The Exact 27 Meals I Ate During My 100lbs Body Transformation – Tasty Healthy Meals

when I started my body transformation 12 years ago they told me I would have to eat boring tasteless meal for this chicken and broccoli if I actually want to get results now this was a massive problem for me because as a foodie and someone who had to lose over 100 pounds I could only stick to eating these kind of boring tasteless bland bills for about two to three days before I was literally run to the nearest pizza joint get myself a large pepperoni deep pan pizza with extra cheese and I would eat that like I haven't had a meal for about 10 years but eventually I discovered how to make the kind of meals that I actually want to eat and for those people who don't know seven months after I started my transformation I lost over a hundred pounds and here's the good thing I have continued to eat those meals for the last 12 years to help me maintain my results and today guys I'm super excited because I'm finally launching my brand new cookbook called 27 recipes that help me lose over a hundred pounds and for the next couple of days during this launch parents I want to give all of you guys a massive 80% discount so if you want to come and check out these 27 meals that I used to eat then pop over to 27 to 100 calm and you can grab that for the next couple of days at 80 percent discount

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