The DARK SIDE of Bodybuilding | The TRUTH about STEROIDS Part II

it didn't take a rocket scientist to know that what Ronnie Coleman was doing in the gym you'd be paying for later on in life come to you live from Ronnie Coleman Recovery Center giving you an inside look at what I go through on a daily basis on my quest to walk again but I've been on these coaches now for about they've been lonely two years I was a while you know that can be very discouraging time don't stand still it's not meant to no one stays the best forever it's not easy what he did and those are battle scars of all the heavy lifting or the pain I saw a guy that just had the willpower the heart of a complete warrior and otherwise you've been paying so much you can't get used to it and you just kind of learn to block it out warriors mentality you know he's a warrior well I think your surgeries is something that's really going to help me out a whole lot and maybe put me back on the track being normal and get rid of these crutches it'd be to walk on my own without assistance you can't be afraid of it and I know when you went to the gym I know what he didn't have any fear his body I've lived and this is life I've chosen and I'm not you know ashamed of and I'm not gonna hiding we remember the top of the mouth we remember the top of the mouth he showed us what that looks like so I know a lot of people out there I mean all on my comments people say oh he's on the fucking juice all he does juice he probably does he probably does steroids and growth hormone do you want a fucking medal we're figuring that out you want a good job like no fucking shit I'm a professional fucking bodybuilder I'm five foot six 240 pounds in the fucking offseason like what two plus two equals four good fucking job the problem with most of you out there is is that you are judgmental fucks and the problem with that is in this and what we're doing the whole reason that we are in this in the gym setting Fitness setting is to uplift each other it is like Robert Frank this the one fucking place we can go that everyone's on the same fucking page I don't care if you're fucking Maddie you're not Maddie you're a CrossFit or whatever the fuck powerlifter bodybuilder whatever it's here to fucking become better that's the one fucking place you can go as f as a fucking place of just uplifting greatness is there anything in bodybuilding that you consider cheating no I mean everyone's looking for that edge you know there are stories involved in the sport okay body obviously and that's the problem with our sport and that's why it hasn't get accepted by a lot of society because they look at the body glowing they see all the steroids mm-hmm but they don't understand what actually goes into the sport okay you do what you do to be the best one you do you do what you do to win you want to call that cheating fine but I have the edge that's why it's very sad you know it it hits hard for me because remember I stood next to him and battled him and I admired the way he trained and sometimes I wish wish I had no plan I wish I could do that and now I look at it and say well you know you know what did it I don't know the answer cuz Ronnie's not gonna cry about anything that's the thing about Ronnie Coleman is not gonna make excuses for himself although this is why it happened he'd rather just say you know when people say hey you know you're laid up you had this knee surgeries what do you think he goes well I'm really disappointed only squatting under twice that's just Ronnie everything negative is a positive to him and that's why he's great I think I could've got five with 800 that's good got five reps I think I could've got five easy really look this is a sport where it's an extreme sport there's an extreme amount of work that goes into this and extreme about a discipline that goes into this you know with bigger stronger faster coming out it sort of sort of paved the way for people to understand like okay these people do drugs like this is what this is part of it it's just part of what they do and let's not really like look at that you know I love what you did in generation iron because what you guys did was like you didn't totally ignore it you you like hide that part with Jim Stefani in there where he like explains he explains it in a way that sort of takes it off the table which is nice because like let's not focus on that because that's not what this is about this is about how hard it is to live inside of a sport that is a 24/7 adventure I mean like bodybuilding is 24/7 seven day you can't you can never stop and I think that's what your film more focused on was like the sacrifice dedication and my film focused on you know the drugs and the ethical use of the drug use so I feel like like what the films both did was sort of pave the way for people to understand our culture of fitness bodybuilding you know because it's all kind of the same we all come to this for the same reasons I think we all are drawn to any of this stuff because in some way we felt like we weren't good enough we felt a void in our lives that we want may be good enough and so we we we go to try to be the best that we can be and a lot of times in bodybuilding powerlifting strongman whatever these sports are these muscle and strength sports we they have to be extreme it's a it's an extreme never Ronnie he had a goal in view he wanted to be the number one body builder in the world but of course eventually with the massive weights that he was lifting those discs can many many times pay a pretty heavy price [Applause] doctor said he's gonna go in and perform a surgery in which he's gonna take out screws because all they doing now I just call him the pain and when I say pain it's a lot of pain that's like 24/7 and never stopped I don't like I cried the first time and especially winning the hips went and I'm he had to use a walker and all that that was that was tough for me he's still working out others I don't think he'll ever stop it's probably not the best thing but for his overall well-being I think he needs to yeah Kyle oxycodone 830 milligram yeah I think about forward sometimes about five a day every single day just the highest pose that you can get now in order for me to completely keep natural my body is pretty much fucking abused what we do to ourselves abuses us like we are 50 67 year-old men if I don't take if I don't take a synthetic hormone I won't produce it I would have to go through extensive therapy to produce it on my own and even then probably not I knew that going into this motherfucker and that's why I say personal decision all you stupid bastards out there need to fucking understand the severity of this fuck your shit up take years off your life you know that whole live your life like a line for 30 years or a lamb like 70 or whatever fuck it saying is bro you know when you're 18 you believe that but as you get older and realize there's a little bit more to life and there's a lot of people out there to rely on you to be be around for a while you know that doesn't mean them any less intense or any less crazy or anything like that or a pussy you know that means that you understanding it perspective on life body bullying is about lifting weights that's what it's about it's about pumping iron it's not about injecting but over the years it actually became more about injecting than lifting weights you know so that's the question I think everyone has their own opinion what it's cheating or not cheating and I didn't have a lot of money in beginning and therefore I wasn't able to take a lot of steroids my thing is is that you know whatever it takes you know if you can do that and you can get away with it and nobody knows and you end up winning the show then fuck that's great the thing is is I can't really say I'm for steroids but I'm not really against steroids you know it's a personal choice I'm really against young kids taking steroids you know teenagers even in your early 20s it's I'm really against that and once you start taking steroids your testosterone levels your testes shut down and they no longer work so your body is not producing to suffer anymore and you know if you shut down your production at an early age it's never gonna come back to what it was you know when you have loads of salsa and you're tired you're lazy or you don't feel like doing anything you know you have no sex drive there's a lot of negatives so it's very important for you to have a normal testosterone level and the problem nowadays is it's almost like young kids join a gym and when they join the gym they buy the steroids it's like in the old days it was like we join a gym and we go buy protein powder you know that's what we do yeah I just joined a gym so I need protein powder now it's like I just joined a gym I need steroids you know and it's like the day they start the gym is the day to start the steroids and it's almost like they go hand in hand and it really is out of control you know to sort of some of our body we're born with accessories it's something that we need you know so we're putting more of something we already have in our body you know so just knowing that information makes it a little more you know make a little bit more sense that is not as bad as you know people want it to want to believe you know there are a lot more common now and doctors are prescribing them now a lot of older you know adults are taking steroids just to you know to bring up their natural hormones you know so if you take you know if you're taking steroids and you continue to take them becomes a point where they no longer work and you're just taking them and all you're doing is destroying your body and causing damage and you're not getting any benefits so it's mandatory that people take a break you know everything ends up equal you know so if you take service for 20 years and you know you got all this muscle and you have this great sex drive and you know you had all these girlfriends because of this net well guess what you know the negative is going to come back at you eventually and it all equals out you know so all the good you're getting you're gonna get the bad


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  2. Damn straight I'm. Judgemental I fckn kill it in training to.But I dnt fckup my body to support my low self esteem like the rest of these fucks👎🔥

  3. He had some fuct back surgeries he wouldn't have turned into that otherwise.

  4. It seems like Mr. Ronnie Coleman is very cool ,positive person and very determined. I like his positivity.

  5. I kinda laughed inside when Ronnie Coleman is in an awful shape rn like not being able to walk but he puts his heart into it and even though his body is destroyed hes still out there in the gym and pumping and pushing himself to almost what it seems like us to be what he was before all that happened to him and that just impresses me and gets me inspired to keep going and keep pushing no matter what happens keep going ronnie we love you 💪💪🤙🏋️‍♂️🥇

  6. Light weight baby

  7. It's stupid to act like that and call people judgemental fucks because someone said the truth about you. If it bothers you that much to hear the truth then don't let that be the truth. People who get pissed about someone saying the truth and calling it judgement are stupid. People can call me fat, bald, ginger, Neanderthal looking mf. And it's TRUE hahaha but I don't going around crying about it.

  8. Ronnie is the best Mr. Olympia ever! Like Michael Jackson he was the King of a Genre.

  9. 5'6"??? Holy shit! You're a fucking midget bro. Bah ha ha ha!!!

  10. No matter what, my hat goes off to Ronnie. Bodybuilding was/is his passion and I admire him for that! Zyzz on the other hand, oh well, shouldn't of been so cocky with the juice.

  11. We are judgemental fucks you dumbass.

  12. It’s was your guys choice everyone should respect it. When I was young I wanted to that them bad but I stayed in gym for two years and never took them. But I’m not going to look down on anyone who does. It’s not my place to judge anyone. But dam killed me to see Ronnie like that I’ve watched many videos back in the day of that monster. God Bless Ronnie get better.

  13. Steroids are fine aslong as you don't take the piss and abuse the amount you take for a long period of time

  14. I dont know who the bearded guy is, but hes honest. I like that.

  15. Steroids didn’t cripple Ronnie. It was the lifting

  16. I'm proud of this guy because he tell the truth

  17. Pro Bodybuilding is a serious sport that is not health oriented!

  18. No seroids,no body builders

  19. The industry just ain't the same without rich….. Rip brother

  20. There is a lot of reasons why I am again steroids a outside source of testosterone. The most significant is the fact For even one cycle will genetically alter a person's blood to the point where the Red Cross then deems it medically useless for the rest of their life.

  21. The best way to cure any illness is prevention that starts with high sources of nutrition clean water and fitness. The best way to deal with any injury after it occurs is with high sources of nutrition and in his case trying to learn how to walk again. Would be flexibility range of motion low impact high endurance making sure your stomach muscles are at their best good stomach great back.

  22. The best way to cure any illness is prevention that starts with high sources of nutrition clean water and fitness. The best way to deal with any injury after it occurs is with high sources of nutrition and in his case trying to learn how to walk again. Would be flexibility range of motion low impact high endurance making sure your stomach muscles are at their best good stomach great back.

  23. They have nothing else nut to glorify themselves

  24. Anyone that thinks the juice is a good idea really needs to reconsider. Realize that it’s a short term gain long term loss. You can achieve so much naturally. I understand drugs can give you the edge but please, remember Rich. Look at Ronnie. Lives crippled and ended because of steroids. If you really think it’s worth it then that’s your decision. Just understand the risks and the fact that your body will never be the same again.

  25. which muscle works 24/7 and even harder when we lift heavy weights? what happens if this muscle grows? its no wonder they die like the flies

  26. Bodybuilding is a sport? LOL

  27. I am not against steroids or anything else for that matter. I am 57 years old and was myself a competitive bodybuilder in my twenties. May be it's because I am from another generation but I think most bodybuilders today are too big and unaesthetic compared to the classic physiques of the 70s and 80s. Of course that is just my personal view. There is one thing however that is not just my personal view. Bodybuilders from my era expressed themselves in a more appropriate manner without all the profanity.

  28. Who's the guy at 2:23?

  29. You have the EDGE, Until you either get sick or possibly die from having the EDGE!!

  30. "The whole reason we are in the gym" is because we suffer from severe mental illness…there, fixed it.

  31. U fucking stupid black t-shirt guy

  32. Why contaminate the good video with foul language?

  33. I don't want to judge anyone because I don't want anyone to judge me. I look like a deep when I used to look alright when I was in the Army. But now 11 years later and since I can't run anymore, I got a good bit of fat on me and depression really kills motivation to continuously workout. My wife accepts me just fine but inside I have a difficult time sometimes with my changing body over the years.

  34. He is now feeling the Pain that has no Gain!

  35. Life isn`t about how long and how healthy you live! Life is about achieving your dreams ! Ronnie won !

  36. people like Ronnie are heroes ! ask Ronnie if he would change 1 thing if he could go back in time! Ask him !

  37. there is no 1 truth about steroid, there are many truths, this one focuses on the negative side. I can create a video like this one an make anything look dark ! Food, alcohol, lifestyle, genetics, etc etc. ….it is called LIFE !! At 1 point life will turn dark to every each one of us !

  38. this isn`t the dark side of bodybuiding , this is the dark side of life !

  39. I'm going to be Beast

  40. Rich words at the end are gold advice. Sad that turn him back that he said all those WORDS….

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