The Digital Revolution in Healthcare

our lives as patients doctors regulators and scientists are being disrupted by innovation like never before technology is changing the way we look at things and the way we work together in the clinical world it will not reverse or stop but on the contrary accelerate change is not disruption its evolution and right now this disruption is empowering us all to evolve all over the world technology has changed our lives mobile devices wearables and apps to track and analyze everything we do are part of everyday life connecting and sharing with friends family and the world through social media is the norm and interest in personal health have led to massive amounts of health data at both the patient level and the population level but translating this data into knowledge insight and understanding is easier said than done doctors want to understand how to better care for patients and those in drug research and development want to leverage this real-world data to improve trial design patient recruitment and study conduct but how do we do this what does the future hold in this changing landscape our aging population faces many challenges including a rising cost of health care antimicrobial resistance and global epidemics we must lead the way for digital innovation and meet these challenges head-on to re-engineer healthcare the spirit and fuel behind innovation is a desire to increase the speed of progress we need to unify and be open adaptive and supportive of change embrace the change and transform disruptions in to enable meant make innovation and technology work for you we see this already mobile health technologies are becoming commonplace the Internet of Things is here personalized medicine is no longer a concept and innovative new technologies powered by artificial intelligence and health care will revolutionize our lives we have the tools and experts to make a difference the digital revolution will drive what comes tomorrow real-world data is now coming back translating into early Rd and offering new disease insights from bench to bedside and back information technology will support the transition from disruption to visible benefit for all healthcare stakeholders join us on the journey of the digital revolution in healthcare from bench to bedside and back

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