The ketogenic diet, explained

It’s official. The low carb diet craze is over. Hello New Year. Okay omniscient voice on TV, calm down. It seems every couple of years or so, there’s
a new diet to try. South Beach was popular during the early 2000s,
then paleo took over towards the late 2000s. But around April 2017 you can see in this
Google Trend graph, a new diet surpassing it. Celebrities like Halle Berry and Kourtney
Kardashian are going nuts for this diet. Keto devotees claim that if you banish carbs
and eat lots of fat, your body will start to actually burn fat and you’ll lose weight
and even reduce your hunger in the process. But what’s lost in this keto chaos: there’s
no evidence that keto diets work better than any other diets for most people hoping to
slim down. Although keto may be the latest in fad diets,
it’s had promising results elsewhere. It was used since the 1920s to treat epilepsy. Outcomes from this 2018 study showed its potential
in treating subjects with type-2 diabetes. As a diet for weight loss, it’s been around
for a while. Keto’s most recognizable form is from the
’60s: the Atkins Nutritional Approach, pushed by the late doctor Robert Atkins. RIP homie. The theory behind this diet, the insulin carbohydrate
hypothesis, suggests that people start to burn more calories more quickly and burn off
more fat. And several high quality studies have debunked
these extra fat and calorie burning claims. So exactly what foods can people eat on keto? People are supposed to get 5% of their calories
from carbs, about 15% from protein, and 80% from fat. That means staying away from things like bread,
grains, rice, you know, cereals, chips. You’re definitely not going to be eating chips. And eating lots of fish, meat, eggs, don’t
throw the bacon at me! Bacon, things like this. The goal is to get your body into a state
of ketosis. So basically our bodies are fueled primarily
by glucose, which we get from carbohydrates. But when you eliminate carbs and you start
to eat lots of fat, instead of burning glucose for fuel, your body starts to burn fat. To get into ketosis you need to eat less than
50 grams of carbs, or two slices of bread, per day. And of course eat a lot of fat. Sounds simple, right? Basically eat no carbs and the weight
will come right off. And low carb diets like keto can sometimes
give people the impression in the short term, they’ve lost fat. When in reality it’s rapid water weight-loss. Plus the more extreme a diet, the less likely
a person is to stay on track. The average person can’t stick with the keto
diet for even six months. It’s especially challenging in a world with
temptations of easy, over-processed, and high calorie foods at every corner. When you stack very low carb diets like Atkins
or keto against other types of diets, in the long run people lose about the same amount
of weight as they would on any diet. There are always outliers, there are always
people who do really really well and it’s possible you may be one of those people, who
really benefits from a ketogenic diet. But on average, they don’t work for most people. There’s some hard truths about losing weight
and keeping it off. It’s really difficult. It takes a long time. And while keto may work wonders for some,
like people with diabetes, the best diet overall is probably one you can stick with.


  1. The ketogenic diet is backed by good science. But findings support it as a treatment for epilepsy, not losing weight.

    Read our full explainer breaking down the research on

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  3. Pizza: a diet I can stick with!

  4. I lost count on how "many" diets their is today😔I eat moderately each day-my regular food that ive been eating for 60 years…I exercise 30 mins every other day. I weight 135 pounds. Just Eat moderately, and exercise 3-4 times per week and you will feel great too. Weather we eat healthy or not we "all" will die at one point. Ive even heard of healthy people that have died-heart attack😞so why deprive yourself from the food you love just watch how much you eat each meal.

  5. Forgot to add: I have no physical illnesses, and i take no medications. Dr says every 6 months im doing great. That's good news…I will keep following what I have been doing for 60 years.

  6. you’re supposed to fast on keto. it’s a lifestyle. not a diet. this is typical mainstream reporting #wakeupamerica

  7. why is the fat lady talking about healthy diet?
    next a crackhead talking about beeing sober.

  8. Whoa… did anybody else see that a subliminal of a pack of Lucky Strikes at about I think 13 seconds just after the girl starts talking lower right-hand side what was that all about

  9. My dad went from 250 to 170 in 7 months on a keto diet..

  10. Well too much meat gives you GOUT and it is painful.. Happened to me and I detoxed thankfully I got rid of the gout. Fat turns into uric acid if it is too much per meal.


  12. With a whole food plant based diet you don’t have to restrict. You don’t have enough room in your stomach to eat more and gain weight.

  13. I love that fasting, and exercise are left out of this whole video. Both staples of keto…

  14. Can take someone’s opinion seriously on a diet when that person looks like a mack truck.

  15. The Europeans and Asians are having a fit!!!!!!

  16. Just because 'the temptations are everywhere' doesn't mean Keto doesn't work. Even one cheat meal will throw you out of ketosis. You just stick to it and thats all.

  17. i go on keto for a few weeks every few months and it works great for me. test strips help you monitor it and going deeper and deeper into ketosis keeps me going.

  18. what a useless video,

  19. this is a load of bolony. talk to dr. robert lustig and stephen phinney, then make a proper video. enjoy being a lair and fat otherwise

  20. Adkins is not keto. Keto is specific about moderate protein intake. Also everyone’s different… some people can be in Keto with 100 net carbs. So much misinformation in this video about Keto

  21. I bet your cholesterol will go up

  22. the food industry obviously paid Vox well to make em make this misleading video smh

  23. Keto 👏🏽 isn’t 👏🏽 Atkins 👏🏽 stop 👏🏽 comparing 👏🏽 them 👏🏽

  24. I lost 8 kg in 1 month with keto…

  25. "The best diet is the one you can stick with"
    Well guess what keto is the easiest for that. you eliminate cravings. Oh and restrictive???? did you even open instagram for keto or just checkout youtube? there is thousands of keto recipes out there to keep you interested. Lost 13kg in 5weeks, probably half of that is water, but I feel so good, I'll play the long game easy.

  26. Low carb (a little under 100 grams of carbs) worked well for me

  27. Plant-based diets are by far the best for our long term health 😊

  28. Disappointed in vox. Not facts. Your opinion

  29. This a poor video. Keto really worked for me. I lost over 20 lbs. and I wasn't even trying tp lose weight. Just eat healthy

  30. I hope Kellogg's paid you well… Disappointed In vox on this one for sure.

  31. Mad low carb Keto warriors to the rescue XD

  32. I lost 60 pounds in 2 months on Keto. Vox sucks

  33. I have Type 2, and I know this diet is suppose to help, and it does!! The only problem is how restrictive it is. So many good and healthy foods are removed from your diet.

  34. Keto is good for active people

  35. This diet is stupid. No one looks at the long term effects as long as the short term effects are good

  36. I was so skeptic about this diet as i loved pizza and my daily frappe, but i began this diet for 4 weeks and i lost 5kg, i know, water lose is partially in the weight loss, but i also stopped craving for sweet and midnight snack! Work like a charm!

  37. "Keto doesn't work" because many people who claim to try it don't actually follow through with it? Okay, got you. Meanwhile, in the real world, keto indisputably works great. Sure, the first 5 pounds you lose is water, but the next 50 aren't! Your video should be called "the ketogenic diet, not explained".

  38. My diet is only water and air. :))

  39. C+

  40. let's listen to fat women explaining diet 🙂

  41. False, I can hear the skepticism and you’re fat voice. Don’t knock it until you try it.

  42. If you follow Keto correctly, it will help with blood sugar regulation, (triglycerides), mental fog, arthritic inflammation, adrenal fatigue as well as assist with your sleep rhythm. If you want to have a drink every now and then or have a "cheat day", don't even try. I have been doing keto for three years and see most of the people that have success, are being told to make changes to your life or you will continue to suffer with these health issues. Which was my motivation. You are right…. If you are not dedicated…. I mean truly dedicated about changing you way of eating, this diet isn't for you most likely.

  43. Loved pouring out some olive oil for Dr. Atkins at @1:20

  44. “It’s just rapid water weight loss”
    That’s just wrong. The first week you lose ~10 pounds of water weight.
    That’s the extent of it. After that you’re losing fat. I’m pretty sure everyone who’s researched keto knows about the water weight. No one is getting “false impressions”

  45. I did a diet that is kinda like this, but the difference is the diet I did didn’t allow any products with milk. I did it for 8 months. I lost 20 lbs. I really liked it because unlike other diets you are never hungry, and also I love meat so this diet was super easy for me.

  46. Surely it's bad for your heart? I dunno, I feel like I'm wading through a sea of "diets" and just getting more confused!

  47. Critikal explained it better

  48. lost 60lbs doing it, so if it's bullshit it's a surprise to me

  49. Hi. What a sad life, when you use diets. Just eat more veggies, less junk food, less junk drinks, less meat.

    God bless, Proverbs 31

  50. I stuck with a diet for 9 months. I lost 14 kg.

  51. Lost 27lbs in 3 1/2 weeks on keto. If you just cut out sugar, carbs (bread, pasta, etc.), drink water, and eat clean you’ll do fine.

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  54. I’ve lost over 65 Ibs in 6 months through moderate exercise, low carb and low fat diet. This is the most strict weight loss diet.

  55. Why are the hell are they citing a low-fat study to debunk keto at 1:34? =.=

  56. Something they don't mention is that if you are very fat keto will not be ideal for you as you will be required to have a diet plan to sustain you long-term. Keto data suggest it is not ideal for long-term. If you are at 25 percent body fat keto diet is ideal for you a few months before summer if you want it get jacked. Keto not ideal for fat people doesnt mean it cant work for fat people I'm I'm saying keto WILL work for anyone that has the discipline to stick to it and an exercise plan.

  57. People shouldn't eat carbs and sugars…. call it Keto, Atkins, Paleo, etc… Carbs and sugars make people fat and increase the chances of diabetes and other chronic diseases that is a fact!

  58. Bullshit! I've lost damn near ten pounds this past two weeks and I feel freaking awesome. Keto works WONDERS for MANY MANY people, the research is there, and I have enough education to discern what is legit scientific confirmation and what isn't. Keto is 100% legit, the physiological response is practically immediate.

  59. Julia sounds like Cardi

  60. People are too lazy to bother exercising and then meeting their macros. It’s that simple.

  61. Not helpful really.

  62. This was a very poor video by Vox. Added nothing to what most people probably already know.

  63. Damn… I thought vegans were bad, but keto fans will cut you!

  64. Thanks for the informative video, fat vox millennial!

  65. It's hard to take diet advice from someone who looks like they haven't tried it.

  66. I lost weight fast and healthy on Ketogenic diet… this Vox needs more research

  67. Let's all listen to an overweight woman talk about diets…

  68. Telling people to eat bacon? Are they insane? It's incredibly high in sodium and BAD fat.

    Just eat in moderation. Eat real food. Whole plants, fresh LOCAL meat (in moderate amounts) fruits, and whole never bleached grains. Get some cardio exercise everyday if you can.

    No need to overthink it. If someone really wants to go the extra mile with dieting, maybe go to a nutritionist and have them look at your DNA to see what you might need to focus on.

  69. The best diet to be on is one that you can stick with? Well… I can stick with a high carb junk food diet, but it doesn't mean it's the best diet.
    Keto on its own doesn't cause real weight loss, but when you go into a state of ketosis, the brain stops screaming for food whenever your blood sugar drops a bit. It's a perfectly natural response for the brain, because it's trying to preserve itself. It takes time to go into full on ketosis, so the brain thinks it's about to starve when there aren't enough ketones to pick up the slack if there is a drop in circulating glucose. This helps in controlling hunger and stop you from binging whenever your brain starts acting up. It makes your blood sugar almost flatline throughout the day, because circulating insulin levels drop, and the body produces the glucose it needs from other molecules. In the case of type 2 diabetes it's essentially "cures" the disease and in type 1 diabetics, the needed amount of insulin injected drops a lot, and it makes your blood sugar much less volatile. It seems counterintuitive but it also reduces the amount of low blood sugar, even though you eat almost no sugar. That is because your body's primary fuel source isn't glucose anymore, but ketones.

  70. So your saying that because it’s difficult to stick with, its a fad diet? And so we should stick to something easier? Look where that line of thinking has gotten America. Would you tell a drug addicted person the same thing? Because what we are really talking about is food addiction.

  71. Very poorly researched and presented video. Are you even aware of the 2016 Nobel prize being given for the research and findings regarding AUTOPHAGY. I expected more from you VOX. Shame on you.

  72. Thanks for sharing! Great job!

  73. Go to Science Driven Nutrition

  74. The pouring out of the olive oil was great

  75. Teach about diet prescription.

  76. A keto diet is primarily a vegetable based diet

    yes you do eat fish and meat but its not JUST BACON and dairy thats just wrong and unhealthy..

    obviously its not since there are a lot of people that are Vegan Keto …

  77. Need Joss Fong to do the explaining. Sorry girls.

  78. Oh my god i love julia

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  80. yeah bullshit you guys support a hypothesis too the diet lipid hypothesis

  81. My brother was going to go on it for his epilpsy.

  82. “No evidence that keto diet works”?! Where are you getting your info from? This has to be the one and the only useless video of Vox. Very off-brand. Was expecting much more.

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  85. Thanks for sharing this video. It's very interesting and helpful video.

  86. The only reason why i went on the keto diet was because i can stick with it. but i depends on what you prefer.

  87. Im on the South Bronx diet

  88. Down 30lbs in 22 days on keto, I'm on day 23 now. I've lost weight faster than the hcg injectable diet where I lost 33lbs in 30 days

  89. Wow! So disappointed in this video

  90. This video is hella trash

  91. Why does this video hate on keto!

  92. I check a lot of diet handbooks. This one from WooPep is the best.

  93. Ma'am lost 20 KGs and never felt better in KETO /low carb. The fact : move.more eat less never worked for me.

  94. When an unhealthy person is creating/eating a healthy diet video. It's very highly suspicion, because they never try it or know only 10% of it. And to top it off, she already unhealthy and if she try all the healthy diet in the book, she will still be unhealthy.

  95. wait does it not work or is it hard to follow?

  96. Atkins uses more protein than keto

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  98. anything good happens vice vox… its wrong listen to our 3 4 research that are backed by nothing

  99. News flash, no diet has proven results.

  100. Calorie Deficit + Exercise. You can eat whatever u want but in moderation.

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