The Easiest 700lbs I've Ever Done!

alright guys welcome to uh welcome to new video so I'm here at the gym I just finished editing I have put the last finishing touches on my most recent video the one that's before this video so I just finished editing it at the gym I got some on Eclipse put it in the video I'm currently having it rendered out and then once it renders I'm gonna put it on the talking to be uploaded on YouTube but you guys have already watched it so there's no blending it's dust masks I'm just saying that it's gonna spin along it's gonna longer after Tuesday's Squad session today's Wednesday by the way after two days squash session I woke up this morning and I was like bro I feel like a train fuckin hit me like my whole body is sword I was cramping in my triceps my chest my shoulders last night legs retired and then I woke up this morning I woke up it's more like breath I am tired as hell and I had to come in a little bit earlier to get it in I just cuz I'm a busy I'm gonna be busy throughout the day so here we are here we are about to give the defense session out the way thank God it's like nothing too hard it's a three by six at like the rpm 67 so we should be able to fly through it it's like soft soft soft touch-and-go bench so should it should fly pretty easy yeah man that's that's pretty much it I'm tired like I feel tired so I'm gonna take this yet straight to the face and hopefully like trick myself into being high for today's paper ooh that was acid okay so the way that we're good white lipped with three by six is 325 pounds supposed to be pretty easy supposed to be our fee of section 7 so after every single set in here you guys should be able to get three to four more reps soft touch touch and go six right that wasn't pretty that was easy I mean it's supposed to be easy is supposed to be our view of 6:00 to 7:00 right now we're just doing some successfully work we have a three by six on close grip bench it's like a tempo it's like two seconds down and just touch my chest and explode back up oh man oh my the lots of you guys like following this up with a very taxing workout from yesterday it wasn't easy like waking up and getting out of bed and shit like that was just a little bit tough it's just funny because I never get sore from doing squats bench or Devlin and to wake up this morning with the level of soreness that I had today was just absolutely ridiculous way it feels good to kind of just like work through the soreness like you knowing your sword sometimes the best thing to do is just to kind of get the move that's how I right now but yeah three by six and pretty much it I'm pretty dead but I feel I'm dead but I feel good I by my complaints much okay alright three by six close graph temple bitch hi hey it's your favorite powerbuilder Russell were he checking in for this voiceover this is gonna be one of three voiceovers just because I wanted to make sure that I was compiling enough footage to have before the end of the week I know that I know that today I know that this week actually gonna be very busy so my main focus is just to get lifting footage talking here and there and then voice over corrected footage just so I was able to kind of nail everything that I hadn't want to do list but I wanted to talk about how that vent session was a lot tougher than you guys realize just because I was coming off a huge she squats day like having six hundred and seventy five pounds on my back was one thing but to follow that up with a three by or just a set at eight with 585,000 was absolutely ridiculous and what you guys are watching right now is just me doing kind of like a physique update I feel like I haven't updated you guys on what the physique is currently looking like currently looking like I am 189 two 119 pounds these days and honestly I've cut down from 100 and about 97 pounds so that's almost 10 pounds down strength levels are still exactly the same I would say for the most part recovery has been on point and that's something that Joey is actually complimented me on because you guys will see in down the line in this video but I was able to hit something pretty fat on deadlift following my 675 pounds squat day and I said hey with 585 pounds and that's just attributed to the way I'm able to recover given my diet and sleep that I'm getting on this correct so hope you guys for the rest of this video and I'll catch up with you guys later the fat owing tail steak but it's Thursday so that means that a deadlift day we're gonna work up to a heavy single not really a heavy single should be like RPS six and seven but we gonna get like a nice little bar like a nice low 665 at 675 pull for today's workout and get to work so let's go to up it's like whipping I've warmed up all the way to 675 pounds and honestly when I got to 675 get moved surprisingly fast if you guys watch my last video I squatted 675 pounds and I was thinking that yesterday or Tuesdays blonde was gonna affect my deadly but it hasn't like I did 675 for my single on Tuesday and I followed that up with five hundred eighty five pounds for setting a stop spinning yo Tuesday Thursdays data says she might be a little bit quite a little bit looser might be a little bit cat but as I'm moving the weight it's it's moving so I was talking to Joey yesterday in the chat he was telling me like I should be good for like a 665 – like a 675 little hump feeling like good good I could cap it at 7-under so here we at Semih hondo should move out of art be of seven and then are like seven and low seven and a half I feel good today all it is is just 25 extra pounds from the 675 it should be light so see what it looks like saying hit that's so 700-pound see if we got probably like our PE o77 half the most but it didn't feel like anything was my hands I'm happy about that I did tear my hand a little bit but right now about to move on to a pretty boring ass for my butt so I have 585 passwords for my time I should be able to knock it out patience yes man so before I actually talked about the dela session I want to show my boy Hayden modeling the get better today steel blue right it's steel blue shirt that's coming or that's already launched so if you guys want to check that out once again it's dirty blonde so you click the link in my description box and be able to shop that he's also rocking the gbt joggers looks phenomenal on him shot so Hayden he just got off competing for physique show dude looks absolutely phenomenal but let's talk about the dela session and what went down given the week that I've had so Tuesday's you guys know that I've mentioned probably thirty-one thousand times in this video I squatted 675 pounds for my single and then back down with a five hundred and eighty five pounds set of eight now that workout was absolutely ridiculous and as you guys know I am a low bar squatter so that transfers over to my devilish right some days or some weeks whenever I hit something fat and squat and expect my dela to suffer now I've been cutting to get ready for this prep I started this cut at 197 pounds and like I mentioned like probably like a couple of minutes earlier I'm down to 189 290 pounds on a consistent basis so that means I've dropped almost 10 pounds and I've been able to recover properly due to a good protein intake and carbon take when I know that I'm gonna have a big day so Wednesday I filled up a little bit and I tried my best to make sure that this daily session was gonna be as good as we possibly be I walked in started grinding it out had 675 pounds you guys saw flew and I was like wow alright we're gonna load up 700 pounds and I made that fly as well so that's just a huge testament to proper nutrition proper recovery I don't think you guys know how important that is if I wasn't properly getting in my macro intake like let's say if I was consistently eating under my recovery be my recovery would be trash and let's couple that with terrible sleep if I wasn't getting probably seven to eight hours of sleep at night that training session would have been way harder than it should have been and I'm very proud to say in fact that I'm pretty I'm very proud to say that I take I take a lot of pride and nutrition and recovery whatever it comes to meantime because I'm constantly making sure that we're going to sleep at a proper time I'm making sure that I'm eating everything whether I'm stuffing my face or holding back from from splurging on some nasty food that's gonna be outside of my macro intake but I'm very happy with the session six seven hundred pounds flying the way it did was absolutely ridiculous I'll come back to you guys in like two seconds it's funny I was so happy after the session I decided to get myself to polio just cuz I've been doing such a great job the last couple of weeks so once again sit back sit tight and I'll be back in a second all right we finally reached the last voiceover this part of the video was actually shot right after my bench session like I wanted to make sure that I was able to get some product shots if need be for everything that's dropping in this launch that you guys are currently probably shopping through well you're not right now shopping guru but you guys get the deal so right now I'm wearing um well you're gonna be see you're gonna see every single design throughout this portion of the video so this is going to be the gbt design that's coming in the army green shirt it's a very simple chest design very straightforward now we have the communication tower T it comes in gray and black I'm currently wearing the gray this is actually one of my favorite ones I just like it I like that I like a design it's just once again kind of detailing the fact that we're communicating they get better today message throughout the world now this is a personal favorite we have the steel blue shirt that you guys saw earlier in the video I like the gold finish that's on it it's on the chest it's a badge tee it's on the left breast and then it's blowing up on the back I love that concept I love that design then we have another personal favorite they get better today grunge tea very simple concept but it goes hard at the same time I don't even know how to explain it it's just very simple straight to the point you could cut this off make into a cut off whatever you want to do that's gonna come in black a lot of these designs a lot of these designs are not finalized in terms of them only coming in that colorway I will go forward and probably order some more designs or more colorways as the launch goes on just to see where people are kind of siding with design wise and then obviously we have the GBC joggers so the joggers come in gray and black I'm wearing larges here they fit pretty snug they're very cozy fit it's 80% cotton in 20 percent polyester so if you guys want to check the size breakdown I would suggest heading on to the website to see everything but once again thank you guys for the support and I hope you guys enjoy the rest of this video okay I literally have to make this as fast as possible this my battery is saying it's about to die but I just finished up I had a lot of things to do I couldn't even record this whole week is just been very very busy but well this video is going up on Saturday so that means as you guys are watching us to get better today launch is already live I'm sure I'm gonna have a like a mark in the video telling you guys to get better table launches live but yeah I want to thank you guys so much for the support this week's just been absolutely crazy hitting 675 pounds on squat falling that up with a 585 pound set at 8 was ridiculous and then coming in and hitting 700 pounds for an easy single at a legit six and a half two heart bu six and half six seven was foul so I'm excited for world's to get better today launch is live I'm gonna be spending the rest of the day all right rest of the night getting everything ready so I want to thank you guys for the support on that and that's about it man I'm just trying to close this video out before it turns off because I know that since little camera battery I just got a lot of shit to do I gotta head this video comment inventory all that kind of stuff once again then you got so much for the continued support hope you guys tune accidentally from the gbt launch and that's pretty much it so thank you guys for watching this video like always guys if you guys liked today's video please like comment share subscribe you better today look bitch imma stars got these niggas wishing he say hungry just I see the kitchen yeah that's my town he's gonna sit down and listen call him a tricking me don't get another bitch imma store I got these niggas wishing he say


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