The Hidden Dangers Of Makeup And Shampoo And What The FDA Is Doing To Regulate The Industry | TIME


  1. Its too bad the healthier alternatives are expensive and harder to find

  2. Fear mongering hippie nonsense

  3. This video is misleading. The captions said the leading three complaints were related to hair care, skincare and tattoos yet 11 out of 18 of the video clips showed color cosmetics, which did not even crack into the top three complaints list. That means the majority of the visuals were irrelevant to the news item. The top three complaints were only featured in six out of the 18 video clips, combined. Instead of enlightening viewers this video sends conflicting confusing and misleading information. Such shoddy journalism.

  4. no worries makeup is the strongest commodity that fill the treasury uf the out most pathetic uf latins – the French

    alot uf people don't use that – their is better stuff to spend the money on – like German commodity – lĀ°sers latinos can get rich uf the crap they produce – pitty Latinos

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