1. I love Chris's voice actually, I wonder if he can sign well.. ;d

  2. Hey man where is todays vlog!!! Really waiting for a new video, hope you are doing allright

  3. I know John his roommate is my small group leader at my church and I workout with them all the time

  4. Chris, please add the translation of the languages to the new application!
    I and my friends from Russia really want this.

  5. I'm stoked thay app is sickkk

  6. I am motivated! Thank you!

  7. This is so awesome! Follow your dreams Chris! Your are so inspirational!!

  8. Chris how about you make your own ad there and take up that space for yourself? Not only it'd be visible from a far it'll also look good on videos!

  9. The App looks amazing

  10. I will miss the old gym man.

  11. Anal bead salesman.

  12. Dude your son is so cute and keep up the good work …. Love from INDIA

  13. DOPE!!!!!!!

  14. Working my ass off to get this fitness life on point. I want a story like this and I love what you’re doing. Thank you for all this content, the app, and the motivation! Tried shouting out your channel and app on IG but it gets copy right strikes each time. 🤷🏼‍♂️ keep it up man!

  15. Don't do calisthenics at 4:53 please….

  16. cant wait for the new app

  17. Can't wait for the new app bro. It looks soo dope!!

  18. Hi Chris, please tell me: will the Russian language? In Russia I think a lot of people willing to deal with on your program and I including. Now we get your videos with translation via Gum Fit Info. Thank You.

  19. Can’t wait for the app to come out. Started following your videos and on the website. Now finally I can do a few pull ups 😬

  20. Well deserved!!!

  21. Damn, Chris, just tidy up that Mac's desktop

  22. Love your videos bro super dope and motivational 💪🏻🔥

  23. best wishes for that new chapter

  24. Bro that app, even though u only showed a sneak peak it looks dope as f***

  25. Chris congratz on the new spot and the new app sounds amazing, i have a dream that one day i'll train with you in the thenx gym.

  26. Yo that app looks freakin’ insane. Finally some control over the music while scrolling within the app. Too amped about the little things hahaha. Appreciate you homie!

  27. My new goal in 2018 is to become a tier 3 ThenX Athlete!! #SignMePlease #HardWorkComing #2ndDayofTraining

  28. a little late you need to pay to get the workouts in your new app?

  29. Please let the app be freeee i can t wait! Anyway thank you for your work and help you give here on youtube!

  30. Nice app, need this fast !

  31. Just subscribed to Chris hero

  32. I’d open my gym. If I had no limits. I’d also travel the world for a year.

  33. buy the addspace for yourself

  34. Work my way up to having my own calisthenics gym helping others realize all you need is a body and a bar💪🏽

  35. Hey Chris, what you say about put on that ADD space Thenx banner?

  36. +Chris Heria Can I ask… Where is your son's mother? You with her or she out of the picture?

  37. Love the sound at 4:25

  38. My goal one day and hopefully soon would love to open my own gym. Calisthenics equipment and weights and other cross training equipment. Watching the videos is really encouraging me to do it. Thanks!!

  39. Awesome job guys, any thoughts on opening another up on Merritt Island and spread this hard core?

  40. Hey sir i m your big n i love to watch ur videos n i follow them as u say its motivational n toogud exercise.
    N also the awesome app
    Pls visit india once to guide us

  41. Excellent Chris! wish you the best for the upcoming events and one day we need to train together 🙂

  42. I’m just astonished with your video blogs bro

  43. Everything is dope man!!!

  44. please make the app so I can listen to my own music without it getting interrupted by the video🙏🏻🙏🏻

  45. Sick app coming thru Chris ! Cant wait to use it !

  46. Chris your my biggest inspiration and you mean a lot to me and you been a huge impact in my life to see things different bro n I appreciate that man 🤙🏽

  47. Great sharing Chris! You've been generating value for people beyond to put them into the progression journey…

  48. I wish i meet you bro 😢

  49. own gym

  50. Always wanted a app where I can customise and make my own workouts. Pretty pumped up for the upcoming app. And Chris keep up all the Fantastic work. You rock!

  51. Limitations exists only in our heads!

  52. Hey just started to watch your videos for two weeks , awesome quality , and cute son 😍💪💪

  53. HELL NO=)


  55. Love your content man! Going BEAST MODE in all parts of your life!

  56. gonna keep grinding, thanks for your input. Totally inspiring!

  57. Congratulations on your life progress Chris. Seriously.

  58. lol all the memes in this video gave me LIFE.

  59. Be careful with your finances. Especially, the people you have handling the business aspects of your trip. Keep in mind the time in history your trip is playing out in. Trust, truth, honesty, integrity are key. Beware of ego, greed, hubris, wolves in sheep's clothing. Samson got his hair cut, Goliath ran into a fast moving rock.

  60. Haha Zen’s a big dreamer bro. Ridin’ a giraffe, shoot man I never.

  61. Where's the new studio located? I'd like to sign up for classes. When will you be open to the public?

  62. My dream is to become a personal trainer, become a thenx athlete, and own a house with a suite outright so that I can consistently go south in the winter.

  63. i'm a bit late to the party… but i gotta say chris, your story is very inspiring to me. i'm making a big career change and trying to follow my dreams. watching your content is very motivating to me

  64. wow, nice .. so inspiring

  65. Dont think I'd ever be good enough for full athlete status but I'd be more than happy to show love for free anytime i can when i get good enough

  66. Chris, awesome stuff. But the desktop of your computer looks like cancer. You have to clean that up dude. So inefficient. 🙂

  67. Hey guys can't wait for the new space

  68. I love the thenx gym :/

  69. Good job bro in all aspects keep doin what ur doin

  70. brother, you are a great inspiration for me and in each video you feel that I can achieve everything I set my mind to and more, but in this video your words were really motivating and I thank you for being so amazing, never change and keep getting better each time But as you go, I'm also a coach in calisthenics and I'm a great admirer of you from Venezuela and I never miss any of your content, I would like to receive some THENX material and take it with pride so that here in Latin America they know more about you and the excellent work they do, a big hug and success!

  71. You made me start workin out bruh ur really the best ^-^

  72. If I could have anything Id be a Judo champion and be the one doing most if not all of the throwing.

  73. I have a dream of investing enough time and energy to make a ThenX studio here in Sitka alaska, within the next few years if not in Sitka alaska, just making alaska a ThenX movement happen right here in alaska!!!


  75. Awesome advise, May 18 th I gave myself a month to get rid of my gut ,did it on my own, kept going ,saw your awesome strength , now I'm doing more, thanks Chris !☺ FanTom BTW stretching out at least flat on the floor after any ab . Exercises is a must !☺

  76. Any northeast india on thenX ??? Dis guy is dope……so freaking cool.

  77. I can only do the exercises that don't require bars or any other equipment because there's just 2 parks in this town and both have been transformed to "child-friendly" (a.k.a there's nothing I can actually do anything on) and my house is very small and there's no space to have equipment… But I've started using my school back with books in it as extra weight when doing lower body and core work outs and it's actually kinda working 😅

  78. Chris you have such a cute boy! Wish you all the best in the world!

  79. I am going to do from tommow I keep u updated

  80. 希望以后都能加入中文字幕 有中文字幕也会增加大量的点击率和订阅量

  81. Yup its time to become a beast now I shall push towards this team! lol

  82. Hey Chris can you add some music to the new app so we have something to workout to, and hope I'm not asking for too much man your music is just great to hear

  83. Man! i love you sayng that nothing should stop anyone from tryng. And not only tryng once, but just keep tryng. I love my work and i am so thankful that i have wat i have, but… like…i just got a set back…and instead of feeling bad about it, man! I am realizing how lucky i have been until now, and also how lucky i am for the chance to learn from this. I know i will keep tryng and succeding. Thank to guys like you that serve of inspiration to keep up and keep going man! Curious of wat's going to be the next THENX! Thanks for being there!

  84. Sign me up for tier 1,2 and 3. Give me a pen

  85. the view of your apartment is amazing, which city are you living in?

  86. Is the new thnx gym open? Are there still classes?

  87. Thats so sick chris, you came up from nothing and making everything possible , never fucking stop. Never. One day i will challange u on the bar, promise!

  88. So your tier 3 is like a pyramid scheme?

  89. Once i can, i will step away from being a full time hair stylist, and become much better at working out and developing the skills for calesthetics! I am on day 3 of my 25 day weighted vest challenge, and i love it!!!! One day, i will meet you, and would be honored to somehow join the movement.

  90. VENEZUELA presente chris saludo siempre activo

  91. That music is the one

  92. Are you still doing the tier thanx athlete affiliate stuff? How dope would it be to be part of your team!!!!!

  93. Лайк!

  94. Phew! Chris you scared me! 😅

  95. When you will tour to Jakarta,Indonesia?

  96. Nice!!! Wise words. Love to see how you are growing. You are so inspiring. So much passion ❤️ Keep rocking 💪🙌

  97. Hey Chris, I was looking to sign up for thenx Teir system but the link shown in the video does not work anymore?

  98. Chris heria u r an example in my eyes
    Keep it up man and god bless you by heart
    I love and respect you alot my brother

  99. Hi Chris I have been seeing your videos, and downloaded your apps I looking forward in becoming a Thenex athlete like you guys keep up the good work I've learned a lot from your videos.

  100. Love his work ethics

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