The Good Life Fitness Plank Challenge

– Okay, new at 5 tonight. If you’re looking for a bit of motivation, maybe some inspiration, then let us introduce you to a 90-year-old who might
put a little more pep in your step. – He’s part of a program that’s keeping seniors fit. Here’s Fox 61’s Jim Altman. – [Jim] The pace is about to pick up in New Britain with weights, – with sit ups. – Oh man, okay. – Meet Manny Becker.
– Oh dear. What else we got? – [Jim] On his 90th birthday. – I’m 90. 90 years old.
– It’s a celebration of sorts at the Jerome Home, a senior living campus where Manny and wife Margaret, she’s 91, still work out. – So we focus a lot on balance and, you know, improving their cardiovascular health and obviously their muscular strength. – [Jim] Manny and Margaret from Newington are part of Hartford HealthCare’s
Good Life Fitness program, which essentially helps
seniors to step up. – I do this bike. I usually do about a mile, a mile and a quarter. I think the big thing is that you want to keep the blood moving around in your body no matter where it is, your feet, your head, your arms. – [Jim] At least twice a week, exercise physiologist Maquita Sellers puts nonagenarians like Manny and Margaret
through the motions. – I am amazed every day, not only Manny and Margaret are just a small portion of, you know, the
participants that we have in the program. They literally come every
Tuesday and Thursday. – [Jim] And for Manny, competition begins from the ground up. – Put your butt up. – Okay. How long are we
doing this for Manny? – A minute and 30 seconds. It’s about the best I can do.
– You think so huh? – [Jim] If he asks you to
compete in the plank challenge… – 1:30.
– …don’t accept. – [Jim] He is still setting the bar high. And at 90 years old, there
are hundreds of reasons to keep at it. – I think it just keeps
me physically mobile and able to do things that I would like to do. – The objective is to live a good life. Whatever their individualized goals are, that’s what we’re
constantly working towards. Even at age 90. – Even at age 90. At Planet Fitness, do you need a poster boy? Manny and Margaret still live in Newington and, as we said, they
go to the Jerome Home to work out twice a week. They’ve been married, guys, for 61 years.

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