The Health Benefits Of Pilates

(whoosh) (soft instrumental music) In today’s motivation to
move, we’re gonna talk about an exercise that has
plenty of benefits. So I am at Club Pilates
in Wicker Park with Linda, to find out why we should
all be doing Pilates. Linda, first of all,
what exactly is Pilates? – So, Pilates is a method
of exercise that lengthens and strengthens your
muscles, from the core out. It’s an exercise method
that Joseph Pilates started in World War I, it
started as a rehab. So every exercise you
do connects to the core. Each exercise is
done with control. (light instrumental music) – There are so many more
benefits to Pilates. So your core strength,
posture, alignment. Tell me why those are important. – Because we live in this
very hunched over society where we’re looking at our
cell phones all the time, we do exercises that
counteract that. We work the deep
abdominal muscles. When you have strong
core muscles, you
tend to stand erect, your alignment is better,
your posture is better. And when your posture’s better,
your confidence is better. Because the movements
are very concentrated, and done with control, you
learn how to move safely. – Is Pilates good for all
ages, and any level of fitness? – So it is really for everybody. We can modify every exercise
to fit your needs and goals. – Really excited to try this. (upbeat instrumental music) Okay, so I am on a thing called
a reformer, is that correct? – Yes, you are. (laughs) We’re gonna go chest expansion. – [Jane] Okay. – And so I’m gonna have
you hold the straps where the tape is, so
your palms are facing in, and you’re gonna
exhale, bring those arms all the way back behind
you, hold them there. (groans) Turn your head to the right,
turn your head to the left, back to center, and slowly
bring your arms forward. – [Jane] Whoa. – That’s the flow. – [Jane] Exercise two also
involved plenty of control. – We’re gonna
criss-cross the straps, and you’re gonna still hold
the straps where the tape is. Knuckle to knuckle,
palms facing down, right at your sternum. You’re gonna sit up really tall, and you’re gonna bring
those elbows behind you, retracting the
scapula, and slowly bring them back
knuckle to knuckle. This is like a little row. I’m gonna add on, you’re
gonna go one at a time. Looking straight ahead
for the first couple. Now, you’re gonna look over
your shoulder and do a rotation. – [Jane] The last one
is all about extension. – Lie prone, which is on your
belly, facing the foot bar. Your hands are gonna be right
in line with your shoulders. Feet are gonna be about
hip distance apart, and you’re gonna reach
through those legs. You’re gonna go into a full
swan, and that’s an extension. So you’re gonna inhale as
you press out to flat back. Now your shoulders and scapula
are gonna come down your back as you press into your palms
and lift that chest up, bringing that carriage
all the way in with nice straight arms. – Linda, these
exercises are great. So let’s just recap what we
learned today about Pilates, and I think that is, there
are tons of benefits, not only physically,
but benefits we can bring into
our everyday life. – Yes, and Joseph Pilates
wanted us to do just that. To take the movement,
take the breath, and take that into
your everyday life. – Thanks so much, Linda. We love motivating you to
move, so for more inspiration, just head to our Instagram
at livinghealthytv. (whoosh)

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