The Fight Against COVID-19, As Told By Our Healthcare Frontliners

My name is Shanaz. I am one of the doctors here at Ng Teng Fong Hospital. The ED or the first line of defence, we saw quite a few suspect cases as well as admitted quite a few confirmed cases The ICU, you are pretty much the last line of defence and you are seeing the most critically ill of patients. I am Emelia Ong, I am a Staff Nurse in Isolation Ward. Now we are taking care of COVID-19 suspected and confirmed cases. Mostly our treatment plan for them is to monitor their recovery, and then to send off specimens as required, and then we will aim towards their eventual discharge. My name is Ash. I am an employee from the Specialty Operations department. I have actually volunteered to help out with temperature screening. So of course on days when I am actually helping out with temperature screening, we just have to chuck our day to day work aside. We understand that the hospital is stretched. The least I could do is to actually step up at such a critical time and contribute. Working in the Isolation Ward has prepared me for this outbreak because we are trained to deal with pandemic cases. So we have for example Ebola drills. But I didn’t expect to be part of a pandemic outbreak so soon So at first it was quite scary, I didn’t know what to do, and I had to look for help from my older colleagues. And I think it is also very good experience because having this as a new staff it only means that, in the future I will be ready to take any pandemic cases. Choy! There is always the uncertainty of what might happen to the patient that you are looking after. That is always at the back of one’s mind. In the beginning it was quite scary because there was some issue about the public being very afraid of nurses in trains and public areas. So I was quite afraid to tell people that I work as an Isolation Ward nurse because I have direct contact with positive cases. Even though I am protected by Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and such. Initially it was very sad that the people saw the healthcare workers that way. I was quite angry because we are working really hard behind the scenes. But, the reactions that we get from the public is like we are harming them instead, when we only have the best interest of the public. For some of these volunteers, they have actually fallen sick. They recovered from it, and then they eventually come back to the frontline and continue with the screening of the patients. Being on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week does have an impact on family life. I would be lying to you if I said it doesn’t. I have got a very supportive wife and 3 lovely children, and I can’t spend as much time as I would like with them. I am liable to be called back in the middle of the night like for example last night I got a call at 12.30am and that sort of woke my wife up. She wasn’t too happy about that, part of the job. So after it went into DORSCON orange, I really had to cut my social life. I really had to avoid visiting my grandparents if I didn’t need to. Because I wanted to protect them and also to give everyone a peace of mind. As doctors and healthcare professionals, while we look after their medical needs, it is also important to pay attention to their psychological needs. Can you imagine what it is like for the COVID-19 patient, to be in isolation for 14 to 28 days, not seeing any family member. They are on a ventilator, they have absolutely no control over what happens to them. And every doctor that comes into the room is wearing full PPE. They lose that human touch. And it is quite stressful sometimes knowing that you have the virus and you cannot leave this room until you are tested negative. I try my best to speak to the patients when I am in their room, and just ask how they are feeling and what else I can help them with. I am actually very thankful for this group of healthcare personnel. I think the very least that we can do is remembering that they themselves also have a family, that they have to take care of. Of course, who actually wants to bring this virus back to their family as well or their friends. Nobody wants that. We have to appreciate them because they are the frontliners. If they are not there then, who else is going to do their job? Wow. This is amazing. Oh my god. Oh okay. So cute. Oh wow. Okay. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. I will share this with the rest of the volunteers as well. “It must be hard working on the frontline these days especially so while faced with unappreciative comments from those uninformed.” I think initially it was a lot of pressure on us Afterwards when things went on and they realised what healthcare workers have been doing and that is when we got a lot of support and appreciation from a lot of people. “Here is a big thank you for taking care of every stranger with love. Not to mention, allowing Singaporeans to go to sleep with a peace of mind.” I think one more is “Don’t forget to rest.” Even when we go home after work, we always think about the patients we have in our ward, and how they are doing, what the results are, can we send them home soon. “We don’t say this enough but thank so much for being in the frontline, we will get through this together.” I just want to say thank you for all the appreciation you have showed to the frontline workers. And I really hope that we all can band together and overcome this as a nation. And I’m happy to see that everyone is putting up a united front. I have every confidence that we will get through this, and we should not let fear govern us or rule us. Yep.


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  2. This made me cry. Thank you for this video, bring awareness of the situation in hospital. Thank you to all those on the frontline!

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  10. I often hear of people thanking healthcare workers from doctors and nurses to PSAs and also janitors, but I feel that people tend to forget that lab staff play a really important role in the fight against COVID-19 too. We work tirelessly testing hundreds of samples a day in order to provide timely results which will allow doctors to make prompt decisions regarding patient care. Would be nice to know that people recognize and appreciate our contributions too 🙂

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