The Best Instructional Tricep Workout!

what's up guys Joseph rocket ship from Joseph Riley's fitness calm and today in this video I'm gonna take you through my tricep workout so let's get right into it the first exercise that I did for this tricep workout was bent over tricep rope pull downs now I did force it in total for this in the rip range was 20 to 30 reps now the reason I prefer to bend over when I'm doing my tricep rope pull downs is because that allows me personally to get a bit of squeeze and contraction in the bicep muscle so give us a go and if you feel this more in your tricep by bending over slightly then definitely go with this technique however I always advise you should do what you feel the best in each and every exercise now the reason I'm doing a high rep range for this is because for a rope pull down I find it is more of an isolation exercise and it's more an exercise we really want to burn up the tricep muscle so I'm basically trying to pre for take the muscle right now pump the muscle full of blood and get the muscle warmed up before I start going heavy with other certain exercises injury prevention is always one of the most key components to any workout so always make sure you get blood in the muscle first before doing anything crazy second exercise now is tricep dips now when performing a tricep dip it is important to keep your elbows close to your body and pointing backwards and not flared out too much because if they flared out too much you're just going to activate more of the chest and list of the triceps so I'm doing one quick set of texting with my thumbs but in total I did a total of four tricep dip sets and the ripp range was 15 plus for each set focusing on keeping the tension on the muscle so trying to keep the reps constantly moving the whole time also when you're performing a tricep dip you do want to try and focus on keeping your body as straight as possible this will allow you to push from the tricep muscle the more you lean forward into the exercise the less triceps will be worked and the more chest and the more front delts will be activated so the idea here is to deactivate your chest and front delts as much as possible while placing as much stress to your triceps as you can third exercise now guys is bent over tricep kickbacks faucets in total and the ripp range was 10 to 20 such a great exercise for isolating the triceps and it's a great exercise for really hitting that tricep long head I'll put a diagram up on the screen right now now the tricep long here is actually where most of the tricep mass comes from so believe it or not this is actually a good exercise for tricep mass but yes it does also work the lateral hit so it will give you a good shape to your triceps as well and help you get that horseshoe again I'll put another diagram up on the screen right now just so you guys can see what that horseshoe is exactly when performing the tricep kickbacks it is important to try and keep your elbows as stationary as you can trying to keep them in the same position and not moving them you want to keep your elbows high and in line with your body and only focus on using the tricep muscle to extend and lift the way up you should be able to get a good contraction on each and every rep that you perform ok and now the fourth and final exercise for this tricep workout is tricep close grip bench press so it's pretty much the same as doing normal British press for your chest although we're not trying to work the chest we're trying to work the triceps the back of the arms so the only thing that really changes is the grip when you're trying to work your chest you want to be using a wide grip and if you use a closed narrow grip what that does it basically just forces your body to push with your triceps to push with the back of your arms instead of the chest I also do think muscle mind connection is very important you want to focus on pushing with the arms the triceps and focus on not pushing with your pigs it's also very important to try and keep your elbows tucked into your side as this will place more stress to the triceps the more your elbows flare out the more chests and the more shoulders will take action and the more they'll take over all this exercise so always keep that in mind when performing your tricep close grip bench press just doing one more quick set of thumb presses and after I finish the set of thumb presses I'll get back into my triceps now tricep close grip bench press is a great exercise for really building mass on the arms the reason it is so good for building mass is because you can actually overload the tricep muscle with some decent weight so when you're performing exercises like kickbacks and rope pull downs you can't get much weight on the tricep muscle when you're doing close cut bench press however you can add some serious weight obviously I'm not going to hear me here in this video only got 60 kgs there however you can place a lot of weight on the muscle from the six eyes so it is a great exercise nonetheless for adding some quality sighs anyway guys her vet is my tricep workout I hope you enjoyed it I hope you learnt a few things don't forget diet is the most important thing in getting results that you want regardless if you're trying to build muscle or lose body there now if you need help with a personalized meal plan and all calories and macros met for you and to your specific goals I can help you out and have loved to be your online coach if you're interested in joining my program you'll get access to my private Facebook members group plus you'll get monthly updated meal plans and workout programs for more information on this just click the link below this video and we can get started anyway guys thanks for watching and I'll see you in tomorrow's video


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    Keep up the good work as always!

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