The Best Supplements For Men Over 40 – Top 6

hey that my friend welcome I'm dr. Anthony ball newsy men's health expert and founder here at the fit father project and today's gonna be a special video we're gonna talk about six of the best supplements the guys over 40 need to be taking and me and my team here the fit follow-up project we've helped over 10,000 guys over 40 lose over 75 thousand pounds of fat and rebuild muscles so we know a thing or two about men's health and supplements although they're not nearly as important as proper sleep a proper meal plan and proper workouts do play a role in keeping us healthy as we age because as our bodies change as we get older our nutritional needs change and supplements can really help us in a lot of instances so in today's video we're gonna cover six really really great research back supplements that are particularly good for guys in their 40s 50s and 60s and we're gonna cover some of the research of these supplements what they are some ideas and some dosages and I'm gonna give you some access to some great free resources we have here at the fit father project so get out your pen and paper take some notes let's dive on in and talk about the six best supplements for guys over 40 fit father project calm alright so let's get started the first supplement on our list is a multivitamin with vitamin b12 in it and a lot of guys don't realize that as we get older our ability to actually absorb nutrients from foods actually decreases and a big part of this happens to do with the decrease in our stomach acid that happens as we age it's estimated from the research that over 30% of men over age 50 have decreased stomach acid to the point that they can't properly absorb essential vitamins like vitamin b12 and let's face it as much as we want to eat a really great diet with lots of fruits and veggies and wild-caught fish and all these great things you know we live busy lives and we're not always properly getting all the nutrition we need from the food and it's not even accounting the fact that with modern farming practices and mass production of lots of fruits and vegetables we're seeing a lot of soil depletion so the broccoli that you might have eaten as a kid is not nearly as nutritious as some of the broccoli grown today so for all these reasons the decreased absorption that happens as we age due to our lower stomach acid and the fact that a lot of the vitamins and minerals of our produce today is just not as great as it used to be a multivitamin is an insurance policy it covers your butt and make sure that you get all the micronutrients those vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function optimally because a lot of us when we focus on nutrition we focus on the proteins the carbs and the fats the macronutrients but we also need the micronutrients so a quality multivitamin with b12 is what we recommend in with all these supplements on this list as we go through this video I'm gonna give you some links to some brands that we trust here at the fit Fowler project that we like that we've vetted that are really high quality products you can find on that are also very affordable so multivitamins number one number two is vitamin d3 now even though a lot of multivitamins do contain some vitamin d3 there is more research on how amazing vitamin d3 is for our bodies particularly as we age now the problem is that most people are vitamin d3 deficient some of us who live above the 37-degree latitude are living in a place where our skin can't actually synthesize vitamin d3 from the Sun so we live in a place where we don't have enough vitamin three production naturally but also stress burns through vitamin d3 levels and what vitamin 3 d3 does we're just learning so much more about it it certainly helps us build stronger bones but we're now learning it plays a huge role in our metabolism and strengthening our immune system in men over 50 improving vitamin d3 levels actually improves testosterone levels so there's great research even for younger athletes to give taking vitamin d3 naturally improves testosterone will switch decline when we're in our 40s 50s and 60s so vitamin d3 is just a phenomenally effective vitamin and actually acts more as a hormone in our bodies it's safe and most multivitamins do not have enough d3 in them so below you can find some recommendations on some dosages and some of the brands we recommend but point being is taking vitamin 3 d3 on your own can really help your immune system and metabolism your testosterone levels and the research is really robust we'll link that below that's cell phone number two the third one is fish oil this oil is absolutely amazing for people of all ages becomes especially important when we're in our 40s 50s 60s so the reason official was so good is because it has the special omega-3 fatty acids and those omega-3 fats really help keep our heart healthy keep our brain healthy it improves memory it can improve muscle building and fat burning fish oil is great now you do not have to supplement a fish oil if you're eating cold water fatty fish like salmon or sardines a couple times per week if you're not getting the fish in then fish oil daily is a really great supplement and in fact for a lot of guys who are transitioning from an unhealthy diet into a healthy diet fish oil can really help in those initial weight loss efforts because the fish oils actually get incorporated into the outer layer of your cells all of our cells have this phospholipid bilayer it's a layer of fat that surrounds the cell and the fish oil gets inserted into those layers and makes them more fluid and healthy and this happens when we eat enough fish oil it helps all of our cells function better and this is incredibly important as we age because we have healthy cells they can have the proper hormone signaling they can carry out all the proper functions and as we age a lot of that cell fluidity decreases cells become more rigid so with fish oil can help offset that so that's the fish oil again dosages and brands are below if you're watching this on youtube make sure to also go to the article associated with this video where you can see all the links to the dosages and brands next supplement is magnesium magnesium is perhaps the number one mineral deficiency that people have of all ages we lose magnesium through sweat you know when we exercise most of us just are not eating enough magnesium from our foods and the reason why magnesium is so important is because magnesium helps improve our cardiovascular system and it decreases stress in our bodies magnesium helps to relax our arteries which as guys when our 40s 50s and 60s heart health is perhaps one of the most important things because more guys die from heart disease related conditions than anything else and so it's important because magnesium helps relax those blood vessels so over years our hearts and our vessels can build up those plaques and over time as those plaques get too big it can completely block some of our major arteries which eventually leads to something like a stroke or heart attack etc magnesium and fish oil together relax those arteries it opens it up and actually can help decrease stress levels as well so magnesium is a great supplement to take at night it's relaxing for your entire body in fact if you've ever heard of people taking Epsom salt baths those relaxing baths you might put some essential oils and some epsom salts in all epsom salts are are magnesium salts magnesium helps relax our bodies so it's great for stress and keeping arteries good and healthy you can even improve recovery time from exercise which decreases when you're in the 40s 50s and 60s magnesium can help next supplement is turmeric and curcumin so it's that orangist powder you know it's a it's a spice that's used in a lot of indian cooking and we're learning so much more about how turmeric and curcumin so turmeric is the spice curcumin are the Kirk humanoids that are in turmeric that are actually the active constituent is one of nature's best anti-inflammatories and anti-cancer compounds it's almost like a miracle compound for research shows that turmeric helps reduce and shrink the size of tumors it's one of the best natural anti-inflammatories for improving joint health decreasing pain and if you're over 40 I know you have aches and pains and certain one certain joints where these are shoulders your knees or your low back turmeric can help with that and it generally just helps keep your overall body healthy by controlling inflammation chronic inflammation is at the root of all pretty much all major disease and so if we can have things like the fish oil and the turmeric that decrease that inflammation you're just going to be a health a lot healthier overall so all these things kind of work together synergistically but turmeric is a great thing to do and getting a regular routine of taking now I have to say this about the turmeric it's not very biologically active it has to be the absorption of turmeric is not very well absorbed on its own so you need a proper supplement that actually has some black pepper extract or turmeric that's with some healthy fats to help it absorb all the supplements that we linked in our article to contain the proper combinations of that by operon that black pepper extract with the turmeric so it absorbs well the final supplement on our list is creatine monohydrate and I honestly save the best for last because most guys over 40 don't realize how important creatine supplementation is if you've heard of creatine you've probably heard of it in the context of muscle building and athletic performance creatine is one of the safest and most research backed muscle builders and performance-enhancing supplements that's actually safe and natural on the market period but it's especially important for guys over 40 what the research shows that creatine not only helps you get stronger and build more muscle mass but it creatine actually prevents age-related muscle loss which is a huge topic because after age 35 our body start losing muscle and it accelerates in our 40s and 50s what they've shot has shown from the studies is when you take creatine monohydrate even if you don't exercise it helps slow down age-related muscle loss and if you do exercise while taking creatine your muscle gains are gonna be that much better and maintaining your muscle mass is so essential essential for guys over 40 so creatine monohydrate is an amazing supplement but it's not just good for your muscles it also helps improve your memory in your brain health there's new research shows that creatine helps prevent and slow down age-related memory decline stuff like Alzheimer's and dementia creatine monohydrate can help with that so it's a really great supplement and this is something we recommend you take post-workout five grams in your post-workout shake or five grams with your breakfast is all you need it's a tasteless powder creatine is incredibly affordable probably one little sip affordable supplements on this entire list and it's something that most guys of over-40 should be taking so I hope you found this valuable there are so many different supplements on the market that you could take we chose these six because there are the biggest bang for the buck supplements that we believe guys over 40 should be taking and the results that our program members get on our 30-day program you can see some more images of our guys here speak for themselves I mean it's not these results are not created by the supplements they're created by a proper diet with proper workouts with the supplements and the accountability instructors so it's a whole picture but point being is we really really stand behind this stuff and the research proves it so I hope you found something valuable in this video and if you'd like help with some of the stuff the supplementation the meal plan the workouts and definitely definitely check out our fit father 30-day program FF 30x where we actually give you our full supplementation plan our full meal plan our full work and our coaching staff keeps you accountable helps you implement the stuff into your life so it stays and sticks as good habits you can sustain well into the future and again we've helped over 10,000 followers with this program so if you're a guy over 40 looking to live healthier this might be something you want to explore further there's links below on this video in the blog associated with this video and you can see all the testimonials and success stories on our website so I hope you found this valuable you picked up at least one or two things definitely check out the dosages and some of the recommended products on our site as well and if you liked this you found it valuable you learn something new give us a thumbs up let us know that you found this valuable my team loves your feedback and definitely subscribe to a fit father project YouTube channel we publish new videos like this every single week we already have hundreds of video on the channel as of the day that we're shooting this one stuff on supplements but also workouts meal plans motivation everything you need to know is a strong and healthy for your family we're the fit filer project the men's health experts for busy guys were 40 so we're thankful that you found this video and then you're here and we look forward to seeing you in our programs in future videos and around the channel I'll talk to you soon my friend


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