The Health Lottery!

Black Health Initiative is an organisation
that looks at inequalities within education, health and social care we are
based here in Leeds but we do have satellite offices in various places
doing the exact same thing especially looking at visible minorities and how
they have equal access to services. Thanks to the Health Lottery Yorkshire
and Humber we’re able to put a multitude of activities on from arts and crafts to
actually doing educational and social trips to the physical exercise which we
know is physical exercise what they see it as dance and also help with just a
social interaction that takes place it just wouldn’t happen without that funding. The best thing about it having a game of
dominoes, doing my exercise and making things this young lady there, she teaches us how to make different things each week. I’ve made a lot of friends and we
have a laugh. It’s not easy especially for visible
minorities to come out to something like a luncheon club, it’s a long time
for them to understand it’s for them. They believe it’s for somebody else and
it doesn’t include African Caribbeans, Africans, South Asians etc so having a
club like this that embraces the culture that celebrates the culture, then it
belongs to them. It’s very important because when you’re
home you on your own, I’m on my own So coming here meeting people, we look
forward for it every week and you enjoy everything. Thanks to the Health Lottery
we have managed to put on a project that means so much to people.

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