hey guys welcome back to another video if you are new here then welcome and if you're Goldy but a goodie then thank you so much for coming back to another video okay you guys so as you can tell by the title this video is gonna be a part two of the video that I just recently posted on my channel which was all about odors discharge it changes a woman's health topic so I wanted to do a continuation of that video and just talk about the cures what are things that you can do to prevent those and basically just common everyday natural things that you can do to kind of help prevent those type of women's health issues I stated before in my previous videos just for reference purposes I am a registered nurse advice and tips and stuff are actually tips that we do give to patients in the office these are things that I see routinely in practice and so I already decided to start this little women's health series here on my channel and just gonna help I'll you know just help you girls out and just make this topic something that you know we can talk about that we can discuss in the comments and just come together and help each other power okay so if you haven't already watched the previous video I will link it down below I will actually link my past two videos in this women's health series which was my hygiene routine for you know feminine hygiene routine and then the other one was where I talked about the different odors and the different type of discharges what they mean what are some of the common ones how to know when you need a visit to your provider and that type of talk so I will leave those two videos linked down below these videos are kind of going in sequence so if you're watching this one and you haven't watched the others I would just recommend you to go watch that one so that way you know what I'm talking about and then you can hop onto this video and just talk about the cures for the things that I talked about alright so let's go ahead and jump into it so in the last video the main concerns are the main orders and discharges that I talked about had to do with yeast and BV I feel like those are the two most common infections and the two most common concerns that we see in women's cells practice or that we as females can encounter because these are kind of just these are really just common infections that can occur you know throughout the life so like we are all susceptible to changes in our pH and for the most part those two infections come from an imbalance in the pH so as I talked about in the previous video yeast just comes from an overgrowth of the candida fungus and then BV usually just comes from an overgrowth of bacteria which you already have colonized in you know the V area so though a lot of people were asking in that video like what do you do about it because you guys were tired of you know just going back and forth to the provider being prescribed antifungals and antibiotics and for it to just have it come back and return and it becomes a recurrent thing I'm just gonna talk about a few tips I'm gonna talk about one product and then I'm gonna give you guys a few like lifestyle changes that you can do to kind of help that problem alright so the first thing and the first care that I'm gonna talk about which I feel like it's just the top notch here for this is a boric acid now I know it's not so scary like acid that word isn't gonna scare people away but let's just talk about this for a moment because I feel like this product is very underrated and not really talked about that much especially in the clinic environment is something that is in the textbooks it is you know proven to be effective it's FDA approved to be effective in treating you know yeast and BP and some and a lot of appeals of vaginal the most common vaginal concerns such as itching and you know the abnormal odors and the abnormal discharges and things of that nature for some reason this is almost like an undercover product so this is the one I want to talk about right here which is from nutriblasts and this is the board life pH homeopathic though I'm gonna talk a little bit about what it's used for and then I'll talk about what I use it for because knock on wood I was like so not bone boy when I see this fortunately I'm enough suffer'd you know with yeast or VD or anything of that sort but I do like to use this so basically what this is is a suppository and it basically just promotes a healthy just vaginal health if you are one of those girls that were commenting in the previous video speaking of the recurrent yeast and just the recurrent issues I feel like this is something that is so perfect for you and your concerns because I always like to bring this up when it when it comes to like antibiotics and antifungals because really what is occurring with that is if you're prescribed and antibiotics say for example be be you know you'll be prescribed an antibiotic it has to finish the course of that and I'm sure that we all know you know antibiotics do disrupt the normal flora that's going on in your body and so what happens is that now you have the next I biotic your pH is to served your flora is the Serbs I mean everything is just disturbed and a lot of times the patients come back and then they start complaining of a yeast infection which makes sense because you just disturbed the whole entire colony and you don't want our flora down there and it's just evident that you're gonna have a yeast infection so a lot of times we actually prescribe antibiotics and antifungals at the same time because we know patients are more likely to return with a yeast infection after being treated for BV or something like that so these little things come into play now this is basically just for supporting the pH it's boric acid powder it's inserted into your body this kind of just helps the overall health it's gonna really help you with a lot of the common issues you don't even have to have like BV or yeast this can actually be used for preventive purposes as well so if you're one of those girls that have the recurrent issues these are actually recommended for you to use maybe like before your period maybe after or you know you kind of track your cycle and you know you guys know your body's the best so these are kind of used for you know those moments when you actually want to regulate your pH I like to use these I mean like once a month or maybe even like every six weeks or so just to kind of keep my pH like in check I really feel like it just refreshes everything down there the way I like to think about this it's almost like a probiotic but it's especially like for that area because it doesn't go systematically this is inserted intravaginally so it's just you know it's just gonna stay in that area down there so it's not something that you're ingesting orally and it's just gonna go throughout your bloodstream IVs actually are available over the counter as then you don't need a prescription for this and I feel like this is just one of those little undercover secrets that is just so amazing literally there has been so much patient success with the use of this product like once we actually let them know okay you might need you know just some boric acid in your life because with the antibiotics and the antifungals they really only target certain strains of either the bacteria or the fungus so this is really getting to the root of it because it's balancing the whole pH with an antibiotic you're basically just attacking a certain strain this is just refreshing the pH and it's almost getting everything back into homeostasis I know I just throw a big word out there but that kind of just means like the normal balance in your body so no I just went into a long discussion about this but I really wanted to put that this product out there because I don't hear it talked about that often and like I said it's one of those undercover like magical secrets so I would definitely encourage you guys to do some research on it you know just check it out maybe talk with your provider and see if that's the best route for you and your most common concerns and yeah I love it I will continue to use it I will actually leave the link down below so that you guys can check out the website maybe read the reviews check out the testimonials the ingredients you know the FDA statements like just check out the whole website and release educate yourself on the use of this product because this was actually introduced to me during my women's health class like I didn't actually even know this was a thing and so we had a discussion about it in one of our sessions and like oh my gosh like where has this been is a lot this is a common concern like yeast and B B is just so common and as I spoke about in the previous video it really doesn't come from you know like poor hygiene or certain things it's really just all like in the body and you know we we are all susceptible to it it can happen to any of us it could just be a random pH just being off balance and boom we have that infection so then they also have these little feminine pH test strips that you can get they basically just look like this you know just one of these little dipstick one of these little dip papers we use these all the time in the office just to run like pH tests on women if they come in with you know the itchiness or with the complaints of an itch or an odor and we don't want to do like a full-on pelvic and a smear and all that stuff we'll just run a pH and just see it's like the pH is thrown off and that can kind of guide us in the right direction so you can do these at home yourself if you're ever having like you know just maybe extra discharge or you notice that it's different like I said I talked about all of this in the previous video where I spoke about you know just how to just things to look out for and what you really need to be paying attention for so if you notice any changes you can just run a simple little pH test at home and make sure you're good down there okay so I'm gonna jump into some basic lifestyle changes that you can do to kind of help prevent like the abnormal odors and the abnormal discharges and stuff the first thing is pretty simple and it's something that you know we hear all the time but that is diet so yes your diet does have a lot to do with you know your help with everything not just the V health but you know your overall general health so you know definitely just be mindful of the things that you're eating a lot of times like sweets and carbs and maybe like beer if you drink a lot of beer a lot of that stuff actually contains like yeast and I can actually cause these infections you guys like the sugar is sweet if you are you know susceptible to that that can actually change your pH and cause you to get a yeast infection so maybe watch the foods that you're eating if you are one of those girls that has like the recurrent problem another thing of course is increasing your water intake oh and it's such a common remedy water is like a remedy to everything but make sure that you're staying hydrated you're putting good fluids into your body you know again the alcohol I like the sodas and the juices and that stuff may not be the best for the health down there so if you're having recurring issues make sure that you're really hydrating your body and just staying well hydrated and drinking a lot of water alright next is watching me type of underwear that you wear now I like to wear cotton underwear I think I spoke about this in my feminine hygiene video but for the most part a ducat and I do lace waist yeah lace waist only like I don't like the ones that are full-on lace you know maybe if you're being cute for the occasion but you don't want to be walking around and are wearing that type of underwear everyday silk is not the best for you to be wearing everyday thongs is not the best I know I got a lot of questions on this and yes it is true thongs are not the move you know you don't want to be walking around in a thong like for the for long extended periods of time I know you know a lot of us wear that of course with certain outfits if you're wearing white pants or you know surf it it just may be that you need to wear that type of underwear for the occasion but like I said for a couple hours or for like half a day that's fine we want to make sure that you're taking extra good care and extra clean cleaning extra well because yes the dogs will literally basically walking around and you have that like you know in the area where it's not as clean which is back there and a lot of times you know that bacteria you're kind of like as you're walking make its way to the front and that can cause an infection so maybe watch for that and just make sure that you know you're staying clean down there and if you are one of the girls that has like the chronic yeast or the chronic BV then you may want to stay away from like soaps or fragrances and sprays and a lot a lot of these things I talked about in the hygiene video so I'm just kind of repeating a few of the things and last but not least you may want to add a probiotic into your diet whether it be like an oral probiotic or maybe the foods that you're taking a lot of foods are very high in probiotics oh you mean when I do take a probiotic like on the occasion I actually don't do it every day just because I forget to take it every day but don't focus on any specific brands of probiotics we actually recommend this to the patient so the feeling patients got so caught up on I'll have to get this brand because it's for this we actually recommend that you switch up your brand as you go because every bottle or every manufacturer every brand contains a different strain of probiotics so if you're switching brands you're kind of hitting different strains because not every brand contains like all the strains there's like billions of probiotic strains so kind of just switch up your probiotics and that should actually help with the health like down there overall especially if you get a probiotic that is you know targeted for vaginal health that'll be gone for you okay you guys so that is gonna be it for this video in regards to the cures to a lot of these common concerns I know it wasn't too much but like I said this is legit the Holy Grail right here like if you didn't get anything out of this video I hope you got information on this like I said I will leave the link down below so that you guys can check out the website and check all the reviews and you know just educate yourself and you know I'm leaving it up to you to do your own research at all I think I said I have to take this I know I'm just introducing a product to you like I said you know talk with your provider ask them if it's gonna be the best for you if you're having these recurrent issues and you know something like this may be better for you than prescription antibiotics and that's it oh yeah you guys that is gonna be it thank you so much for watching don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already and let me know down below what other women's health topics you guys want to talk about I feel like I've hit a main women cell topper explicit she's like feminine hygiene and odors and a lot of these questions that you guys ask me all the time so yeah just let me know in the comments down below what I should talk about in the next at this so that's gonna be it I hope you guys enjoy it and I'll talk to you in the next video


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