The Double Amputee Fitness Trainer

(upbeat music) – I can bench press 445 pounds. I can flip a 270 pound tire. I can do handstand push
ups, and I can climb a rope. And I can look damned good doing it. (upbeat music) I’m Zack Ruhl, an adaptive
crossfitter and a powerlifter. I was born with a deformity, and pretty much my legs
looked real messed up, so I would never be able to walk using them so they made a decision to get them amputated. I’ve been an amputee, a double amputee, since I was two years old. (peaceful music) My relationship with fitness
started out in high school. I just started lifting
weights like anybody else, and I always did it for
appearance at first. If I’m just going to be a torso, I’m going to be one
damn looking good torso. And then it just took over my life. Like, I wanted to know
everything there is to know about the anatomy, the human body, how to get stronger, what
creates muscle growth. Like, I was a sponge. I’ve been told I can’t bench
press more than 400 pounds. My ass. I’ve been told I wouldn’t
have a gym of my own. My biggest motivation in life is people telling me I can’t do something. (rock music) I offer free classes or
free personal training to adaptive athletes or
people with disabilities, so, I have a girl with cerebral palsy, I have a girl that has
a spinal cord injury, and I have another quadruple amputee that I’m personal training right now. Crossfit has done so much for my life, and I feel like I just
want to pass that on, and show everybody that it is possible, you can work past disabilities, and whatever your goals are, especially fitness-wise,
you can meet them, it’s just going to be a
little bit different route than somebody else. (rock music)


  1. RESPECT !!!

  2. Amazing story.

  3. nice bro get it

  4. August 4 1966

  5. "If I'm going to be a torso, I'm going to be a damn good looking one"
    I love it. Keep it up!

  6. killin it brother keep the good works going

  7. Just saw this channel and subscribed. It's so inspiring

  8. He said he made the decision to remove his legs and he has been without legs since 2 years old. So he made that decision at 2?!

  9. So…No LEG DAY?

  10. I always wonder if these can't just get artificial legs, i mean, i've seen others have it.

  11. Fantastic!

  12. just imagine if this dude has legs he would be the best if not one of the best weightlifters in the world

  13. Respect!

  14. 19th

  15. you can also drift 🙂

  16. holy shit thats crazy

  17. i mean like… almost every dude i see also just works out the torso

  18. Crossfitter sucks. PERIOD.

  19. They should get this guy into the America's Cup. He would be amazing!

  20. Hey, at least leg day isn't a thing

  21. Oh yeah! Awesome stuff mate!

  22. I have no excuse, Jesus Christ.

  23. Shows what motivation, determination and the right attitude can achieve! Good on ya fella!

  24. It’s even more amazing that he does some of the stuff with a wheel chair on!!

  25. "Hey, Peter."

  26. 0:38 Texas strong lol

  27. Never skip leg day

  28. can you run?

  29. skippin them leg days.

  30. I could just beat him by going up a step of stairs

  31. Super Human

  32. sexy fucker

  33. joe is that you

  34. real life joe

  35. Atleast he doesnt know how the pain of leg day

  36. Ok.
    But can you do THIS?
    Reclines Chair

  37. Awww, shit!!! Thank you for making me feel like a piece of shit and calling me out on my laziness! Now I can't use it as an excuse, but I am still going to be lazy, and on top of that, I am going to get frustrated because I don't have a hot bod! The best thing in life is sitting down or laying on bed and conveniently watching internet on your mobile device while you eat food you ordered from ÜberEats. That's the life. Your brain is stimulated by… uh… random shit that make you feel alive! Yeah.

  38. He can flip'n climb a rope with his bodyweight and a wheelchair that's AWESOME!

  39. Much respect to you sir — both for what you have accomplished and your awesome attitude. Keep up the great work!

  40. i have no organs and you're saying i CAN live, nois

  41. Joe Swanson IRL

  42. Im the 1k first (st)

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