THE KING KONG – Ronnie Coleman – Motivational Video

Was the anyone who ever made you say like "What a hell is this?" Yeah, Ronnie Coleman I'm telling you man It look like a "silverback gorilla" and I have to say "IT" because "IT" was the biggest human being It was part human part gorilla OH MY GOD This guy is gonna be Mr. Olympia for ever The Bible was wrong One the seventh day God didn't rest On the seventh day God created Ronnie Coleman He had phenomenal genetics Bet by probably the greatest work ethic we've ever seen in any sport Ronnie Coleman is the most talented genetic freak I've ever seen The crowd went silent everybody looked Ronnie turned around glutes fade out He hit the most muscular shit-pop you never saw before He hit the rear lat spread LIGHTS OUT! GAME OVER Yeah baby! YEAH BUDDY! When he first walked in the door – his arms were 20 inches He had a red sweatshirt and sweat pants on and you can see the veins on his legs through sweatpants and when I saw that it just, just blow me away I have to say I knew he could be Mr. Olympia one day I truly believe that if Ronnie puts his mind to, he could set an all time record in powerlifting and other – to be the greatest bodybuilder of all time but the greatest powerlifter of all time also He is bigger and more ripped than you've ever seen him before Mister Olympia Ronnie Coleman! I love it Fvck I asked you this question a minute ago and I'm gonna ask you again from all these people Jay Cutler said you a 100% beatable What do you say about that? I say "JAY CUTLER SMOKING CRACK AND HE IS NOT IN RIGHT MIND" The new MR.OLYMPIA Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder but nobody wants to lift no heavy-ass weights

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