The issue with Canadian healthcare PSA: Heinrich Scherer

for years now Canadians have been under the false impression that Canada has the best health care in the world and while the Canadian health care system does do a lot of good and provide services for millions of people the current model is not economically sustainable or efficient and must be changed as a whole or tweaked to remain effective in the future to come the main issues with Canadian health care at the moment are the economic sustainability of providing health care for all Canadians as well as inconsistent service as a result of the single-payer health care system while there are other promising ways to revive the community in health care system I believe taking a European approach by removing the single-payer system and providing public health care through federal taxes as well as the option to get privatized health care services for those who require or want them could help to substantially lower Canada's eerily spending on health care and make the system overall more effective

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