The magnificent chef – Butternut Squash Lasagna (healthy meals)

[Applause] as good people I'd like to welcome you guys to actually a new episode of the magnificent chef hope you guys have been enjoying this make cooking hope you guys have been trying these recipes I really really enjoy them they're very delicious and at the same time they the healthy so I say you should really give them a shot takes a bit of time to cook but definitely worth it you know what they say a moment at the lips laughs time on the hips so yes if I get yes an opportunity to actually eat a lot better so what I actually did if you guys saw in the clip before what I did actually actually lost the battle squash and then I sliced her into small pieces according to the recipe book is supposed to be 1/8 1/8 inch slices so it's lasted the spirit out of the tips as last I took a full onion a carrot and then also chopped off some garlic so why don't that beat to weigh in right now and I'll be taking the lunch meat oh I don't wash my hands have you taken the man's meat with that million fire bad about line up some pants you just gotta stir the the mince meat a bit just make sure it's get cooked all over it's actually the frosting nasty with the heat so yeah yeah well that's odd did you guys watch your Super Bowl did you what did you guys root for the Super Bowl anyway comments below let me know who you rooted for the new Super Bowl okay scaring me it's getting cooked off so I'm gonna add some little spice I just got this delicious delicious whoo can't wait to I can't wait to eat this just to make sense of this bucketful oh god this smells so good the smell so I did I bet you guys I got come on try this okay so nice what I'm gonna add to that so much a guy had some onions it was got carrot onions reminds I got some clean some clean hands okay there's some onions that it's about us that mix it around I'm gonna make certain and let it cook for about another three four minutes store the store on medium nothing's going to waste my this kids in Africa that stalling I can now waste not good man I remember growing up funny story like you see yeah I'll be on so are these kids in Africa starving a rubber growing up Park my branches to tell me they skipped a little faster my leaky son took you off but don't you budge until a movie to but that pretty much means is that my protagonist kissing Samaria stalling I guess that I guess that say goes everywhere like a bitch in Somalia dislike brilliant some small time with is like kids talking more waiting people and some this kid in this town there's tolling and you got throw away food but their mom if I if I throw him out if I don't throw away the food that you will send it to Somalia I don't think so anyway let me cooking just a nice okay so I let this simmer for about I think it's been a lot of harm enough I was just watching it well I'm not this guy Oregon oh and either by the tables well until the tablespoon but then since I actually used to bother not something to actually puts two tablespoon mix it up over mix it all over because in the dirty dishes and then it sees about 28 answer of crash tomorrow's actually measured us earlier it's a lot more than 28 ounce it's about 56 sounds because obviously I'm doing super nice square so just gotta throw it all in MA squared in tonight right like a king mixer the Magnificent shape I should come up to a song my song to sing when I'm cooking you guys are that can sing right being magnificent can do other than the thing magnificent I can be nicely mixed it I'm not lower than for bottom for bottom minute now while the mince mince is cooking wanna be doing Cyrilla cheese up some about shook up [Applause] no swearing cheese cottage cheese it's also supposed to be one cup with and since I'm doing double the recipe I'm gonna put two cups I think so okay and then the parmesan this is – yeah now I'm just gonna mix it all up sit there baby coldest cheese it's delicious okay but I think I just saw the meat the mincemeat has just been simmering yeah so what I'm not doing either to this pot that's good enough we're not doing anything okay sweater actually D got bring the butternut squash butternut squash somebody's doing squats I'm just got put it okay now I'm gonna add the cheese and I'll try to spread that out evenly everywhere and – just looks I'm ready it's making me hungry making me hungry okay just try spread a lot even okay I think this is good enough it's good enough so a light beam exits another level of meat just gonna do the soup eat the same thing okay that's done and then that hunger for these s8 schools that give the butternut squash yeah I think I got nobody Matt's question I mean just try to do for something else I think this is good enough okay now put on the last page she goes a bit neither Dan okay now that that is done look at this yummy yummy yummy okay so that was the recipe for today so I'm gonna let it cook for not on that ladder bake for about an hour and then I'm gonna watch some Netflix and show I'm super super exhaust I don't know if you guys felt my energy was a bit low to that but then I had to do what I got to do man you know what I not I mean a man gotta eat gotta feed him stop and I'm starving so yeah anyway no it's way better now I'm gonna chill on the couch watch some Netflix and yeah hopefully the food is ready in an hour check on the flipside what I do looks like my food is ready [Applause] guys look IME this looks guys mmm oh man I'm gonna have a feast tonight I got enough with all week so I'm ready to eat I had some showed it to this and did put like a definite like a kink it was worth it anyway I'm gonna be signing out I hope you guys enjoy this video oh yeah check out incredible shirt check out is YouTube is URI the incra night incredible fitness check out is YouTube I'll put a link down below this YouTube check out his Instagram page and yeah so for the nigga to in your number be eating zombie signing at magnificent his art piece holla becasue boy


  1. Damn I should not have been watching this at night because the food looks BOMB!

  2. Definitely need to try these!! So entertaining and funny ☺️😁

  3. Looks epic man! love butternut squash!! Gainz are made in the kitchen and quality food is the best 😉
    just subbed to you man!

  4. YUM… I love this and will have to get the ingredients to make it. Plus this fits with the keto lifestyle I eat!

  5. Food looks soo good bruh. Keep it up!

  6. What spice did you use?

  7. 🖒🖒🖒

  8. yes brother this was dope! omg looks so delicious

  9. You never cooked nice things now when you were here in sa, looks good

  10. Funny i don’t see a link below for incredible fitness #falseadvertisment

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