The Best Treatment For Gut Dysbiosis

greetings it's eric bakker naturopath from new zealand and author of candida crusher and formulator of the canxida that's with an ex candida dietary supplements thank you so much for checking out my video today today we're going to continue on with dysbiosis but we're going to talk about the most effective natural treatment for dysbiosis what can you do to nail this thing how can you get your digestive system in really nice condition how can you overcome these awful signs and symptoms of you know it inconsistent bowel motions bloating gas bad breath Candida SIBO parasites all these things contribute you know they will form one big terrible awful situation that so many of my clients you know continue to consult me with from all over the world so let's give you some really good information in this video today on how you can finally get rid of dysbiosis now this is based on 27 years of clinical practice I've treated now in excess of 30,000 patients in my clinic with all kinds of different diseases relating to immune dysfunction thyroid and adrenal dysfunction gut dysfunction parasites autoimmune diseases the list goes on and on and on I can tell you now most people I see need to get digestive overhaul they need they got fixed up there's no doubt about it a lot of its got to do with the kind of lifestyles and diets that my patients have we live in the 21st century we live in a very stressful time when people haven't got time really to do a lot anymore you know we were told the technology was going to solve all their problems and free up our time and but in fact it hasn't done that it's made us more hurried and worried and stressed than ever before so a lot of this contributes to our gut dysfunction so what are some basic things we can do to really get this condition sorted well if you saw my video before about the causes I've got this BIOS as we spoke about pharmaceutical drugs we spoke about stress then we spoke about diet those are three core things so obviously intelligent people when it comes to treatment need to tackle causes so go back and look at that video on the causes of dysbiosis if you're a slave to a pharmaceutical medicine you're crazy because you'll never get rid of dysbiosis any more than you know if you're a person who's got massive debt on a property and doesn't want to pay it back or you'll be a slave to that forever you've got to understand the drugs are going to ruin you or your health and cause you know an early mortality if you stay slave to them so you try and work out why you're taking this drug and fix up the core so you don't need to take it alright so that's rule number one if you're taking a pharmaceutical you know maybe a headache pill here or there I'm not so worried if you're taking a drug every day to block acid production or a drug every day for you know acne treatment antibiotic or some kind of arthritis a pill long term then you you know and you're watching this and you want to get your gut right you've got to get off these drugs if you can't do that then this is where the video stops and then you need to go and watch something else because we're not really going to get anywhere with you but if you're committed and I take it you are you wouldn't be watching this now and you want to come right go and see a health care professional about how you can get off that stuff alright for example if we look at the drug nexium for blocking stomach acid production in north america in 2014 there was 6.2 billion u.s. dollars in sales that's a hell of a lot of people with gut reflux and you can't tell me that all of those people who have developed it for no darn reason a lot of those people would be drinking beer and eating pizzas and eating crappy food and living high stress lifestyles and not sleeping enough this is part of the equation I think you get the picture so pharmaceutical drugs if you're on those you need to get off them if you want to get a result the other big thing is stress of course the lifestyle you know if we want to get a good result we need to really understand that you need to make some changes with how you're living you maybe need to organize your time a bit better the work play bowls try and understand that if you're Lea if you're leading a very stressful and a hury life that you'll probably never really get a really good digestive system the gut is very much affected by stress on multiple levels I did a video previously that you might want to look at about you know again the causes I talked about and the gun and how that actually affects it lots of women for example with children young children find it hard to eat their meals themselves they'll eat very quickly while they're with the kids lots of guys and women who work in corporate life drink too much coffee during the day in too much booze at night they're on their electronic devices all day and then you know there are electronic devices all night it's not very conducive for good health when you've got a diet that's completely out of kilter and there's little time for downplay all work and no play you know the rest it makes Jack and Jill dull people so you need to really understand that work-life balance is the key thing here if we can't get you to chill more relaxed more enjoy life more we aren't going to get a result with dysbiosis that's number two number three the diet you really have to eat the right kind of foods to get on top of dysbiosis needless to say drinking diet coke and having burgers and fries and takeaway food is not going to give you the the outcomes you desire i'm always recommending a really healthy Whole Foods natural diet for people full of plant-based fibers fresh healthy foods with brightly colored foods high-quality proteins I prefer not to drink any alcohol myself or have any fizzy drinks or things like that any Cola drinks I like drinking green tea I also have one cup usually of black tea per day but the rest of that the day I drink a pot of green tea so if you want to have nice skin drink green tea run a good digestive system if you wanna have an outstanding digestive system avoid alcohol for three months come back and talk to me and I think you'll find you'll agree with me that even drinking one beer or one wine a week will have a significant impact on your gut if you're serious about health you need to make some serious changes one of my good mentors dr. James Wilson used to say to me he told his patients take your health seriously or take it somewhere else so if you're serious about health why the hell would you want to wait till the doctors told you that you got a tumor or cancer before you make those that you need to be making right now okay you can still have fun but you don't have to be drinking booze to have fun remember that so always look for the most destructive habits in your life right now and it comes to eating and drinking and make those changes now don't wait till it's til you get the diagnosis what about natural treatment well this is part of the reason why I designed canxida the candida dietary supplements and I did that because after many many years in clinical practice I found that using all kinds of different herbal medicines and nutritional medicines and only appalling medicines and even allopathic medicines I've used everything in my clinic I worked in medical clinics for 15 years on and off so after prescribing every kind of thing you know I could find on the Internet and through companies I decided to make my own products and I did that for a very good reason because I wanted to give patients what I thought were the very best kind of products to make and that's why I developed canxida the first product I made was called canxida remove and I think it's the best antifungal antiparasite antibacterial you're going to find anywhere and I'm not saying that lightly I believe it's the best in terms of the raw materials I've used the formulation and the proprietary method how I put this together in a slow release form so if it's not the best product you've ever used for gut dysfunction you need to email me and let me know why and if it's not working for you then it's because you're not working for it you're doing something wrong you can't have a can of Diet Coke and then take a pill you can't stay up til 3 o'clock in the morning liking people on Facebook and then taking a pill you've got to get the balance right got to get the sleek improved gotta get the diet improved and the supplements are the icing on the cake ok that's what I want you to think they're the icing on the cake so when you do everything right then you take a very high quality product you don't need a whole bunch of stuff right you don't need it thousands of patients from around the world now have sent me incredibly good feedback on canxida remove so I know this product works and I'm sure it will work for you too the second product I made is called canxida restore and again what I did how I usually make products is I have a look at everything on the market I put them on a spreadsheet I pull them apart and I start realizing the strengths and weaknesses of different things and then I put my own slant on it and canxida restore is the finest probiotic enzymatic formally you're going to find on the market it's also in a proprietary release formula it's in a very special capsule and slow release and it's going to work very very effectively it's a perfect companion to the canxida remove apart from that I'm working on a very special multivitamin right now with a with a antifungal back-back base so that's going to be perfect for people with any kind of digestive problem or even just someone like me who is healthy who wants to avoid any kind of gut problem in the future it's perfect for travel it's just perfect having at home so it's going to be the ideal multivitamin so those three products are going to make up my canxida system I've also developed a cream which will be developed which is being developed now which hopefully will come out in the market within the next two months it's a cream that can be used for any kind of Candida proper problem whether it's you know as a personal care problem for women or men or just a skin irritation in general so that's Mike Enzi the system I've developed so I believe they're first-class medicines up there for medicines to use for these sort of conditions so just remember that when you're treating gut dysbiosis and you want to get the best result you need to look at a holistic treatment that embraces all sorts of aspects eating drinking living sleeping the stresses it combines all of those factors you can read more on you can also go to and have a look at some of my hundreds of articles I've written on there and I hope that gets you on the right track and if you have any questions you can email me of course please go to my youtube channel Candida crusher YouTube channel you'll find there over 500 videos on that channel I believe it's probably the most comprehensive channel on YouTube channel currently for gut health and Candida and I'm gonna keep on making these videos because I'm getting great feedback from you guys so thank you so much for taking the time to watch this video and I hope it's given you some benefit thank you


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  7. why should we trust your supplement when we've tried all of them with no results? I'm having serious problems and I've eliminated all bad foods.

  8. Doctor can you help me I have very serious gut issues have mold sibo all kinds of stuff and I've gone on so many diets I'm scared to eat any more anything can you help me please

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  10. This breaks my heart. I have Addison's disease. I am forever obliged to take steroids till the day i die. Or else i wont make it. I really thought i can remove candida.

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  13. Can whole grains be a problem when treating gut dysbiosis? I personatly had stomach issues with grains in the past, like oats and rice, even white. Now I'm a little afraid to reintroduce them, because of some doctors advocate the grain free lifestyle for the avoidance of leaky gut. What are your thoughts about it. Thank you so much!

  14. I am taking euthroxs for my thyroid do I need to stop taking it cause I have dysbiosis?

  15. Hi Erik…For diet, you say we should focus on whole foods and plant-based fibres, but most people with gut dysbiosis, myself included, also suffer from leaky gut, and lots of the plant-based fibres are also high in lectins, which are reported to wreak havoc on the gut wall. I would be grateful to hear your thoughts on this subject. There really is so much conflicting advice out there.

  16. Do you reply to these comments? I am in desperately poor health and need help seriously and very soon

  17. I had a heart attack three years ago.  The cardiologist prescribed Plavix (which I took for a year), Atorvastatin (which I stopped after a couple of years), and bisoprolol fumarate 5mg (which I continue daily).  Also low-dose aspirin.  That's it.  Should I drop the bisoprolol?  My heart pressure is in the high 130s over 80s).  Enquiring minds want to know.  ;o)

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  19. I have moderate acne on my cheeks, chin, and neck. It all started about a year ago when I was 18 and started to eat McDonalds every single day for lunch, with almost no fruits/veggies/whole foods. That diet lasted for a year and then followed by the acne/digestion problems. Looking back that was very stupid and I am now trying to change my life. In order to try and help my current digestion problems/acne I have been on a diet away from all processed foods, and it eventually lead to the diet I am on now. Gluten/dairy/vegetable oil free and my diet consists of organic fruits/vegetable/grass fed meats and fresh fish. Nuts and other healthy snacks mixed in. My question is, how long will I need to stay on this diet to possibly see some results with my acne or stomach problems?

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