The Best Ohio Health Insurance Plans for 2018

you know this list is on fire right you know this list is on fire it's on fire right now in my hand that's that's what I gotta talk to them about do you know what the best health insurance plans are in Ohio for 2018 well hey stick around how's it going everybody I'm Joey doing all the with Jen Golan insurance then well yeah your choices for health insurance in 2018 of the state of Ohio they haven't gotten any better since the last time we talked and I'd like to officially welcome you to that fantastic time of year where you get to pay more for the same thing that you already have if it feels like you're the only one don't worry because it's definitely happen to everybody like everybody of course there are plenty of reasons for this but explaining them to you right now is really not gonna do much to quell that homicidal rage that you feel building but it is my job to help you push that rage aside long enough to make the best choice for you and your family for this year even as impossible the task as it might seem so how did you know this is one of my favorite videos to create every year and I've been doing it for a long time but before we get started let's get all the I can't believe I'm saying this statements out of the way because there are actually a few love this year first say goodbye to your PPO as far as I'm aware in Ohio for 2018 there is not a single health insurance company offering a PPO network for their policies next where's the Cleveland Clinic you might have heard that one of the top insurance companies in the state of Ohio Medical Mutual has decided to or in some capacity mutually part ways with the Cleveland Clinic and they will no longer be offered in their individual health insurance plans network now keep in mind just hold on pump the brakes if you have a Medical Mutual policy through your job through your employer if you have it through the super med plan if it's a grandfather to grandmother plan all of those plans are not really I'm not talking about those plans so it's just the new HMO Affordable Care Act Obamacare health care reform ACA whatever you want to call it it's just those plans that are going to take this network hit but again anybody that is looking to buy new health insurance this year would be again on your own would be looking to buy one of these plans or if you've already had an Affordable Care Act plan for the last couple years this is going to impact you well and finally anthem is not selling health insurance in Ohio in 2018 this is going to follow suit much like companies like Aetna and United did last year anthem is doing their kind of disappearing act for 2018 well what does this mean it just means that you're gonna have one less decent choice throughout the state of Ohio so I really don't know if I want to sit here and talk to you about this whole because I am working through this I need to get out of here let's go let's go I got to go up to the office and I thought let's just talk about this on the way up it always seems like a good idea let's get into the lists shall we I should probably pull it up my favorite thing every year gives you something I actually kind of base your decision [Applause] come on flip a gasser let's talk about the first plan on the list and that's going to come from Medical Mutual and if there's 6,400 HSA now remember all their plans are going to be hmm so keep that in mind if you're buying on it's going to call the market 6400 HSA they're getting I used to it's a big truck basically is from the plan that you love to hate and honestly works for 95% of people who don't have a lot going on and are okay with paying you know a limited amount of medical treatment that they do get throughout the quest there it's gonna give the option to pay the least every month for your health insurance you know I've got I've got actually to be honest with you I got a guy over on the west side of western side of Ohio who has a family of four and you know their premiums were $1400 a month and he can't even he would be happy to pay an insurance company for $200 a month but there isn't there's there's only Medicare provider companies in his County and he's freaking out because you know that he can't really have an insurance company to buy from that he would want to give them $49 a month the list is going to be which is very similar to the 6,400 almost so much so that really the only difference is that you're dealing with 4,000 colony duck table for 8,000 for the family versus the 6,400 or 12,000 that's kind of it this plant has really really gotten a lot more expensive over the last couple years and it's really hard to recommend the only time that you would really want this plan as if your medical cost sits somewhere in between those deductibles between 8,000 and 12,000 800 otherwise you're gonna save yourself money we're just gonna make a better financial decision long term with the high tech table and I guess I should also say if you're gonna have like a lot of expenses then that would maybe be better choice because it is going to be ultimate lowest out-of-pocket cost having a Ford if you know that you can upload through those deductibles right away and that's gonna give you probably the lowest out-of-pocket cost so before we talk about anything else unless actually I get this taken care of at the yeah and that's better right a little bit I think rookie mistake I forgot to bring an extra battery and the battery died and I definitely didn't continue recording on my phone so so we're just gonna do it like we normally do the next plan that we need to talk about is again coming from Medical Mutual it's their HMO 2030 plan basically 2000 is the deductible 30 is the coinsurance portion of it they usually think they're clever in the way they name these things but oh everybody I'm sure you didn't know that right you didn't you were being honest really this plans primary function is to be a plan that's going to offer you some co-pays for doctors office visits and prescription medication if you think that your medical treatment throughout the course of the year is enough to warrant you know spending extra money on this plan just to get those certain benefits then this is probably a good one to start and take a peek at and maybe consider next the Cleveland Clinic Plus Oscar bronze plan now this is where this is very new this is the plan everybody is kind of asking everybody this is the thing nobody really knows about right so Cleveland Clinic has parted ways with Medical Mutual for their individual plans only and again remember only plans that are purchased on your own through or directly with Medical Mutual just individual plans ACA Obamacare plans this new partnership Cleveland Clinic has partnered with Oscar health to be their health insurance company of choice for 2018 the state of Ohio they're only selling in a handful of counties around the Cleveland area immediately and I just picked their bronze plan because I like bronze plans usually they make more sense for people financially than anything else and honestly if you're looking for something that has the Cleveland Clinic and network and you live in one of those counties around Cleveland then this is gonna be something really the only things you can consider but this particular bronze plan is going to have a thirty-five hundred dollar deductible in a seven thousand dollar total out-of-pocket maximum for a single person your coinsurance after the deductible is going to be fifty percent so nice fifty-fifty split but again really the primary attraction here is just the Cleveland Clinic if you are highly invested need a lot of reoccurring care at the Cleveland Clinic in 2018 and you cannot possibly fathom switching doctors then this is gonna be the plan for you probably maybe sorry think about it but it's right and I'm gonna just toss it but what about an honorable mention because everybody likes to try hard and maybe get recognized for it sometimes the honorable mention here is men Mutual 7350 plan again this plan is a little bit more appealing this year than it was last year as the price gap has widened between this plan and the first plan on the list the 6,400 HSA they've separated themselves just enough to be even more annoying than it was last year's for something to consider if you're looking for the absolute cheapest option with Medical Mutual and are okay adding a couple hundred bucks on this case about a thousand dollars to your overall out-of-pocket costs again like I said I know it's annoying if you're looking for the bottom dollar this is gonna be it with the most rock solid steady ish insurance company that we have kind of still doing business in Ohio so again like we say every year what about all those other insurance companies and this is the question that I have been asked probably more than anything else well there's probably a few but it's very it's up there where's everybody else right well the answer is is that they're all gone Medical Mutual care source Molina Summa Oscar I forgot again better and better care Summa and premiere all of those companies again offer such limited networks and or kind of the overall experience that they might provide i just can't for the life of me put them on this best list but if that's all you've got literally like it that's the only company you can buy from in your County in Ohio they're not that bad right somethings better than nothing so I'm sorry I didn't mean it so let's talk about what's the bottom line right I mean just when you think things can't get any worse they do I mean you're gonna have a lot of tough decisions to make when it comes to picking the right health insurance company this year unless you already had an HMO plan with the hospital network of your choice from last year you're definitely gonna be compromising on either your insurance company choice or your doctors and hospitals choice potentially and if you are one of those lucky ones well just consider yourself one of the lucky ones but again it's also important to remember that this list is created as a general guide for the overall could work for the most amount of people and there are very specific instances and where none of these plans might work best for you you have to consider that there might be something out there that's gonna fit your specific situation just a little bit better so what's the next step well if you're ready to actually see which plan if one of these are gonna work best for you let's go go ahead click somewhere around here there'll be something to click on to either schedule the time with me or take a deeper dive into what's next so but of course as always I do appreciate you for taking time to watch this video and as always I am Joe aging all the with General Insurance everybody sure that's not a problem okay yep that'll work for me not a problem here's a pleasure talking every good day okay thanks a lot


  1. Damn, I've used your videos for the last two years and was hoping you'd made one for next year as well. Oh well, I appreciate all the work you did and help you provided in previous years!

  2. This is stupid I don't want to see all that extra shit

  3. I hope it's not too late to ask this question. We got Molina's bronze plan for 2018. We got it mainly as "catastrophic insurance" for example if one of us gets cancer or has a stroke. My question is if one of us did get cancer or have a stroke, can Molina turn us away on the basis that they don't have any doctors in Ohio that treat cancer or stroke victims?

  4. And btw, Cleveland Clinic + Oscar is ridiculously high 😲

  5. Buckeye Healthcare any good?

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