like wasting gas so you forget about the the work ethic involved you know when you see those athletes on TV male and female that's a lot of work that got put in today even the ones that are on the bench had to put in some damn work talent to only get you so far so you gripe about the image that you see in magazines but once again men are sailed by the same thing even even worse because on top of the physical fitness standards there's the standards of material wealth there's the standards of upward mobility that are also placed upon men that for some some reason you're exempt from all that you are because Society has exempted you from it so it really kills me it really does how you don't believe in any type of self-improvement back to that back to self-improvement most women in America gentlemen tell me if I'm wrong most women in America if you tell them even if they don't need to lose weight if you tell them anything even about maintaining their weight they're gonna act like you're being mentally abusive towards now most of them are no matter how so you are with it if you say hey babe you know why don't you go to the gym you know that's just extra time we spend together she's gonna find a way out of her own fuckin egotistical nature abject laziness she's gonna find a way to try to make it look like you're disrespecting her my guilt and so to her or allude to hurt me in fact just because you asked her to go to the gym with you for a fucking hour so she could stand there with a fucking spandex pants on with a pussy poked out on a goddamn Stairmaster whatever where the hair falls in the ill looking at the daytime talk show just when she could just do that and she's gonna make it look like you're being the worst person in the fucking world just because you asked for that know enclosed and I just got one question for the women in America how the fuck is it that you expect these these these Chism shoulders these these bulky pectorals and these washboard abs for men but you found it a mortal crime for them to expect the same thing from you this has been a rare field PSA


  1. I own a few pieces of equipment (e.g.) kettlebells in my home. I ain't got to go nowhere. So, I have zero excuse not to workout.

  2. Damn good points.

  3. Tito thefresh, thank you for the video.
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  5. check this out tito: a while ago i was talking to this dude in his mid-60's and he was telling me this story about him one his peoples went to the beach with their girlfriends. he said that on that day, their GIRLFRIENDS were carrying the MEN on their shoulders!!

    i was like wtf? nowadays a chick would have a fuckin' broken back trying to do that!

    MGTOW Ten Commandments

  6. Titoooo!!!!!

  7. Absolute truth..I workout off and on myself. I starting working out in my teens, & really bulked up when I went into the military. At my best around 19-20yrs @ 5'9", I was slightly over 200lbs @ 6% body fat, and was benching around 500lbs almost daily. After I ETS,ed out of the military it's always been a battle to try to keep my ass in the gym, but especially during my early to mid twenties due to full time employment, while also going to the university full-time majoring in engineering. I can remember at around 22-23 chilling in the living room at my Aunt's house, and one of my younger female cousins and her friends rolled through. A few her friends kinda snickered, & proceeded to poke fun at me at me for being out of shape. One chic said I was built like an old man that used to be in shape..LMAO! I laughed right along with them, but I took note & did my best to get back in shape following that. I've fell off a few times following that, but I've always generally bounced back pretty quick. But anyways, I'm in my mid-thirties & the shyt hasn't changed in regards to what most American females expect in regards to the male physique. These days I have moderate amount of education, and I make an average living; but generally with most American females I'm expected to be a great actor, be wealthy materially & monetarily; and to have the body of the young Arnold Schwarzenegger as well. These days I don't deal with black women, or "grey area" classed women anymore, but most around my age are out of shape, obese, & broke to top it off. But, somehow they feel like they deserve a guy like myself. I've often been told that my expectations are way too high, but I'd rather die alone than to settle for some self-entitled, used up, obese whore..

  8. Try a vegan diet

  9. This problem isn't only in the US,or western society.Fat people are all over the world.
    What about those muslim woman? I have never ever seen a muslim woman past 30,who isn't shape,
    or atleast thin…..they are only fat as hell.
    In my country,Norway statistics say that 47% of woman are overweight and the number for men are 57%.
    Back in the days,some kids were laughed at if they were chubby,or had some extra kilos,but that thing has changed.
    Why? Because today there are so many fat people around that its just plain ordinary!
    Besides why should a woman care to work out/exercise,when they dont have to? The blue pill men and
    manginas will still be flocking around her anyway.

  10. Tito, I think this is changing for men. The "dad bod" has been in the media a lot.

  11. Thank you for putting this out!

  12. With the mild winter we're having this year, there's no possible excuse for anyone to be out of shape come spring.

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