The High Fat Diet of an Ultra Runner


  1. So basically he's doing keto diet.

  2. these people are super white

  3. You haven't "adapted" to burn fat as fuel. You're keto, that's natural.

    Normal diets (high carb) are not natural. That's adaptive.

    Keto good, carbs bad.

  4. looks just like my nordic race character in skyrim.

  5. If he comes down to marathon, l promise he will die in middle

  6. Bear fat cubes!!!

  7. Me runs one lap of pacer…dies

  8. This is 10% about his diet

  9. Don't know what I'd want to do less, run any distance or drink that friggin drink he made. Cup O Mud.

  10. How does the dude make money?

  11. Twice as many calories, too. Much more dense calorically than CHO. Sustains energy longer at lower intensity levels, maintains steady blood sugar and keeps you feeling satiated for longer due to slowing gastric emptying.

  12. I hate running more power to this man I swim and cycle .

  13. where are you running to? get a job

  14. His diet might be the best for his body especially with his stomach problems in races but I feel like carbs are still better for most because you get more energy much quicker. You have to adapt to the power you get from your fat to not also burn your muscles as fuel.

  15. That dinner looks really good, but coming from whole foods I bet it was like $50

  16. What an adorable family!

  17. I also have a high fat diet but I don’t run

  18. 12:38 does this guy make MRE reviews on the side?

  19. courtney dauwalter eats candy and drinks beer for her ultra marathons

  20. This guy kind of looks like Cricket from It's always sunny but a clean version

  21. 7:51 yea, i was seeing one girl, she had some coconut oil next to her bed to "moisturise" 😀

  22. You should do the Barkley marathon!!!

  23. From this dudes image to the dubstep music at the beginning to the mountains, everything about this video screams Colorado

  24. How bout you visualize smaller boobs?

  25. I have been making use of this diet “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it) for a couple of weeks today and until now I love them! I have the vitality I would like without curbing the appetite without having making me really feel jittery. I did absolutely nothing special on my diet plan and i also still are able to cut my bodyweight to 7 pounds. .

  26. Fantastic information. Theres all these videos on YouTube telling long distance athletes to go high carb. Which is ridiculous. High fats, proteins, and low carbs is the key.

  27. That smoothie has a ton of sugar lol. Agree with everything else tho.

  28. He will die soon unfortunately.

  29. This dude runs anywhere from 50 to 100 miles

    I get exhausted after running 1 mile lol

  30. run away before the tattooed fat sows with colored hair come because a man has a wholesome family!

  31. Joe Rogan needs this guy on his podcast

  32. Is it a race if you're running alone and against time?

  33. So the wife is eating the same diet and not running 100km? Mmmmh.

  34. That’s too much stress on your heart.

  35. someone give this nigga a pokewalker

  36. sweatcoin goin broke

  37. Jah will provide

  38. These guys are using the coconut oil as lube you can see it in the wifes eyes

  39. everything you buy is like a vote to what stock they'll re-order, that's brilliant.

  40. Yeah but what is his main source of income that allows him to support the family and the lifestyle?

  41. Just here to say that coconut oil should not be disposed of down the drain. It will clog your pipes.

  42. That feeling of being free.. that zen-like feeling he describes is Chi.. and he definitely knows how to tap into his chi.. where his mind does the work and his body follows. His ability to maintain a solid running program helps him set goals and achieve them.. which helps him in life. -Danny Dreyer
    (Chi Running)

  43. I smell crazy.

  44. Running such vast distances is very unhealthy, it can actually harden arteries and cause heart failure.

  45. And people say keto is bad for you….

  46. Yeah too bad about the oil pulling though, since it's total pseudoscience.

  47. Great information.

  48. 5'9 145 man's got the body type of a freshman in highschool

  49. This guy is dope.

  50. And I'm over here in gym class dying after a mile run

  51. The coconut oil in the shower isn’t for moisturizing

  52. shout out to anyone in a k hole watching this

  53. This guy was in a discovery channel show call American tarzan and lost

  54. I couldn’t do it, but props to you for finding something you love and getting clean. Being in nature can have a healing effect, great accomplishment.

  55. I've seen him in a video by motivation grid . Stop wasting time video

  56. Paleo and Primal is the best way for high end Performance. Much more Energy in fat than Carbohydrates. And low blood Sugar mean low Insulin and low inflammation. And i mean Meat alot of Meat F*** Vegan😂

  57. Ive definitely seen him on bear mountain… is he in Boulder?!?

  58. Low carb? Not really.. plants and fruit in general are high in carbohydrates..

  59. Dude this guy is like someone on Keto before being on Keto was a thing.

  60. fucking love this series ideia. Thank you Vice!

  61. I love how healthy they live . I hope I can create a family like that when I’m older

  62. you should never i repeat never spit your oil pulling in the sink .. there are so many bacteria and virusis in that tiny amount of oil that its contaminating the ground water so please dont do it !! just spit it in the bin, Thank u :)!!

  63. Wait so is that his job?

  64. Not gonna lie, as someone who grew up in ultra running falling in love with it and the community every day and looking up to people like Timmy Olson, reading these comments make me laugh so hard haha!!

  65. Diet of a sled dog.

  66. This guy is gonna have bone and joint problems when old but hey if it keeps him away from drugs then all power to him

  67. This guy looks older than 31 what’s going on with Americans looking very old at young age that sucks sorry guys

  68. It is not my business but what? Running on fats when you have on planet carbohydrates? Just for what? Fats heavy food with a little vitamins. My opinion : they have low IQ or i dont understand why they have so stupid diet

  69. bison bar looks nasty

  70. 07:12 he def fapped with it

  71. The word "primal" is starting to make me want to puke when I hear it… oh, and oil pulling is proven to be bullshit

  72. I thought I was watching a funhaus video with that background music

  73. You’re no suppose to spit out the coconut oil in the sink! Rookie. The coconut oil will harden over time and causes plumbing problems .

  74. Damn Kurt cobain really changed

  75. he has pimples all over his face because of the fat

  76. This is the type of guy that the average dude just doesnt relate to.


  78. I've only tried oil pulling with cold-pressed sesame oil.

  79. Doesn't this dude do the annoying gendered soap advertisments now ?

  80. And I can barely run the mile in pe

  81. jesus

  82. This guy ain't the sharpest knife in the drawer… and his diet is dumb! Like seriously dumb!

  83. Doesn't he have a job?

  84. Anyone know the beat that kicks off at 1:49? TY

  85. Ngl that food looked really good

  86. My cross country coach does 200 milers

  87. im on a high fat mcdonalds diet

  88. “Can’t rely on sugar all the time”
    Pulls out bag of cocaine

  89. Running mountains has been a goal for me. 🧡

  90. Those are plant oils not fats

  91. The world's greatest ultra runner, Yiannis Kouros, was a high card vegan.

  92. So are you sponsored by Amazon, you advertise their stores a lot

  93. I’m so high when he said he was meditating I thought he was floating

  94. Ultra running sounds.funn

  95. did he just say 11 g proteins is a hole meal lol

  96. i bet his sperm can run marathons.

  97. Being fat adapted, you have a lot more energy to do stuff like this, more easily.

  98. So he's still an addict unfortunately. Just to running now instead of drugs. Hope he finds another crutch by the time his knees blow out.

  99. man

  100. This guy one day will cross paths with Sasquatch

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