The Breathing Gym – Sam Pilafian Patrick Sheridan MUST SEE FOR BAND MEMBERS Official Video

Hey come here you yeah come here you be real careful with the breathing job it's important breathing Jim is not like normal breathing everyday breathing it's athletic if you have any kind of respiratory problems you should consult a doctor it says so right down there take a look and if you do get dizzy breathe through your nose just stop and breathe through your nose and when things get back to normal you can rejoin the exercise capisce welcome to the breathing gym daily workouts thanks for joining us in a chance to use breathing gym exercises in the middle of your rehearsal the breathing gym daily workouts are built on the breathing Jim book and the original DVD the breathing Tim they should be used as a reference and if you haven't done the breathing gym you can use it as a place to begin on this DVD we have a series of exercises that are meant to be used at the beginning of your rehearsal warmups we also have a series of exercises that are sequences that are meant to help you when problems arise in the middle of your rehearsal and we've also included some exercises that can be done as a sequence before you play concerts here's some good news if you pick any of the exercises in the daily workouts the intonation of the group will improve that's because doing any of these exercises tends to bring out the characteristic tones of the players and bring in the center of their sounds hence the better intonation so thanks for joining us at the breathing Jim Daly workouts enjoy these sequences we hope they help you in your rehearsal and in your concerts thanks a lot let's work on our soft dynamics we'll start with the tension release here we go and your toes are getting tight your feet your ankles roll it out shake it out and now let's let all of our air out so you can pop ready big side let's do a double pop this time let your air up and fight for air it's time to do five and the dragon so we'll do quarter notes in and ready sip sip and breathe it inside ah let's do it again this time we'll do eight notes in for the five ready and zip tip and and run let go roll it up shake it out alright let's smooth all that out now and go from ito make sure you end with it feelin frictionless at your lips and wonderful let's sigh and now let's practice that nice soft air no tension in your body and let's throw some paper airplanes from here all the way to the back of your room here we go and again one more time no tension in your body sigh ah now let's practice a musical application of soft dynamics and let's wind pattern ode to joy on your hand nice and close to your face to beat inhale here we go ready and Oh beautiful wonderful very nice Wow time now for let it leak let your hair out in six counts in five counts for cows I let go roll it out shake it out awesome let's smooth it out Ito finish with that your lips here we go and nice sigh go for three stews once and then follow me here we go ready ready trees – one eighths and sixteenths and pores and quarters eighths and sixteenths and twelves and in 20 sorry ah nice very good very nice training now calm down breathe through your nose and follow your breath so just notice your breathing notice when you're breathing in notice when you're breathing out and relax and enjoy that nice calm feeling but one that leaves you with lots of energy for your performance follow your breath really great now shut us off get out a piece of music from your performance and wind pattern it and as you're doing it notice how great you feel notice how much energy you have and I want you to walk there I don't agree chosen was such a clean cut to get it out I sang take care of you see you later thanks a lot


  1. +NEXTEDGEVIDE How did you put this on YouTube??? I have this DVD, but I don't wanna to haul around my laptop and disc if I don't have to…

  2. will doing the breathing gym help in playing louder?

  3. thank you so much for this video it works so well

  4. You guys are weird, but at the same time I like what you do! 😀

  5. beautifully done.     Thanks for your wisdom on this.

  6. Even though I'm a percussionist, it was super exciting to deal with Mr. Sheridan today. I never really tried breathing gym until today, and it's pretty intense.

  7. Класс для музыкантов с проблемами класс!!!

  8. what the song called that is playing during advanced training 3

  9. I love these guys, thanks for posting!!

  10. It really works!!! Nice condenced version of the breathing gym. The first dvd is good to learn the exercises, but too long to practice everyday. Thanks to Sam and Patrick from Italy!! Fortissimo!!

  11. kkk muito engraçado mais serve mesmo, eu recomendo

  12. How do they not pass out?!

  13. i have meet Pat Sheridan he is a very funny guy. he played my tuba. he showed us how he can sound like a guitar and do multi symphonic on tuba

  14. не очень

  15. yeah your right i play oboe

  16. These guys are goofy. But they taught me well.

  17. GREAT for oboe players

  18. Probably the best video for any wind player ever!!! Breathing and air is the most important thing. Share this with everyone who plays!!! Love this! Seen improvement every time I do it!

  19. You're using your throat to breathe instead of your abs.
    Try it again.

  20. como puedo conseguir en dvd?
    quiero comprarlo por internet

  21. Great MC, Pat, at SVSU. I was there representing our brass quintet and taking notes. I'd like to get a copy of the Breathing Gym DVD. Thanks.

  22. I do it maybe once a day or once a week depending. Either way, you'll get results. Sorry this is kind of late, by the way, haha.

  23. incredible orchestral musicians, too!

  24. 1/32's!!!!!!

  25. Then you're not doing it correctly.

  26. thank you so much guys! im training for supernote haha

  27. omg this vidio is amazing

  28. Well you must so awesome then huh.

  29. i didn't feel light-headed at the advanced (7:13-9:35)

  30. six people fainted

  31. wow this is some intense exercises im feeling so lightheaded but my voice improved so much ty so much for this

  32. I haven't really understood Patrick's last words at the end of the vedio. Haha

  33. Ive did this for two years

  34. I've been doing these exercises every day for about 3 weeks now and I still get light-headed during the "advanced exercise". I imagine *eventually* it would go away but I'm really not worried. That exercise is asking your body to process a huge amount of oxygen in a way which is really quite unatural. The light headed feeling is basically a side-effect of an inbalance of oxygen/carbon dioxide in the brain caused by hyper-ventiliating and over-breathing

  35. That 20 count exhale. mmm!

  36. i do this all the time and it helps me a lot my choir director and our student teacher had me do this in my practice and it helped me A LOT

  37. yep Jacobs is like the king of breathing

  38. Breathing Gym is the best thing to happen to wind playing since Arnold Jacobs! I recomment this to anyone concerned about effective air movement for good music.

  39. band geeks + 30 years. love it!

  40. @SweetlyDissonant i can say that i used to get veery light headed and faint with that exercise also but the more you do the exercises the less dizzy you will become 🙂

  41. Never mind, now that I'm getting used to the exercise, it doesn't make me dizzy any more. 😀

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