The effect of nutrition on reproduction with Dr Enoch Bergman

our job is getting cows pregnant and
getting them pregnant as quickly as we can because the quicker they get pregnant this year the easier it is going to be for them to get back in calf the following
year and in young stock especially a lot of that is related to reaching
puberty so we’re talking about heifers I want to get those girls grown out to a sufficient
level that they’ve achieved puberty so they’ve cycled at least a couple of times before
they go to that fixed-time A.I. program or to the bull or however they’re gonna get mated
if we can’t hit that target we’re gonna struggle to get her pregnant and the biggest most
important vitamin of all is vitamin F and that’s food no vitamin F and they’re not going to grow we
can achieve those targets once we got feed sorted out sometimes feeds are
deficient in some some elements in my neck of the woods copper cobalt selenium
are the most common micro minerals deficiencies that I have to
address and if those are deficient they can either affect reproduction directly meaning the
deficiency actually interferes with the ability for the conceptus to survive or
indirectly and it slows down that animals grow cobalt mostly indirectly affects
reproduction in that it causes animals it causes them to be illthrifty and not grow very well so it interferes with the animal’s ability to
process what is eating in turn it into what we want to produce which is cows
cow meat cow fat so if they’re deficient in cobalt they’re more likely to go into a negative plan of
energy or if they’re a heifer they’re less likely to hit that critical mating weight and again that affects subsequent conception rates and that kills profitability and that means
we get more girls that have to go somewhere else we want to keep them on
the farm producing babies selenium does also indirectly affect
production in that selenium by stabilizing membranes helps an animal to grow but selenium deficiency also has a direct impact on the viability of that of that embryo and maintaining that conceptus so those fetal membranes it has a lot
to do with semen the bull as far as the quality of the semen they produced so if they’re selenium deficient it can interfere with the strength of the semen as
far as its ability to last long enough to go the distance to get the job done
it’s got that one job and I love the fact that when I talk to producers sometimes I’ll
say how many of you have won the lottery every now and then someone raised
their hands and says look you’ve all won the lottery and we gotta make sure all those
swimmers can make it all the way across the channel copper’s a very important micro
mineral and again when cattle are deficient in copper it’s quite evident
they get illthrifty they get coat changes and so copper’s an importantmicro mineral as well so where I come from our big three are
copper cobalt and selenium and I either blanket address those with some producers because
a lot of those products are a pretty easy to access Bayer’s got a nice suite
of products but for other folks I’ll go in and do targeted surveillance and
so I might say you are consistently copper deficient so I’m
gonna use you know Bayers copper boluses for you or look you consistently have a selenium issue lets try the use of long-acting selovin so for some folks you’re going into mating it’s a month prior to mating lets give you some products that are just going to kind of touch everything up and for
other folks it’s more targeted management of a particular deficiency

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