The Diet of a Champion Female Bodybuilder

for me at the moment my body 5% is just under 10% and I want to get that down to about 3% ready for show day and I'm really pleased already please put on some good muscle and the definition is coming through already I haven't started dieting yet the food that I eat in the way I prep it is purely functional you need to know exactly how many calories you're hitting in a day you need to know exactly how many calories are in each meal that you're eating I see my meal times as fuel times my name is Renee and I'm a professional female bodybuilder when I'm onstage the judges will be looking to see that I have a total package so they want to see what your presentation is like they want to see what your condition is like what your fat percentage is how thin is your skin is your vascularity coming through and is your body in proportion so they're looking for symmetry I was 32 when I started bodybuilding and a group of friends and myself went to support somebody that was competing at it so when the heavy weight woman lined up on stage instantaneously I knew right then and there that that's what I wanted to do I went from somebody who was eight stone that's 56 kilos to someone who is now 89 kilos just on 14 stone in a day I would consume about four and a half thousand calories but that will slowly go up in the year according to what gains I want to get so it could possibly go up to about 5,000 calories a day this is when I won the amateur world title because this trophy I then was awarded my pro status which is a very revered thing in the bodybuilding world I managed to do really well in my Bible in Korea but that's just down to the consistent hard work hard eating and sacrificing so much at the moment of my offseason I trained at least six days a week these are my friends Sam and will my training partners when we're training together we're not friends you're friends after training when we're training is very serious and it's a love-hate relationship yes captain can be why someone pull it up just do it especially when I do my what I call my big cook is some food that I prep up that will give me enough food for 2 weeks I'll have 5 cabbages and have it is a really good fibrous car that you need to keep your system moving and everything flowing smoothly could I please have 10 kilos of chicken chicken breast chicken breast yes you want thank you look ten kilos here if you do it this way the food's really clean it's nutritious it's exactly what you need in terms of your muscle building muscle repair and it's quick and easy I would go through five kilos of flies when I do this big cook that's a very good carbohydrate to have when you're bodybuilding it's a slow-release carb and it's what what we call a clean food in a week and have 150 eggs I've got my meals out the freezer and I'm prepping them for the day then I'll add fresh eggs to each meal I use the egg whites because a really really good source of protein really low in fat of course I don't use the egg yolk because that's all the cholesterol is and the fatty I've been eating like this now for six years beginning of my seventh year it does get boring um but what you do is you see it more as fuel for your body because I eat every three hours it really doesn't need to be quite like you need to get the nutrients that you want for your body for your muscle growth get it into the systems quickly and efficiently as possible and put enough meals for two weeks will pretty much take four to five hours but if you think about it in the grand scheme of things if you had to cook every day it's going to take you a lot longer in my typical day I'd have a breakfast then three of these meals a protein type meal after training so that's five then I have a sit-down meal at night which I'll prepare separately so it's more exciting and then a protein meal just for bed they aren't very many professional female bodybuilders in the UK I think there's at least three possibly four that are still currently competing for female is such a hard sport for female even for men but for female is even harder because of the inertia of the the body it's um it's a lot harder for a female to pack muscle on because we have naturally-occurring estrogen so you've got to work even harder than my skies and diet and training comes first before anything else I believe Reni that this theme is what happened indeed she did work and she trained really hard I'm really proud of her as a friend my personal experience is that it has been has been really difficult to get to the top you have to be prepared to sacrifice a lot I've sacrificed going around holiday with family sacrifice celebrating my birthday I'm in there's been years and years in a row where I've not spent time with family over festive holidays for the very reason that I'm dieting for a show not being in a relationship that's been a big sacrifice because I need to be in a way quite greedy with my time quite selfish and I need to dedicate any time that I do have to the sport so in each one of these bags I've got 130 grams of rice and a hundred and thirty grams of chicken and the cabbage will be 50 grams that will be frozen in the morning when I prep my food I will enter the bags into a blender add water and blend it to a consistency that you can drink it it tastes like um chicken soup gone a bit wrong but you know I'm so used to the taste it is very bland and it can smell a little bit but um it's really good for you you aren't yourself while you're doing it so I imagine myself on stage I imagine the end result what is it that I want I want to build this physique that I can be proud of I do get a lot of male attention I have a huge fan base I get a lot of mail all the time from male admirers and and in the street as well you get guys in the street whistling at you or saying wow you know you look absolutely great you've got a great set of legs or you know really great ass you know you do get comments like that very random I absolutely love coming to a supplement store it's like a candy shop to me there's just so much to choose from you just want to try everything what your goals are will determine what products you take for me personally when I'm all season I would use something like the mass gainer okay fantastic for putting on some good muscle mass then in my competition season I would use something with less carbohydrate in so just those small differences can make a huge impact on your physique these are my morning tablets these are my post-workout tablets and these would be my bedtime tablets that is a lot of tablets every day but all of these play a specific role and they're taken at very specific times you put your body through a lot of stress when you train at the level that I'm training at so these are just going to ensure that you're keeping yourself as healthy as you possibly can talking about the use of steroids and a sport of bodybuilding can be quite a tricky subject it's something that you'll find most athletes won't discuss too much in much detail I think everyone knows that this sort of thing just go on in the sport but not just the sport of bodybuilding it's every sport you hear of Tour de France cyclists your hair of Sprint runners track runners this all does go on even all to do so it's like a certain stuff and the federation's would like to say that we don't I will absolutely always keep my muscles I'll do my best for as long as possible I think with this sport what's great is that I've seen some elderly people in their 60s even in their 70s still training still doing bodybuilding I'll be walking along Muslim or finding a few curls at the post office but absolutely I'll always keep training


  1. Oh no Renee… why blend that meal? The diet is stringent and repetitive enough, why also remove the pleasure of chewing and eating your food? Even if you are tired of your food! It's already bland and unseasoned, fat free and clean, I just don't understand turning it into baby food and not using your teeth!

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