The Importance of Functional Strength Training | Joe Rogan & Pat McNamara


  1. Pat is age 54. damn this worn out faggot wears out fucking fast. he looks like 80. he's not working out. this stupid shit is WEARING OUT faster than quick sand. forget about defending against unarmed American muslim civilians. worry about defending Father Time first faggot.

    Train properly son…you treat your body like a tank, you will become a "prank" (a joke).


  2. Pat is insanely fit, I'm definitely not going to criticize his workout.

  3. Number 4: Carpenter

  4. start with functional movement patterns, correct your imbalances.

  5. I'm no expert but I don't think what he's doing with that cinder block is good for your back.

  6. This guy is intense but also good at listening and having a 2 way convo. Cool dude.

  7. And your hand become leather. No really.

  8. Now you know what country boy strong is.

  9. Joe “takes off his flannel” Rogan.

  10. lat pulldowns, curls, half-squats

  11. Cocaine and walls HOMIIIE

  12. I have like 25 walls in my house. I should open a gym.

  13. If I had a wall. I could do a lot with that.
    -strong man

  14. Imagine if this dude and jackie chan opened a gym together…

  15. Arnold's long lost 70s kid 😅

  16. One handed farmers walk… thank you joe rogan.

  17. JOE: "I'll start off with 35 pounds (kettlebells), I don't start off heavy."
    ME: "That's … my strength training weight …"

  18. This guy is definitely on speed during this interview, I know that throat clear well…

  19. Rogan: do you do cardio…….. well you see visit my website lol

  20. I don't isolate muscles, don't need a gym, I lift rocks and boulders.

  21. i think this guy has beginning stages of Alhz :(…

  22. i do turkish getups=]

  23. Just do the Seal workout. Walk, run, swim, push-ups, situps, pullups, outdoor survival skills, fasting, etc. I'm 59, been doing it for 20 years. A way of life.

  24. 7:21 the part with excuses for not doing cardio. planning to get this memorized in case somebody asks me that

  25. How is that functional? When do we need to swing a block around our legs? I thought functional would be walking etc?

  26. Great talk! I'm inspired.

  27. I'd like……….wait what

  28. Wonder if this guys knows Jack Garbarbino and his knowledge of jungle children.

  29. This is where it’s at..functional strength training

  30. Both of you are Super Dedicated and a Great Examples! Thanks for the Great Interview!

  31. This guy is such a douche lol

  32. Developed all the matter in the body but forgot to develop the gray matter

  33. quiting alcohol helps a lot i haven't drank fro 6 months ive notice some difference after workouts.

  34. There's no need to differentiate between strength and 'functional' strength. Strength is the ability to exert force against an external resistance, nothing more, nothing less. A man with a 500 pound deadlift is stronger than a man with a 250 pound deadlift, and all other things being equal, he will beat the man with the 250 pound deadlift every time. Strength is functional. Thats why men and women don't compete in tennis. The ability to apply your strength to a situation is skill. There is no such thing as un-functional strength, and therefore there is no such thing as functional strength.

  35. The drugs kicked in at 7:34 lmfao

  36. the best work out is a hard days work, I used to be a butcher and never needed to go to the gym just wish I didn'r smoke and drink the whole 11 years I worked as one.. But yes most would say throwing a cinder block around like that would damage your muscles and back etc.. no.. It will hurt you but won't damage you it needs to hurt..but it will stop hurting.. How do you think those Greek and Romans got so built living on bread, water, salt and work 15 hours a day hard labor that is how.. the human body can be built into a machine but it takes a lot of time.. you go to the gym for a few hours a day a few times a week and your never going to hit your true potential..go buy some land and build something and do it all by hand eat simple drink lots of water and see what you become.

  37. Dairy farmer here. Come and unload and stack hay in the summer! My buddy was sweating out of breath and said that was easy. Looked at him and said we got 6 more trailers to go, for that day or till milking time! 110 degrees in the hay loft 80 outside. Wrong step leg falls between hay, hay pricks your forearms….fun times and good workout.

  38. I love how cross fit people are like "I'm superior we do things that are more realistic." Bull sh*t if a car landed on me give me the guy in the gym deadlifting 700lbs over mister wall climber.

  39. "Motion is Lotion!" Lol

  40. can he do a bush?

  41. Yes, Gorbachev is a tunnel.

  42. Get on the soapbox motherfucker

  43. Theres a lot of stupid people out the. Hey man two thing

  44. One thing you'll realize getting into construction even if you're super strong is the how tired and weak your hands are compared to someone who's been swinging a hammer and lifting bags of shingles for years. A little skinny roofer can make a 220lb ripped beginner just give up.

  45. This cat is very cool.

  46. this pat guy is hilarious,he gets excited and says some funny ass things.luv it.😄✌

  47. Im 16 years old and did 70 to 100 pushups everyday since last 2 years an got well defined muscles

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