The Central Health Enterprise

Central Health is the public agency that ensures Travis County residents with low income have access to the best possible health care. We do this by working with a network of partners, including CommUnityCare, Sendero, and the Community Care Collaborative, Central Health’s nonprofit partnership with Seton. These partners make up the Central Health Enterprise. In 2016 Central Health funded care for about one out of ten Travis County residents, nearly 144,000 people. 96 percent of Central Health’s budget goes to health care delivery. Central Health is creating a coordinated health care system that provides access to care in new and innovative ways, from community-based clinics and a new state-of-the-art teaching hospital, to mobile and virtual health care. The Central Health Enterprise nurtures a healthy community by providing better outcomes for patients, not just paying for more doctor visits. How do we do it. Central Health funds CommUnityCare health centers, the largest network of clinics in Travis County devoted to caring for people with low income. Central Health also partners with Seton through the Community Care Collaborative to share resources and provide high-quality, cost-effective care for residents with low income in hospital and clinical settings, creating a true safety net of care. Central Health’s Medical Access Program, or MAP, helps Travis County’s lowest income residents get health care. With MAP, doctor and hospital visits and prescriptions are covered, and through Sendero, Central Health’s nonprofit health insurance plan, about seventy five thousand people have received health coverage since 2014. Through these collaborative partnerships Central Health is delivering on its promise to Travis County taxpayers to reinvent health care by increasing access to quality care, reducing costs, and creating a model healthy community. To learn more about how we’re transforming healthcare in Travis County visit Also follow us on social media.

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