THE BEST GYM SUPPLEMENTS! – A guide to supplements

you know when you've got like that problem there's so many supplements but you don't know which ones the best of cheese hopefully this helps you out what's up guys what's up guys and welcome back to the project so I just wanted to have a chat about supplements and gym war X to me this ain't sponsored or anything like that so don't worry about me being biased these are my personal favorite products and I hope you find it insightful and enjoy them so my favorite supplements are blue liquid I like to just down this straight you know just like that it goes down really well it also my favorite protein powders this one it's really good doesn't matter what flavor you add just grab a handful so as you can see from that previous clip this is my favorite wolf can get it right way around my favorite protein powder is this gold standard by optimum optimum nutrition I always struggle with that word and yeah this is probably the best protein on the market that I've tried like I've always managed to have good results for this and you can get it in a range of flavors I've tried multiple different ones this once the caramel toffee fudge it's out of date so don't worry about last clip I'm not wasted it as it's our day and it doesn't really matter if it goes in the floor or whatever but as I said like that if I can get it back now my powers aren't working today yeah I'd say that's the best protein powder on the market at the moment if you're looking in terms like money value and making gains muscle gains and all that stuff that said I haven't really tried as many of the like hardgainers but as a basic protein powder there's one of the top on the market right now now you're probably wondering what that strange blue liquid from earlier in the video was well my friends it is this BCAA energy that's branched chain amino to you or anyone in general so branched-chain amino acids a sensual for when you're training in the gym because it helps give you an extra energy boost and I found these evl ones I've trade tried the number of flavors it's once the blue Raz this one is furious grape I've also had lemon-lime and I think cherry limeade and a couple of other ones as well and I really do trust them they're really nice to drink they do help you give give have another little boost to your day if that makes sense and I'll recommend it if you want to write for cover easier and just have a bit of a boost in the morning they're really good pre-workout be like so for pre-workout I recommend this evl en GN shred I think that stands for like engine they do have a new flavor by Steve Aoki just come out I would love to try it out if you want to send that to me vo now but for real um I've always trusted EBL products so you might see this theme throughout this video this is not sponsored by Evo I just really like their product but there is a range of other products I've tried like this sell your core c4 I don't know I didn't really like this one as much but it gets the job done if that's what you want from your pre-workout so another thing while training you want to make sure you get your multivitamins now you get multivitamins in a number of different brands this is by MuscleTech who also do a really good creatine which I'll get onto after this so you just want to I think it's three of these a day they're fairly easy to swallow they're about this size are not huge so they go down easily but it's worth getting to make sure that you're getting all the bitumens and nutrients that you need in your diet a creatine this is platinum creatine by MuscleTech so the same as the previous multivitamins which I have there oh sure so creatine is pretty good for training because it helps you to gain muscle easier I found like I'm not the biggest fan of creatine but is a natural thing which is found in the human body but I don't know like I got these on special offer from another planet pleasantly surprised with the results that I got on it Ivan cycled it in awhile but I would like to try it again when I get back training so an honorable mention would be these EBL lean mode I think I was trying to think in my head like lean mode I also have these test points so these two evl test and AVL lean mode so we'll talk about EBL lemo first so the e VL lean mode our weight management support pills I guess you foolin pills they're like little capsule things they're not too big so they're easy to swallow see they're only the size and I think the dosage is three of these a day yeah so I found that it really does help to shift that extra bit of fat if you know what I mean so I found the while I'm cycling these I do tend to burn a bit more fat and my metabolism is a bit more sped up so I'm helping myself lose weight quicker so I really recommend these if you even just to try them they're they work for me like every time I've bought them I really recommend them so these Evo tests they are well they help support energy metabolism and testosterone so they help to maintain the natural levels of testosterone and help to reduce fatigue and replenish energy as you go along so I wanted to try this as I've heard they're really good for when you sleep at night if you're not sleeping so well they tend to help you I think the results do vary between people so it's worth a try if you want to try them out I'd recommend doing that so one thing you do need to remember in terms supplements is that unless your diet is reasonably in check then these supplements aren't gonna give you the desired effect that you're trying to go out with them if that makes sense so we're training and dieting they go hand-in-hand and without having a proper diet you're gonna be getting reduced gains in the gym you're not gonna be able Kristin as much as you want to so take that into consideration before buying any of these supplements if you found this video insightful go ahead and smash on the subscribe it's down this side now yeah go and smash them to subscribe it will help me out a lot drop a like on the video found this insightful I can make more videos like this if you want me to just drop comment down below and I'll see you guys in the next one and check out some other videos while you're here they'll be on one of these size smash subscribe see you later guys peace

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  1. These are my favourite supplements for the gym, especially blue liquid 😉 hope you find this a useful guide without it being too serious. any questions drop them down below! 🙂

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