The Healthy Leader – Matt Chandler

so I've been given the task of talking about healthy leaders and so on I think you when you want to talk about healthy leaders you've got to do a couple of things one you've got to understand the context that we're in and so because we're I kept drifting as I was trying to write it as I kept talking about godly leaders all right and so surely at some level those two things are synonymous you are not a good leader in our environment if you're not godly right but I've been around enough to know I've seen guys who are really good leaders lead really cool things that aren't godly and and so I want to do a couple of things here I want to talk about godly leadership and then I want to give you some kind of practical things to look at and consider as you take stock in your own soul about your own health in regards to lead you know I don't care if you're the lead guy or you're the lead guy over junior high we need to consider the word of the Lord so I've got three things on how I want you to think about godly good leadership and then I've got four things that are just kind of practical let's take stock on where we are no poems I apologize for that but I got three and then four so let's talk first good healthy godly leadership John 15 if you'll go ahead and turn there four through eight you will probably know this text says this abide in me and I in you as the branch cannot bear fruit by itself unless it abides in the vine neither can you unless you abide in me I am the vine you are the branches whoever abides in me and I in him he it is that bears much fruit for apart from me you can do nothing if anyone does not abide in me he is thrown away like a branch and he withers and the branches are gathered thrown into the fire and burned if you abide in me and my words abide and you ask whatever you wish and it will be done for you by this my father is glorified if I'd that you bear much fruit and so prove to be my disciples now I feel like I could just hang out in this text with you all day and I mean straight all day got a service tonight at 5:00 can't do that but there are several things if you write in your Bible I think you need to circle highlight underline mark the word withers because we're we abide we don't wither and where we stop abiding we begin to wither and and so there is a process by which we become dead branches nobody I know starts in ministry as a dead branch right we were excited about the Lord we couldn't believe that someone asked us to serve the Lord in this capacity like I mean I I remember the first time somebody asked me to come teach the Bible I felt like I was an idiot I'm I was just reading the Bible devouring it and somebody saw that and said hey would you come would you come just teach here will you just open up the Word of God I mean I just remember thinking wow little nauseous little excited that someone who's going to let me talk about Jesus one one-on-one evangelist I was gonna get to stand in front of people and talk about Jesus through up about two times had a manuscript there's like 42 pages long and if you know me man I'm not a manuscript brother but I was just like oh my gosh so nervous and anxious and and then fear men popped up gosh what's gonna happen if this stinks what happens if I defame your name what if I say something that is wrong what if I mean I'm just churning all right hugging toilet now at this point and just I I don't know that I'd ever prayed like that before I just felt this just great God needs you I'm gonna Jack this up and then here's what happened it went awesome it went awesome now I listen to it all these years laters terrible but here's what happened so just straight here's what happened God moved he I'm telling you he moved it was um Sunday night youth service at First Baptist Church of tech City I stood up it's terrible terrible and and afterwards meant men and women came down to the altars and prayed and cried and repented and the chairmen of the Deacons stood up and just said this this young man and his friends they're shaming us adults and how they love the Lord and how they love the word and how they're sharing the gospel with their friends and then I can just keep walking you through these moments where early on I was it's like oh my gosh can I do this please look help me do this and then it was like that for a while and then listen it stopped being like that it stopped being like that somewhere in the middle of all of that I realized hey man I'm pretty freaking good at this oh we can't no real talk here okay I mean I said no y'all are godly and stuff here come on up I'll take off you can have it right like I realize I can do this and then after about ten years I mean I'd blown through Wayne Grudem systematic theology like 42 times I mean I'm just reading and devour and I've got now not only do I have my personality and humor not only have I memorized all why but I've read systematic theology books biblical theology books and now it's how do I put this together it stopped being oh god help me I'm a mess this up it became I know what I'm saying this is what's right now in some sense let us always be confident the Word of God let's always be confident in sound doctrine so please don't hear me undermining that when we stop abiding we start with ring so I would never attack confidence brothers I want you confident in the Lord but where you will not make abiding with God a priority you will begin to dry out you will begin to be driven by what's instead of wise you're going to grow dishearten and you're gonna do something dumb but the one who abides bears fruit right it's to the glory of God that you bear much fruit abide in the Father so on a practical note in abiding because I'm not doing about your quiet time per se but I don't know how ministry looks for you I'll tell you how it should look to you busy because everywhere I go there's a ton of sinners and I'm just been in the middle of them as one of them there is never a time at the village church somebody don't have cancer somebody's down in their faith somebody has a child that just got six and he's got a spouse that just got there is never a time you're like hey everyone right now in our church is growing in the Lord is stable worshiping sharing their faith and making disciples of their friends like here I'm twelve years in at the village cool things have happened we hadn't even got close to that not if anything I'm like running and I've got members and pastors here like I'm running a daycare yo I mean like kid crapped himself over there this kid keeps breaking stuff whose kid is that anyway it's even one of ours who's that get that kid out of it right it's chaos and and here's what my Johnny and my lion nine line right and so what happens in that as I start getting driven by what I have to do I mean it drives me like listen this week it's I had to put this sermon together and then go I walk off I'm a sing with you I walk up the stage give and go straight to mob sky lay out five o'clock tonight preaching Hebrews 12:1 through to about sixty percent done Oh y'all already huh then you come teach me and so and then next week it done stopped next week I've got that thing on Friday right I told you what I had done on that talk I've got meetings this week going on I've got act like men here in Dallas next weekend which will cry Friday night and Saturday only I am driven by what I have to get done I'm even mentioned anything administrative anything kind of decisive decision making any of that going on didn't mention the fact that I was on the phone for an hour yesterday with CPS over an issue with somebody who attends it drives us and here's what I'm telling you brothers and sisters if abiding is not a priority you'll forget the why so some ways that I've tried to in my own world build in space and in this and this is this is hard but I've just done I mean Rick standing right here we just fight for it one Wednesday a month we just put down on my calendar the day that's what it says the day and on that day I take my Bible and a paper journal and I get along with the Lord because I don't trust myself with my iPad yeah not maybe you trust you I don't trust me as it'd be calling me hey well it has me man it's got his grips in me like even as I read all these articles about how its own enough I'm just like man it ain't ain't owning us right I mean it is it's so I can't trust it so I'm not on my iPad am NOT checking Evernote I'm not dumping thoughts into kind of mind dumps its paper journal and my Bible like oh the Bible not the the Bible right and and I'm gonna get alone and I'm gonna just be with the Lord and listen to me it's hard it's difficult I want to go yeah but he said no no you want to be healthy and godly come here sit down stay a while healthy leaders abide with their God they abide with him build in that time no one's gonna offer it up to you and only that Chandler how would you all know what songs your churches your staff you you just said you got an assistant you know he's my assistant me okay well look at me then put it on your calendar hey from 160 to 12,000 nothing's changed in regards to demand on my anything demands have increased not decreased now I'll be straight I don't have to set up no chairs anymore now I don't I don't have to sit down and go what kind of graphic are we gonna use for this series I don't have to do any of that anymore but look you saw the logo six things you don't either grace print out everybody in the church just got saved logos is legit now in in the end you must make this a priority because no one will offer it up for you there will always be a crisis there will always be a major task there will always be a major initiative they were always there's always something or you're doing it wrong so you must make abiding a priority or you will wither you will dry up you will get thrown into the fire you say I'm going to hell no I'm just saying you'll get roasted abide that's the first thing healthy god with you here's the second thing and and by the way these three things really they're so woven together that they're hard to tease out because where you abide I think these others naturally happen a healthy leader godly leader abides with the Lord a healthy godly leader walks in humility and that humility is birthed out of abiding like if we just began to walk through the men in the Bible that are better than us who saw angels or came before the Lord like nobody was proud of their resume right can we just agree that Isaiah's probably a more gifted communicator than you and I are and what did he say woe is me me like will sup Lord woe is me John the disciple who Jesus of sees and aims has a vision falls on the ground like a dead man to abide in the Lord produce his humility brothers our Bibles are filled with men who started strong and lost their way please don't think that you're not that man I would like this to be a fear of yours I would like for you to read 2nd chronicles 26 and read where yours Isle was blowing and going and killing stuff for the Lord and then get to that he was marvelously helped until he was strong and Uzziah grew proud to his own destruction and then you go oh my god that could be me that could be me gosh in what ways am i already creeping that way well because if you're not abiding in the Lord then humility becomes more difficult in listening you won't be able to spot the drift it's in abiding in and with the Lord that you spot the drifts the Apostle Paul is so gentle with us in Romans 12:3 for by the grace given to me I say to every one among you not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think but to think with sober judgment each according to the measure of faith that God has assigned so Paul's are saying hey sober judgment don't think of yourself so highly you should think very seriously about how you view yourself you just think very seriously about how you view yourself so the godly leader healthy abides he walks in humility and he walks in accountability proverbs 20 cm and 17 is one of those kind of coffee cup verses that we think is cute and in reality it's not Q as iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another you realize that process isn't the iron cuddling with one another right you get that like that's a violent process there are sparks there is flame there is pain in ironing iron sharpening iron the healthy godly leader has brothers has sisters in his or her life they can make sparks fly that has permission to go no no that was an exaggeration don't do that they can step in and go you know what that's inconsistent what your mouth and your life are doing that's inconsistent brother that's a path of death be careful let us not say from the stage what we do not live with our lives and look at me I think there's just me now all right so Bible right I think the wise man will hear it from anyone but that's hard innit I don't want to pretend that's not hard like I got dudes in my staff that I mean they're walking sometimes like you know actually what happens there I'm saying oh gosh shut up get him him again can we not be real do you not get to that place we're like just do what I say no one else I mean I get to that plant get to that place man I don't want to end do what I say the wise man will let the intern come in and ask questions I the godly man might even enjoy I don't enjoy it yet so I'm gonna put myself in that category and and by the way if you're an intern there's a way in tone and time to have that conversation with the lead guy and there's a way there's a tone in time to come in and then get your resume together afterwards all right so respect honor those in authority but brothers let us be sisters let us be the type of men and women who are willing to hear the reason we can't see our blind spots is because they've been defined as blind spots right the godly healthy leader walks in accountability let me get into kind of some practical kind of let's check our hearts here and and so let me here's a couple of things I think I've seen in healthy leaders healthy leaders grow in their self-awareness healthy leaders grow in their self-awareness so what does it mean to grow in your self-awareness well let me list a couple of things here to be truly self-aware one needs to make sure that they understand what truly rules their heart all right what truly rules your heart so if you're gonna grow in self-awareness if you're gonna grow in who you actually are what's Act you you have to grow and what actually drives your heart what actually is ruling your soul and and so let's talk about some Popular's in christian ministry some of us are driven by ego can we be honest some of us we were in youth group and men that's where we got I got patted on the head you know we read books while everyone else was playing sports couldn't quite find our home and found it in youth group and so we liked that we'd liked being a leader in youth group and we just rolled it we've just been riding that wave right up to this day and it is ego that drives our ministry some others it's a wound right we didn't get hugged by our daddy and so ministry is the way that we get hugged by our pops when you get words of affirmation from that we didn't get encouraged by him but for whatever reason in Christian ministry feel like wow you're really good at that right and and then let's be straight most of us are kind of somewhere in the middle and not quite sure all that's driving us after I was diagnosed with cancer and they gave me like the hard conversation where they were like you got two to three years a couple of those years gonna be pretty nasty because we're gonna poison and radiate the Menace idea I that creates some internal crisis in you and here's what I learned about myself I I don't know what drives me sometimes like here's what I can tell you just uh Nepal I love Jesus Christ I love him I'm in I want to do whatever he wants me to do I want to go wherever he wants me to go I love making much of it but I also know this when I make much of him others make much of me and so here's where I landed it it better be by the grace of God cuz I don't know as much as I can spot wickedness in me I'm gonna confess it but you want to grow in self-awareness you got to look in there and go what am I really after whose approval am I really pursuing do I like that too much what really is ruling my heart to be truly self-aware you need to know how you're wired here's what's funny to me in Christian circles and maybe it's this way outside of them but there we put guys in front of you who got hits usually especially gifted and then what we do is we try to pick up on their rhythms when God hadn't designed us like that like I'm telling you you start reading about al Moeller's life and you try to do that you're gonna die you're like ok sleep 2 hours a night read 4 books a day and remember it all like I'm such a failure no you're not a failure you're not al Mohler no you're not you're not out he just touches stuff and absorbs the infra it's crazy you're not but early on what I would do is that be around these guys go oh that they read when they read how much they do oh I've got to do that and I found out I wasn't able to do it then there would be this type of self condemnation then I would walk in because I wasn't good enough to read like that or to write you need to be self aware God has made you wired you and place you where you are it's a blasphemous thing to accuse god of not knowing what he's doing by putting you where you are quit wanting to be somebody else you're you if God thought your area your church your place needed some other evangelical name that you look at Oh about then he want to put you there you to put them but he put you be self-aware how you're wired um some people are let's just do it how many of you are late night folk ok how many of you are early morning Pope obviously uh how many of you love this one how many of you are neither just neither really just whenever I have to get up let's do it right so here so here's just freak like it's important for you to know that or are you gonna come to some place and some well-known evangelicals gonna say I get up at 5:00 every morning open up Edwards religious affection slowly turn to the page as well I meditate upon and you're gonna be like I gotta get up at 5:00 I got order Jonathan Edwards resolutions you gonna be up at 5:00 fall asleep on resident fall asleep on religious affections no bu bu listen be free to be you know be the most sanctified gifted version of you you can be don't be lazy but bu there there's a time brothers to make our bodies submit and there's a time brothers to listen to how we've been wired by God you're not all going to read a book a week and that doesn't make you a bad leader or a bad Christian or but it doesn't breathe you're not all gonna get your prayer closet pray for nine hours a day breathe should you be prayerful always know who you are being self aware means knowing how you're wired what your bandwidth is quit saying yes so much to be truly self-aware we need to know what our strengths and weaknesses are like brothers I love you you're not good at everything yet like I'm just telling you some of you need to just study your Bible and preach and be godly and stop working on the budget and then brothers even more so some of you need to work on the budget keep reading your Bible and let somebody teach and I know don't think I don't know everybody this room is like not me I know where I am growing and self-awareness means we are paying attention to our thoughts and actions and their effect on people brothers sisters the way you behave affects others don't be blind to that so one of the things that I've had to grow in as a leader myself is at the village and really in other places my voice carries a lot of weight and I don't mean for it and so then there'd be people who are frightened of me not I don't I just think I'm the nicest guy in the world I love to hug you talk say hi to you I mean I hang out let's go grab a drink but but literally there there are people like even on the staff at the village like oak spear you come don't make eye contact I'm like what hey wait where are you going hey how you doing there's a way that we affect people it's wise for you to know how you do affect people and there been a lot of brothers died on this one because how you affect other people with your actions and behaviors it's partly on them but it is also partly on you one of the things I had to learn about myself I'm super witty and sarcastic and there'd be people that wouldn't approach because they didn't want to be on the receiving end of my wit I mean you can laugh I mean I'm trying to this is like a legitimate issue that even now I'm going ok lord help me with this some snarky and and and and every tribe I run and values that in some level but I've learned that there are people the government I don't want to be a victim in this circle of chandler's wit so I'm just going to avoid him that that's something I've got to fix that's something that I'm working on we must pay attention to how we affect others so LD leaders growing in self awareness I gave you some ways to to be so for they manage their physical vitality I know that's how might you join in a CrossFit box I love how Jonathan Edwards paid attention to not that you have to wake up and read him but I loved how Jonathan Edwards paid attention to how food and exercise affected his ability to study know the Word of God administer like he was that serious about loving the people of God like I'm not gonna eat that if I eat that I'm gonna get cranky in the in a nap somebody that because if I eat that I can study longer I can minister to the people of God longer back you know what I've learned in the middle of a afternoon I need to go on a ride this Edwards Edwards needed to get out and go on a ride alright got mister study forty-two hours a day in a 24 hour day thought I need to get out and ride I need to get outside let the Sun get on me sorry Northwestern nurse and then get out and just get some air on me so I can think better be right we manage our physical vitality I'm again I'm not talking if you're hearing me talk about six pack abs and dieting you are not hearing me I'm saying we're serious about how food and sleep and exercise affects us as far as leading and loving the people of God go we pursue spiritual depth godly healthy leaders pursue spiritual death but depth I want to break that down into two pieces they experience that that pursuing spiritual depth partly is intellectual and it is partly experiential alright so hang with me the part that's intellectual is growing in an understanding of who God is and and what he has done that incites worship in us that it's correct and lined up with His Word so if I if I called Lauren my wife she was singing with bleaker most of this weekend but we've got three kids and so she's at the house so if you saw me put my arm around her kiss her and you're like that's inappropriate it's not it's not alright now if I called Lauren right now she's with the kids and said hey boo I um guy can't wait to get home and stare deeply into your green eyes to rub my hands through that black raven hair of yours that is not awesome because my wife does not have black hair and she does not have green eyes and she's not gonna go well you tried I kind of see your heart behind that no no it's I love your blue eyes I love whatever color I've paid for here this week she ain't watching told you she's with the kids I know no no correct doctrine leads to correct affection and we worshiped best when we are informed best we grow intellectually spiritual depth is pursued in the life of the mind but hear me it must also be experienced so there must be a pursuit of the experience of what is true the reformed community needs to grow in this desperately now so let me tell you how it most often plays itself out I have come across far too many brothers who have an intellectual build out of what grace is and lack any and all capacity at extending grace to others you know this means they have an experience grace they just know about it they've seen a photo of the Grand Canyon and they're talking about it but they hadn't looked over and felt that thing in their stomach go oh gosh this is amazing and then they turn out to the do that dogs are the people that have been in the Grand Canyon let us have full minds but brothers let us pursue full hearts how we abide we abide see how everything's a tree it's all tied back gotta abide let us grow in an experience of grace that we might extend it and then lastly healthy godly leaders are constantly trying to sharpen the axe Ecclesiastes 10:10 if the axe is dull and does not sharpen its edge then he must exert more strength wisdom has the advantage of giving success now I feel like I don't need to say a lot about this because you're here so my guess is that you're here because you're trying to sharpen the axe you're trying to get better you're trying to learn and understand more let us be brothers sisters always a community of learners of learners Peter Drucker said this we now accept the fact that learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change and the most pressing task is to teach people how to learn so Drucker said not only are we constantly going to be learning but our people must be constantly learning and how are they to be constantly learning if we are not constantly learning and Drucker's tapping into something that i think is true about how God designed us and wired us namely that we were meant to continue to grow brother sister you have not arrived I would even push and throw me in here and just say we don't know all that we think we know looks are they meant um five years ago I thought I was killing it and and I look back at me five years ago now and thankful that guy in around anymore and then five years before that I thought the same thing in five years four so I'm like right now I'm paranoid because like right now I think I'm on it but I'm thinking gosh I thought that five years ago and I think that kids an idiot it's like what am i doing what am i believing what am i walking in right now that really is idiotic I just don't know it so let us always seek to learn and brothers you have much to learn outside of our streams we sharpen the axe of faith pastoral ministry shepherding and care we'd be marked with an ongoing humility that is rooted in our fight to abide with the king who is glad to welcome us into his presence let us be self-aware of how we're wired and what God has done in us and how he has placed us and and released us to serve him in my our hearts be guarded against pride sinfulness and the lust of the flesh we will not all make it to the end faithfully serving Jesus I'm not I'm talking to you that the statistics are overwhelming you're in here right now you've got secret unconfessed sin that you feel like you cannot confess because if you did confess you might lose your job and then what would you and you think this job is better than Jesus and what a crappy exchange what a lame job compared to Jesus plus I don't know how you're doing this without trolling the internet flirting with members of your church emotionally connecting with ex-boyfriends on Facebook you're in here and me saying this right now is God's mercy to you he has already outed you in the cross you will not mock him and forgiveness is available grace is here but you must quit pretending you will not make it to your deathbed behind this veneer and God help you if you do might we be marked by the mercy and love of Christ may it compel us to love him make much of him and serve him not because he needs to be served but rather because it is our joy to make much of his name and service all this starts with a pursuit of being healthy men and women let's pray want to just do this real quick so if you'll just pray with me here if you're in here and and then you your real honest confession before the Lord is Hema not not just in light of what you're saying but really how I limped into this placement I am not healthy and I don't I'm you're not standing up and going man I'm looking at porn where I'm seeing prostitutes or I'm flirting I that's not what we're standing I've been doing although that could be it but if you're just going man I'm not in a place where I'm healthy I'm not in a place where I'm abiding with the Lord I'm not in a place where I'm really flourishing am I really I'm finding faith difficult right now I'm exhausted and overwhelmed I'm not quite sure how much longer I can hang in there if that's you and you're in this place will you just stand for me right now just have the courage to stand so we can pray for you anybody would just say men I am exhausted I don't know how much longer I can do this I don't know how much longer I can hang in here men thank you all right let me just say this to you brothers sisters God isn't surprised we're shocked by anything and listen to me he has no regrets like in this moment God in heaven isn't is it is it changing his mind about you is affections don't waver like that you cannot purchase what you've been freely given and so hear me brothers and sisters you are loved by the Lord sons and daughters of God on high like we're gonna sing that in just a minute that you're a good good father it's who you are it's who you are it's who you are I got home last night my son's Legos were all over the room I stepped on one of those like I don't know if you've done that that doesn't usually incite worship at Rage frustrated that for the billionth time no exaggeration billionth maybe more he once again did the exact opposite of what he was told my affections for him did not waver and although the fact we've got some work to do did not change that I loved that little boy so much my heart hurts sometimes this is a hard aspect for us to believe about God didn't it like we know we can forgive us right we know he can forgive us we see the cross we see the cross as a public scorning of shame we see that that he would delight in us love us forgive us care for us this is a harder truth isn't it and so hear me tell you brother sisters it is fine to be perplexed but not crushed but I want to pray over you today and for you today so if you're around these men and women are standing when you just get a hand on them right now let's pray out loud to the Lord men for these men and women father we thank you for these men these women the courage that they have and just standing up and saying that I'm not healthy right now i'm not i'm weary i'm tired i don't know what's next i'm I've got this disjoint I'm walking in secret sin I am father will you minister to them right now just in the power of your Holy Spirit will you flood souls will you break hearts will you open the door for legitimate repentance that leads to wholeness and health father do something here do something supernatural in these souls you have called us to yourself we did not look for you you came and grabbed us you began this work you will complete this work strengthen our courage in this moment to do all that we can to put sin to death to throw ourselves upon your mercy and to be made whole by your grace we don't want to pretend anymore we don't want the thin veneer that we kind of put out there of confidence and having our stuff together to be that anymore melt us in this moment melt us today let all of the bowl all of the hiding vanish and let us finally walk in the victory that you've used us to bring into the hearts of others what a terrible position to be in to be a conduit of power that experiences none of the power that we are conducting help us Jesus we need you we need you let's say it to them we need you Jesus needs you help us no standing to those not standing we need you there in one of us in this room strong enough one of us who's going to make it to the end if you do not as we read in Jude keep us from stumbling so keep us Lord no nobody arrogant in this room nobody thinks they got it down in this room and where we think we've got it down would you would you stick a deeper thorn in us for our good and your glory stick a deeper thorn and make us sick make us fearful make us not be able to sleep do whatever you have to do father to burden us to need you to be desperate for you it's for your beautiful name that I pray amen


  1. I like this sermon and the message, but after watching it again I feel that those jokes just take away from the seriousnes of our problem and sin, and I wish that there wouldnt be guys who attend for a comedy show. Let's show what following Christ really means and I again I like the words Matt Chandler said, I just dont like to take away the truth by those jokes thrown in there. And I wish that what would stay in their minds for the nest of the day and further, wont be jokes but radical preaching of the word of God.

    And again I found myself watching over and returning back to just see those jokes. So it is not easy, but following Christ is to deny ourselves and let Christ walk

  2. Very encouraging! Praise God.

  3. I swear I hear Tony Evans laughing in the background at Matt's jokes.

  4. #RealTalk #Truth

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  7. Thank GOD for Matt Chandler.

  8. I love the Lord the very most but with the love that he loves me, matt chandler I love you , your mother your father your wife and your children and I just really thank God for the many sermons with which you have so very muched helped me to finally begin to mature in and surrender to and spend all hours of everyday in my walk with Jesus and many more hours alone with him in prayer and waiting …. And its changing me. I find i am more readily sensitive to my own language. Now I ask my self can i thank God for all the things i do, participate in, consume and spend time on.? I am more and more bare to God in my own awareness. I was always see thru to Him i know. I am becoming a real daughter of thr king. And if you knew where and what all i came from. You would praise Him all the more. I renounce everything i ever learned or thought or esteemed if it is not pleasing to Him. I trust Him. I renounce everything but Him. And He knows how much you have helped me to come so much closer to Him. Thank you. Sincerely,
    P.S. please pray for me I will find a church to call home.

  9. amen🙏

  10. John 15:5-6 I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing. If anyone does not abide in me he is thrown away like a branch and withers; and the branches are gathered, thrown into the fire, and burned.

    Today I was contemplating spiritual health. This verse is a great reminder from Gods truth. I was watching a video on YouTube by Matt Chandler called The Healthy Leader when I had to stop as I was having some interesting thoughts about the vine. The video is 40 minutes and 7 minutes into it I was struck with the fact that I have found a problem in my spiritual formation and leadership. The word wither is something that stands out to me. Websters defines wither this way. Wither: to become dry and sapless; especially: to shrivel from or as if from loss of bodily moisture.

    This happens because of a lack of water. People wither, plants wither, and grass withers because of a lack of water.

    John 7:38 says, Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, ‘Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.’” This I believe is the water that keeps ones life from withering spiritually.

    It seems like by this example that Jesus gives about the vine and the branches if we don’t abide in him as the vine or in other words if we do not remain in him we will begin to wither. The scary part is when something withers to a certain degree it will eventually completely dry up and die. We have all seen plants wither and dry up. We recognize that plant is really good for nothing after that except fire wood, which is really what Jesus is saying here. In other words this branch is rendered useless. If the branch withers and dries up it is no longer useful.

    God, I do not want this in my life. What is the solution? The solution is simple. Abide in Him. The Word of God is that spiritual nourishment to abide in Christ. Prayer, focus, solitude with the Lord. Being led by the Spirit of God not worldly influence. This is something that takes focus, dedication, and practice. My prayer is that I can continue on a path of righteousness for his name sake. So often I continue on a path for my own names sake.

  11. 24:10

  12. "If abiding isn't the priority, you'll forget the why." Thanks Chandler.

  13. Wow! This was really good!

  14. i had to replay what he said. thankfully it was "frickin" lol

  15. And I…..I'm lost without You.
    And I…..I'm desperate for You.
    My soul needs You Father. Come and fill me.
    Thank You Jesus!!!!

  16. very real…..thanks!

  17. Great message Matthew! =0)

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