The Cardio Dance Workout Celebs Love

get ready to burn it up with Simone de la roux creator of body by Simone who's got a dance workout for you okay girls hi Katie Hey alright are you ready let's start with our warmup let's roll those shoulders let's swing yeah I'm either round and both breathe good boom ah go ahead reach up we go five six and forward good both arms push push warming up that core oh yeah feeling it happy right twist obliques and abs now punch it out punch two three double punch double Oh again single single and double good let's go on Rams go side to side working into that call warming it up good now some hips shake the moon good let's warm up those arches those feet and car and shin and ankles keep going good now little plie bend knees over ankles squeeze those glutes down warming up our lower body good let's see down channel in a ballerina to go squeeze that core other side like the shoulders breathe and get a little lower feel the burn feel great darling and again good stay low breathe good now we stay there we'll offer him those arches four three two and one other night four three now foot 2 and 2 2 now for 1 burn burn baby burn good now we have to do both feet squeeze those glutes find the ballot yes up and down two cuz stay there little bounce bounce good and hold let's reach up I love these stretch those hamstrings switch all the way down got those ankles or shins whatever you can find mmm good grab one foot ah oiling oiling out these joints yes getting rid of the rusty bits mmm stay here all day perfect roll up nice and slow yeah cuz we're doing dad that's catty oh we've got a warm-up half feet making sure before we start jumping alright so let's just start a little working through those feet getting our body ready for about four what's about to happen to us okay yeah good muster heel digs you heels and heels heels heels got a double heel double heel back to singles go single clubbing the tunes oh it's feel we just need a guy's dick and double good now just simple house it in thousand in remembering always jumping knees over ankles if you have any injuries you can choose to modify sometimes Katie might show you some modifications so you can just a step touching here if you need to yes good everyone it goes back up and down good eight well let's go eight seven six five four three two and one whoo-hoo good alright I think we might be warm let us go and learn the dance so I'm gonna teach it to in fools and eighths we're just gonna keep repeating and repeating and repeating until we get it into our brains I like that I need the practice yes nicest so we go forward one in Two side side back and back front front side side back back up now with a little bit more energy front front side side back back good let's try it up to tempo ready five six seven I know one two three oh so easy son haha but and then we go nice to try it again front to back do it again still this leg this leg one more time good let's take your rest oh but now we have to repeat it all on the other leg so the other leg goes first first and then side and then back okay so let's try that for laughs do you have a side yeah slow five six slow slow slow slow front front side side back back knees up a 1 a 2 a 3 again slow front front side back back slow up to tempo on this leg and one two three four five six same leg again same leg again go front do it again well time on with time right good now we have to join them both on so stop with the other leg go other leg ah the leg front side back dude laughing right yes which figure at home is office it's how we're doing in here so I don't want to confuse you by saying left and right just what's up my left okay no matter what time right and front and side side back back again front front side side back good excellent let's go on slowly bah dah dah this is hard to do slow together and down then we do it on the other side down yeah good face this way let's try it up to tempo it goes down down down down down god I can't yes there you go in between that we're gonna add a little hop so we go 1 2 3 mm-hmm yes it sounds let's just run that with sound effects this is run that part 5 6 7 again on the top one two whoa five six left leg four five six new pot ready I know one –duck –duck –duck –duck –duck –duck three good going on wait vine hop and hop grapevine pop-pop great find hop grapevine let's add some arms one again go grapevine grapevine push this forward grapevine good old grapevine I go back the top on 5 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 up bah bah bah other side what Oh ready bunny step phosphate 1 2 3 going on great fine pop it great fine let's do it two more times good bye good excellent mistrial okay I'm gonna tell you in heavy five six seven what do you good I just hide up front to get ready for a great line great fine go one two three ah excellent good take your break at any time at home step touch yes it all looks a little frantic neither know which leg comes next step touch bring the heart rate down breathe and then join back in with us okay are you ready for some single ladies Beyonce booty oh boy what am I not ready okay let's turn to the side nice and slow front leg pops we go front back front back fast feet jump turn around always the other side this time fast feet we face the front again front back front back fast feet jump all the way around one two three four faster to the front again front back front back fast jump high turn front but I'm back fast let's try it up to tempo we go good luck to see well do at the end I'm back good from the top ready oh well I'm sweating oh my goodness yeah yeah yeah one two going on ready down down down granny grapevine grapevine good nice XE nice sexy knee I don't want anything good one more time what see see anyone good it's going on oh boy one two three breathe breathe breathe routine oh wait hold taking you back okay daddy's going on this is the Box step slow front front back back twist twist twist okay front front back back twist one more time front front back back I like do it one more time baby front fun okay get sassy on it now yeah rainy good now up to tempo one two three four one cheap yes again so we do that twice through in the routine from that top good other leg front good and down down down good vine going on knees and one and three and shakey booty and two ends be good box step do it again is amazing it yeah but wait there's more ready we're gonna go forward and back you go forward and back forward and back jump full change jump full change I see you doing this at home I see you doing this hey it's okay let's go there sometimes right yeah jump jump back jump back sir okay jetty Oh change jetty Oh change jump ah yeah yeah yeah slowly with the hops screaming to get out a hurry let's try we go slowly one and two jump jump again one to jump up jump again slow pop forward hop back up forward hop back jump ball change jump go change and Boyd forward jump ball change ball change good all right we need a high five for this one because we're gonna do it fast this is amazing yeah let's try this one is on fire another dismissal section 5k Gert six five six seven what oh do it again duh-duh-duh but okay from the top five six seven eight one two the leg fast feet down down down I jump down dad dance grapevine let's go one two three whatever arms you like ready knees oh one two three shake your booty hey shake your booty buck step one Oh oh goody hop forward back forward back haha got it this is the next best bit let's shake our booty for eight oh one two three four five six seven eight we hop around in a circle one two three four five six seven eight go back to the beginning one shake your booty one two three four five six seven eight hop one two three four pattern in out ten in six two three four five six seven eight hop round two two three four Alton in Alton in back to the beginning and I promise that is it yeah whip it okay so let's run it a couple of times okay what happens oh my goodness remember we aren't what auditioning for Broadway we're just having fun to eat moving keep moving keep moving okay okay five six no I lie waiting for the music five six five six seven I like fast feet go 1 2 3 it does help dance is a crazy we sing to ourselves in our heads let me go don't you try missing music let's not to give it just keep moving yeah yeah all right should we try it again that's one more time all the time I like it when you do whatever arms you like sexy time yeah hey one fasting fast beat down down down there you go we found the beat finally good nice and sexy again and hang you just in time for the cooldown oh maybe timing ah alright ladies that was so much fun if you're not sweating at home come and call me come to my studio make sure all right let's stretch out those cars just take this bay leg back lift the toe up stick your booty back bend this means we reach whatever you can find your quad your knee your car for your ankle exhale and hold oh that feels good getting a grin working like I know it's so good dance is so good because it teaches your coordination absolutely at the same time is getting your heart rate up it teaches you balance stability and you can't help but smile right you really can get home into fun even if you're messing up you know my favorite quote we have it on the wall and so nobody cares if you can't dance well just get up and dance quick dance is a great because of their passion that's a great yeah so mm-hmm good other leg back okay we've been in the shower seriously hmm place the toe down lift it back up good that's really nice deep punch deep runners lunge Oh near the ankle work on your alignment for that stretch you so as reach up take that back leg in lift that toe up and hold last one let's come over onto our arches stretch place the heels down and cut stretch into those like kilise tendons and we'll set tailbone towards the ceiling as you hang those elbows down towards the floor good that's well that's slowly one vertebra at a time I think I got butter today yeah that's good every day yeah okay I think getting blood to an area as always may be a better dance good good let's take three deep breaths of gratitude to say thank you for Dancing with us to breath in and exhale one more deep breath in Thank You Katie thank you Anna thank you and thank you everybody at home happy dancing


  1. I have never ever done any exercise, I hate it – It's my New Years resolution to start doing it. 2 days in a row I've done this video now I'm so pleased. Thanks so much for your videos, I finally have a way to exercise that's not so tedious and I can do in my bedroom haha!

  2. Dislike was for anna. Can't stand that person!

  3. hey this was super fun but lots of pressure on knees, modified girl in the back didn't do modified things… had to turn it off half way, but still a good way to work up a sweat for as long as possible

  4. Dance is great, please stop the noise ! Very unnecessary

  5. The music is not good 😴

  6. The workout is great but the music is bouring

  7. Where is dancing?! This is not dancing. This is stupid bullshit exercises. Really.

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  10. I didn't even get through the warm up! The shouts and groans from the girls in the back got on my nerves!

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  12. Is there a slower version? This is great but…WOW a bit too fast for my old body. I would love to just slow this down a bit.

  13. Just another aerobic workout. Disappointed that one of the girls is not demonstrating the low impact version throughout. Some of us must do low impact and the few notations are not enough.

  14. I follow the work out at home just right now…honestly after 16 mins. my sweat is dripping…

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  18. BA50 loves this workout video and we are recommending it to our 40k insta followers.

  19. very good

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  22. This is clearly not for anyone who is a C-cup or larger😂

  23. This one made me upset. Each workout should have adequate modifications. In this routine, nearly each move had a jump. That is not doable for a lot of viewers. It moved too quickly for a step modification to replace the jumps, and they weren’t even shown to us anyway 😕

  24. Excelente! Eu estou amando…5 dias e já foram embora, 2kg😱🤓

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