The Big Guy At The Gym

yes I can that's what we like to see are really grateful they bring up that back why we hey glad you got better no worries don't show him the road oh hey how's it going hi who the hell is that okay you just joined in today what do you think my wait oh why aren't you going speechless right yeah fine I will scuse me oh sure I have a go on the bar when you're finished ice cream yeah little bit thank you hey hey hey hey what's up my office sister I did see the biggest guy in the chin now he's joined you're bigger than me I'm not the biggest guy in the gym anymore hey come on not what's here I was in here my god July all this time have been so focused for my parents I lost sight of in fact the true beauty comes from within smell makes your pets they're perfect


  1. I love tiny voices from big bodies! hahah

  2. Why am I laughing

  3. Funny but true lol

  4. Plot twist bodybuilder walks into the gym…

  5. It’s not about the size of the muscles, it’s about the size of the headphones.

  6. Roiiiiids

  7. I find it hilarious that the “ Big guy” Isn’t even that big. And that he is completely lifting that wrong using momentum and not strength. Makes you wonder how guys like that even build muscle?

  8. British guys sound kind of feminine, don't they?

  9. Dude, 45k followers? wtf… u deserve so much more!!!!!!!!!! man this is a great skit lol

  10. Too funny…..LOL

  11. I have the same person at my gym except they not only work there but they’re also incredibly fat lol

  12. New subscriber via PhillyD. Binging the whole channel tonight. So funny!!

  13. The Asian dude, Whelan(?), looks like the brown Charlie Cox (Netflix's Daredevil) 😊

  14. Gaaaabriiieeelll

  15. I have a guy like that at my gym! And he thinks hes the biggest.
    Walks in addressing everyone and makes the biggest scene.
    He sings really loud while working out too

  16. GABE!!! 🤘🤘🤘

  17. This is so extemely specific but accurate somehow

  18. the other ‘big guy’ wasn’t big lmao

  19. Fiyah fi dat 😂

  20. Subscribed 😍

  21. Gabriel!

  22. I assume this is the resulting video collab with Gabe, yes? 😂

  23. Puh-theh-ick

  24. Gabriel almost cracked up at last minute….

  25. Alternate title: Tha beeg gauy at tha jeem

  26. super cool video….

  27. Sexual and homoerotic 💋💋👄

  28. What's the song in the beginning

  29. When he said "alright fine" and had to go talk to him I got a chuckle lol. It's gonna be okay bruh it's gonna be ok…

  30. Alternate ending: omg you're right…. cardio runs off to the treadmill, biggest guy shakes his head after his wholesome message is ignored

  31. every scrawny gym rat

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