The Black Foods Diet. o___O 🍙☕️

Good morning everyone! Today… today, I’m going on the black foods diet. I just thought it was appropriate for this time of year. Last night, I dyed my hair the most intense blue-black, and I am loving it! [Music] Okay. It is actually… uh… Hm. it’s 1:04 p.m. right now I haven’t eaten anything all day, so, I need to fill up this belly because I am starving. Let’s go. Holy crap! Oh my gosh! We need to sit down and try this. Like, are you kidding me? I just made a black açaí bowl. What’d you do today? So, let’s try it. It’s actually so good! This isn’t even funny; I’d make this again. Wait, let’s try the dragon fruit. I hate dragon fruit. Not bad! Wait, what? I thought this would taste weird,
but it really—just tastes normal. You guys, this is like, my new favorite thing. Blackberries. Yeah. I’m so proud of myself. Uh, sorry for my unmade bed. Not even kidding guys, you should try this. As for toppings, I have the hemp flaxseed granola. I know that isn’t black, but c’mon. And I had the banana, which I also know isn’t black, but c’mon. and I have the dragonfruit, which, aka, is flavorless kiwi, and the blackberry which, aka, best berry ever, and I drizzled a mix of evaporated coconut milk with some sweet condensed coconut milk, and it is bomb diggity. My black breakfast was a success, and I will see you guys at lunch time! Also, shout out to all the black stains
that dyed my hair black made. I also always get requests for me
to make a DIY açaí bowl recipe, and I’ll have you know that my secret
talent is making açaí bowls. I know this one doesn’t have actual açaí in it, but— Okay. So, I am cooking my rice, and I honestly have no idea if I’m doing that properly. Ahh. Oooh, salty! I’m just joking, guys. That was just black water which
I travelled the world to find, aka two Whole Foods. It’s just naturally black water with a pH of 8 instead of 7, and it has fulvic minerals in there. Tastes just like water! I actually made raindrop cake out of this. By the way, oranges. Ahhh! I want you, but I am not on the orange diet;
I am on the black diet. Orange is the new black, or black is the new black. So I am hungry, waiting for this rice to happen, so, I’m gonna do a little Target haul. Check it out, this is the stuff that I got from Target. I got some good old Oreo thins which I’ve
actually never tried before, so I’m hungry; I’m gonna try that. Ta-tarara! Tarata-daaa! Black Twizzlers Twists. Would your teachers ever pass out red vines in class if you answered a question or something like that? I remember my teacher would always
pass out red vines and I kind of forced myself to like it because when you’re in class, everything sounds tasty. And, last but not least, this is what I got from Target. So excited to burn this baby up. Excuse me, I just burped. (laughs) This candle, grapefruit and lemongrass… urghhhh! …is a black candle! Smells so good! Okay, cue the montage of all this in three, two, one, go. EEEEE Ewwwww. Comment down below if you like black licorice because I think I’ll find that really interesting. Like do these actually sell?
Do kids actually like this? this I’m just very curious; maybe I just
have an aversion to that, but… anyway, let’s try those Oreo things! Are you good? Are you good? This is really smart packaging, by the way, and honestly I love the cookie
part way more than the inner part, so this seems like the perfect ratio. This is too good. Okay, this is my second
meal of the day. I know it looks like a total fail, but I think I’m just gonna eat it with my hand, actually. Like a hand roll, right?
It’s a hand roll! If I cook the rice properly and I waited for it to cool, then the nori sheet wouldn’t be so soggy and I could cut it properly. I feel like there’s potential here. I’m just running out of time for the day since I started so late, but, yeah, this is my black rice nori sushi with roasted seaweed, some black
sesame seeds, and soy sauce. I love that I tried to make this
look somewhat presentable, but it’s honestly just what it is;
like, a long black roll. This is how I roll. Literally, this is how I roll sushi
and it’s not pretty. But, it’s not about what it looks like on the outside. Just a little bit of soy sauce there. Whoa, man. Whoa, man. But honestly speaking, it’s not that bad. I’ll see you guys in a little bit, and I’m
probably gonna have more. Do you think I’ll just gonna have
this stinky little roll? No. Hey guys, so I’m just out running errands, and I decided to stop by
Starbucks to get some black tea. I freaking love black tea. It’s supposed to—also keep you awake. And some black coffee. Ice cold ash juice, that’s what that is. It’s about five o’clock right now,
and I will see you guys at dinner time. I feel so sinister right now. It is dinner time and let me show you
what I plan on making right now. So, I’m starting off with a little bit of
this black truffle infused olive oil. Just a little bit. And this actually smells really good. I feel like it’ll give it that touch it needs. Now, I’m just adding some minced
garlic with some chopsticks ’cause it’s all I had. I just added a fourth of an onio— I am totally just going with
the flow with this entire recipe, so I have no idea how
this is gonna turn out. now I’m adding in some mushrooms, some black olives, I’m just going to add in a cup of pasta, This is like the witch’s brew. By the way, I forgot to show you the ingredients list of this. It is literally just non-GMO
organic black beans. That is it. That is all that is in here. It’s just grounded up black beans. It’s organic; it’s high in protein, iron, fiber. Okay, so I’m gonna
put the pasta into there. Some black pepper on there. One thing I totally forgot to do was make the cheese. So you can use like, a vegan cheese or something. I’m just going to literally coat that. Mwahahahaha. Oh my gosh. okay so after putting that in the microwave, WHOA, that’s what happened. I just made some black cheese. Look at that! Alright guys, so this is my last
meal of the day, and it honestly smells so good. It smells like the black bean sauce noodles. Okay I don’t know what I just did, but I just
added some like, black cheese to this, Let me give it a try. Mmm. I know that might look a little disgusting,
and maybe it may not make sense to you, but this is actually legit. I actually like, want to finish this right now. I’m aware this isn’t black. I’m
not colorblind, okay? So yeah, I’m going to end my day off with this. I am going to
watch some Gilmore Girls. Don’t even get me started about Gilmore Girls. Black bean. Black cheese slash random sriracha. Mmmm MMMMM!!!!! So I didn’t get a chance to film the
outro, but I want to say thank you so much for watching. Mmmwah. I also want to give a huge shout out to all
of these people for supporting me on Patreon, You guys mean the frickin world to me. Yeah, so I’m gonna go now, and I hope you guys have a great day, ’cause I’m gonna have a great
day. Okay. Bye! Mwah. (licks) Behind the scenes; this is what happened
when I try to pour this back there. story of my life. Gotta clean this up. Smells like soy sauce. Ugh.


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