Legends never die when the world is callin’ you Can you hear them screaming out your name? Legends never die They never lose hope when everything’s cold And the fighting’s near It’s deep in their bones They run into smoke when the fire is fierce Oh, pick yourself up ’cause Legends never die Music Legends never die Music Legends never die Legends never die Legends never die They’re written down in eternity But you’ll never see the price it costs – the scars collected all their lives When everything’s lost, they pick up their hearts and avenge defeat Before it all starts, they suffer through harm just to touch a dream Oh, pick yourself up ’cause Legends never die Legends never die Legends never die Legends never die Legends never die When the world is callin’ out your name begging you to fight Pick yourself up once more Pick yourself up ’cause Legends never die Legends never die Legends never die Subscribe to my music channel


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