The Golden Days of Bodybuilding

yeah yeah yeah yeah in the middle of the second heat wave on a hot Cali day you can catch me sweating like a slate gangstas to keeping the collie selling a product in the beta plus the speech is hot enough to fry some bacon eggs the most expensive real estate on you ain't gotta sell crack on me because you can sell dirt from the vein to Diego then back to Sacramento girls keep de skin tan like appraisal until they get skin cancer sup you know every weight you go you got boobs spin that shot but righteous girls know they gotta get winner but you can throw your hands up to this new California River California got speech I've been around but I ain't seen nothin like caliber so with best shield do not step out of character this way too many gangsters that would love to take care of you just please sure membership with the hollow-tip ak-47 silly full metal jackets ninja jelly especially if you jealousy when they roll up on you turn your wife like you're leprosy every city so let this be a lesson the fools coming to kill Akali trying to act mass piratical California got streets ain't seen nothing like California so California got streets and Kobe is headed by I've been around but I ain't seen nothin like caliber Oh maximun I like to flow like degrees marinating a God's property thinking about how he loves me and how we keeps me oh so soft you defend the cause of Christ till I die little asleep some people treat their souls oh so carelessly if you tell another's to stop sinning while they live their wickedly I wanna stop the sin but it seems really good but I know God is gonna help me get control of my California Sun California California California God's feet watch out I've been around but I ain't seen better life caliber so it's all it's all here it's all you

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