The FDA Likes Vaping Now? Boba Fett trivia and more! Zampletalk Ep. 10

what's up sample box family I'm Chris and this is Ian and this is another episode example talk in this video series we talk about really interesting things on the internet vaping related not related to vaping but related to us as people on earth one of the planets that are in the solar system that we know and love and are a part of so for Pluto I was kind of in and out if I had a missile that was strong enough to destroy a planet Pluto my first target I like Saturn now I thought to myself Saturn that those are rings is so smooth look surround this next segment is a new segment called the examiner where we talk about an article from the Washington Examiner that is published on August 11th to 2017 let's do it here is an opinion piece by guy Bentley so a lot of it he's talking about the FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb one of the cool things he mentioned got was the new Garrett yeah so while recommends and nicotine is addictive Gottlieb made it clear that it is the smoke from combustible tobacco that is responsible for 480,000 smoking related deaths each year non nicotine so he's just making the back nation it's making that distinction which is really really cool really interesting article good thing for you guys to share if you want to link to that article go ahead and click on link below this next segment is called away to go it's when Ian leaves to change his hat and he comes back with something interesting on oh cool what's good c-3po oh that's awesome give me a fun Star Wars piece of trivia that isn't known to most casuals well if it's definitely one of my favorite characters any non Jedi person Darth Vader never gives props to a single character in the entire show except for boa Fett he's talking about Darth Vader's walking down the executor and he's just saying why want on solo you need to find him he turns to Bobo fences no disintegrations because like Boba Fett even his reputation for being such a hard-boiled badass even Darth Vader's like don't kill him fucking know you when I don't do that that's awesome this next segment is called gift cannon the relentless fariborz one this next segment is give me gif or give me death this next segment is called gift me shelter we talk about a really interesting gift that we found on the Internet look at this one man like what is what is that oh oh she's eating the fucking shit it's the like ice cream shit that they make with dry ice okay well I would love to try it even though it's probably potentially dangerous he just kills all of the nerve endings in your mouth this next segment is called abc123 we'll reach out about German mathematicians from the 1800s related to vapour today in this segment we're going to talk about the same as George oh oh my god Oh baby okay so George Simon ohm the German physicist and mathematician he found the direct proportionality between voltage applied across the conductor and resultant electric current mm-hmm this relationship is known as ohms good idea ohms good idea psyche Ohm's law I don't want to go into too much about him but a really really cool thing is in 1805 ohm entered the university of london but he became rather carried away with student life rather than concentrate on his studies he spent a lot of time dancing ice-skating and playing billiards what it was a shark and little known fact about me I played billiards for money when I first moved to California for school yeah did not make that much but it was fun I didn't yes so I'm pretty much Georgia so George gentleman thanks thanks for the thoughts thanks for the help we all enjoy it a speaking history I thought of a new segment we could do called this day in history we talked about some things that happened in history on this day in 1612 the trial of the pendel witches one of England's most famous witch trials begins at Lancaster they lit them up you think you can get lit up on amazing flavors from Zephyr bucks calm 60 70 percent off of retail tell cheer to likes delivered to your door easy peasy one two three Jenson discovers helium 19:17 a great fire in Thessaloniki Greece destroys 32 percent of the city leaving 70 thousand individuals homeless well whole lot of individuals a man and 32% I mean you're saving that much percent from going with example 60 to 70% off of retail for amazing flavors deliver to your door get into our box join our family dev block stop 2005 a massive power blackout it's the Indonesian island of Java affecting almost 100 million people one of the largest and most widespread power outages in history that's great that's a lot of people of the dark well guess what man there's a lot of people in the dark right now wondering where can I find amazing eels good flavors Samba voxcom with a light again the kind of will narrow your choices down to just get the best flavors for you 60 70 percent off retail for the best premium e-liquid flavors available hey em you like music yeah it's the thing that I enjoyed I found this really really cool music video oh my god that dude that sweater you're gonna hit the metro oh hello we're so late we've got the perfect haircut for this yeah what it what a cut where man what a video the last video we did a giveaway little box lateral Vox 30 April Vox 30 row box we need to give away for 30 mil a 30 mil box last week and we asked you guys to comment in that on that video how many 30 mils out people bought get through in a week or a month or just you know give us a time frame how many can you get through me yeah can't get through enough that day you know so the winner of that contest and for the 30 mil box is cold people's cold people cold people says I could vape about 6:30 milk bottles no more that is perfect for a gold sample box Congrats man I'm going to reach out to you so you can get your winnings and this week this week we're not going to do what we did not going to do the same thing fuck that noise no we're not going to just do give I'm going to give one of the winners the winner for this month on my old mods what I just decided it right now in this moment down so I'm going to give them one of my mods it could be you don't know what kind of monitor will twist we don't know we don't know but it's going to be a it's going to be a mod and it's what my old monsen's gonna give it away because you guys have been really watching the videos enjoying it we really appreciate it for example box go ahead and comment below and let us know what your favorite mod is right now that you use I will choose you to give you one of my mods and also we will give you a sample box too what a deal what a steal for real this next segment is called Sega where we repeat something that we already said before but matters more now there 30-mil example boxes yeah we mentioned it last week we talked about it we were on the street lajjo Samvel voxcom you can get a 30 mil bucks right now tell your crush tell your sister tell the crushing sister tell your mom tell your sisters mom and tell your mom's mom 30 mil bottles for less than five dollars for each bottle thanks for watching guys we really appreciate it I can't wait till next week when we deliver more free-range organic entertainment for you don't forget to Like share and subscribe for all the good things to come


  1. Using an e-leaf I 200 mainly. 3 zampleboxes so far.

  2. G priv 2 is my favorite I love it so much

  3. My fav mod right now is the alien smok 220w cheers from Australia

  4. There's a theory that fett killed likes uncle an aunt. They were burned, fett has a wrist flame thrower. An part of it is Vader said " no disintegration" because fett burned them an he didn't want him to burn Luke or just to make a point lol. Fun to think about

  5. My favorite mod at the moment is the Reuleaux RX Gen3. Of all 200+ mods I've had this is my favorite

  6. Using the sigeli nx75 watt mod I love it

  7. My fav mod is Vapor Storm 100!

  8. The smok alien 220w is my current favorite unit!, it's a nice portable,reliable box

  9. My favorite mod had to be my vaper Shark DNA 40

  10. I use the tarot nano

  11. My favorite and still used to this day. The sigelei 150. NOT the TC version.

  12. I've got two mods, onw was a starter that was the Innokin iTaste VTR. Named Dino. Yes, I name my mods. My current one that barely leaves ny hand is an Alien 220w with the REMentry RDA on it. Vaping Pampa Juice Water Lemon. Tastes like Violeta candies. 🙂 Really enjoying it so far.

  13. 😤😤

  14. lost vape therion dna 166 with my twisted messes never fails 🙂

  15. Smoant Battlestar, compact fits nice in the hand, not as touchy using new tanks, rda, etc.. but doesn't handle bigger tanks like Senser Pro for very long (batteries drain).

  16. I have the eGO AIO MOD and I hope to get yours because I love the channel😍😍

  17. KangerTech is my first mod and I am still vaping on it for 6 years now

  18. Favorite mod right now is the tesla steam punk 120w nano. Thank yall

  19. My favorite is the smok alien. I just love all the info but it's a glossy one so hate the paint.

  20. Smok GTX 350😀

  21. Pool or billiards

  22. Tancity by Portal which I'm trying to get rid of and upgrade so…

  23. my favourite mod was the eleaf istick pico 75w until it started saying "no atomizer" 2 days ago

  24. My fav mod right now would have to be my Captain pd270

  25. Alien 220

  26. Smok g priv 220

  27. my favorite mod right now is the joeytech primo mini.. but any mod that vapes sub ohm and wont break after 3 drops is good with me lol. (clumsy proof feature)

  28. My favorite and only mod so far is the Smok G150

  29. Alien 220

  30. My Favorite Mod right now is my G-PRIV from SMOK

  31. My favorite mod at the moment has to be the RX200S. It's my oldest mod and also the most reliable to me. Despite what people say, I've never had any 510 issues. I might just be lucky lol!

  32. I only had an evod but I'm using a smok v8 stick I bought from your store and it's my favorite right now, only my second vape mod so far thanks again guys!

  33. Smok t-priv 220w

  34. Current favorite Mod? Smok alien 👽 !

  35. My favorite mod right now is the Reulaux 200. Haven't had any issues with the 510 pin and has been the best start up mod with my Cleito Exo tank.

  36. Right now I'm using a Captain PD270. Favorite thing about it is the battery life! It's great! I really hope to win this!! 🍀🍀💚🍀🍀 Love you guys, and your videos. Thanks for the chance! 😘💨💨💨💨

  37. Pico 25

  38. The asmodus minikin v2 is my daily driver.

  39. Smok alien ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  40. My favourite mod is the smok alien 220w tc

  41. Oh I really love the shameless plugs!

  42. Hey guys i just wanted to thank you guy's for trying all the nasty flavors and please keep it up cause if you wouldn't do this I probably would try the roast beef not really haha. Sorry I'm not part of the 11% of viewers keep up the great work and I can't wait to get my 1st zamplebox! And I just ordered it a day after this video was posted.

  43. My favorite mod is the voopoo drag ATM

  44. Lost vape Drone bf mod is my daily banger right Meow…..

  45. My favorite mod right now is the wismec relaux rx200s. Really now good voltages feels great in my hand and excellent battery life

  46. My favorite mod right now is the Smok T-Priv with the Limitless Plus RDTA. I like the fact that it has external batteries and that it has rgb lights.

  47. orange smok alien

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