The Best Low-Calorie Snacks

[Applause] a brand new way for prepackaged low calorie snacks and making big claims about slimming your waist that's why so many of you love them you adore them but but their takeaway of the supermarket aisle has left many of you confused and wondering whether these low calorie snacks are your secret weapon or your diets worst enemy so I said chef and best-selling author Rocco DiSpirito to investigate noshing grazing picking whatever you call it we simply love the snack it could be because we're bored or stressed sad or simply just have to satisfy an oral fixation there are endless amounts of snack foods but now a new wave of low calorie snacks has taken over the snack aisle promising you can munch on chips pretzels popcorn chocolate without the guilt this low calorie label comes on really big bags as well as tiny little 100 calorie snack packs but how do you know which one you should put back on the Shelf or which one you should keep for yourself I asked food scientists Taylor Wallace to weigh in these snacks are smaller or thinner sized portions so the food label tells a good story less than a hundred calories the problem is you need to be careful to only consume one at a time just as a treat every now and then or else you'll forfeit their total benefits are some healthier than others absolutely there are a slew of low calorie snacks out there you just have to know what to look for the truth is your snack choice can be the key to losing weight or sabotaging your diet completely so today we're giving you a snack plan of attack straightforward rules so you can pick the best low calorie snack every time Thank You Rocco so I'm here with my snack pack who buy low calorie snacks as a way to lose weight without feeling hungry you all are in a similar category so Killah we can start with you what's your favorite go-to snack my favorite go-to snack is a good old bag of chips you open it it's thought the crunchy texture smells good yeah not bad for you right not at all for me so you think we'll find out your latter what you put your go-to snack what do you like uh I like cookies chips salty things saline is so comfortable there's you gotta go to foods everything she ever one life so today what I'm gonna do for you all so I'm gonna give you a snack plan of attack simple rules to get the healthiest snack every single time you help me break it down if you're fish eaters Kellyanne Petrucci we've over here at the truth – waiting for us I'm going to walk through some of these steps I want you to help us understand what's good and what's bad about what the snack pack is doing for themselves we start with salty yeah there they all seem like the salty yeah for good reason and there's a rule for everybody to remember here that you want 30% of the calories in any bag of chips you get to come from fast yes how many grams of fat is that yeah so that comes out to about 5 grams per serving so that's what you want to look for on the package it's a really good rule to follow 5 grams of fat per serving so they did kelly-ann the med team selected a chip stack that she just loves it's a super snack that also buys by this roll yeah and Selena has it though so chips you're chewing on you know it's the color there's like beaters color that's because they're made from beets real beets what do you think about those these are actually um actually have a sweetness to them a little bit salty and they're not overpoweringly taste of bead which I thought they would but they're actually pretty good so benefit the not as earthy is a deep I don't mind the earthy taste but I get what you're saying if you were to get the sweetness of a vegetable and let that sing a little more loudly but you got the savoriness of the salt you'd have a beet chip which is why I love it and it meets your criteria it does and it's a hearty taste so you don't eat as much alright next up is the healthy snack rule for crackers so I'm gonna walk you over to this – be careful yeah don't step in the trash don't step on the cracks it is not the shoes it is my cracker where we are come on come on keep don't fall okay okay okay what's up with the cheesy crap okay yeah right so the rule is this look for a box with the word hole as the first ingredient why is that so it's always always because when you see that word hole it means that most of the cracker comes from a whole grain and dr.oz we love this because that means it has two things fiber and nutrition and here's the benefit you stay fuller longer so you're not grabbing stuff later so you can see balance of whatever crap you happen to be standing on yeah next rule of thumb to keep in mind is you don't want to be fooled by enriched flour that sounds like a good thing enriched flour but let's be honest and rich flour is basically flour that's not everything's you can add it now and then some fake stuff but vitamins back in if you put things that you've want to have in food but it's not the same so don't go for the head face we found the snack in a super category that fits both those roles and its tail still tastes good they are seed crackers Alana you've got one idea you enjoy them oh they're delicious they're very flavorful they're very earthy so it's fulfilling for me to go throughout the day and feel like I had almost the sufficient meal because of all the flavor and taste in it you look very cuddly over there yeah yeah all right come on over here carefully they're walking out crunchy crunchy crackers over here now next category is sweets and switzer interesting category because you've got to pay attention to a couple very important rules here one of them is you don't want to have less than 3 grams of fiber and I have one other sweet we're going to throw to you be careful of sugar-free candies yeah they sound so good don't they guys sugar-free why not yeah you get too sweet without the sugar but they have these things called sugar alcohols in them have you heard of sugar alcohols no you've probably felt sugar alcohols you just didn't know that's what was causing your problem I mean let me explain I'll be right back so you take these sugar candies that think you know things like gummy bears they seem harmless they bouncing up and down in your mouth and your hands right there they're fun they ain't arresting ly heavy chemical sweetener that we've talked about in the past called sugar alcohol now sugar alcohols are neither sugar nor alcohol well you put them on your tongue they stop bouncing around in your hands and they bring you joy because they taste just the sweet so you smile you're happy your mouth digests these things and the gummy bear that makes its way down towards your stomach now here's the thing when we go into your stomach and we realize the stomach can't actually digest these gummy bears instead bacteria in the large intestine finally meet up with them and there's bacteria these are brown things when they digest the candies they release gas right that causes bloating what's more people think they can have the whole bag because they're not that many calories these sugar alcohols bring water into the intestines they suck this torrential bit of water and that creates well you got it diarrhea ruddiness you know if it as few as 15 gummy bears can cause digestive issues so that's not what you want to have and as a side benefit of having a snack so when it's labeled sugar-free it may not always be a free lunch for you you got to be thoughtful so I'm gonna give you a little different recommendation it's my personal snack that I've been going through for years and years it's dark chocolate covered almonds now before you all say oh please don't talk to cover elements it's important to notice if you love your snack if you love it if it wakes up your mouth your mouth woken up by the way oh wow it's chocolate nubby well these things I adore because they make my mouse so happy the mouth feels so perfect I don't have to eat ten of them now the most important tip I'm going to give you it's the Oz golden rule is you never want you never want your snack any snack there are more than 10% of your daily calories because there's a snack is more than a tenth of all your daily calories that's called a meal yes right so I've included the rule at the entire snack plan of attack in one easy-to-use sheet that you can bring the supermarket it's on dr. oz comments it looks like you should subscribe to my channel so you don't miss anything remember to check back often to see what's new


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    Whole fruits and berries.

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  14. Intermittent Fasting in conjunction with keto has actually been a game changer for me. Get used to not snacking all day and you will lose weight. And practice a keto or low carb lifestyle. The whole calorie thing we have been taught for years does not work. Check out Dr Jason Fung on the 7 benefits of fasting.

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