The Insurance Center How to enroll in Health Insurance

hi my name is Mike today we're going to talk about special enrollment periods open enrollment is what that's called it happens every year between November 1st and December 15th and you're able to select a new plan if you've already got a plan or if you don't have a plan you're able to enroll in a new plan effective January 1st of the of the following year so it depends if you beat one of the qualifying criteria for what they call a special enrollment period you would be able to enroll that criteria is usually based on what they call a life event and that life event is generally death in the family a birth or an adoption it is may be a loss of coverage from your employer or a loss of coverage for some other reason that's outside of your control or a lot of times it's because you've moved those things are things that would qualify you for a special enrollment opportunity outside of the open enrollment period whether it's open enrollment or any other time of the year don't hesitate to give us a call we're always glad to help you here at the Insurance Center you

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