The Best Fitness Transformations! 🏆 – Natural Body Goals – Aesthetic Gym Motivation


  1. lmao u guys are juiced to the gills brah!

  2. SONG 11:41 PLIZZ

  3. they're juiced up as fuck lol

  4. Omg wow what a transformation . The only way I can describe his transformation 👉😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍. If you get it right guys I was saying this for the first person of the video.

  5. There is no way in hell your stats are accurate. At 17, you were more like 145lbs. This demeans the entire video when you intentionally post lies like this.

  6. This is how a wimp becomes a chick magnet

  7. the music should have had some hardstyle like the OG's

  8. Natural? 😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Have you take any suppliment

  10. awesome changing

  11. Jon Skywalker admitted to taking steroids lol

  12. when their veins stick out that much, does that mean they’re taking roids?

  13. Can't believe you didn't include zyzz, the one and original who started this trend

  14. Natural steroid 😂😂😂😂😂

  15. Wow, thought you looked good to begin with but very awesome improvement.

  16. It can be done naturally, but forget the Men's Health and Muscle & Fitness magazines. Someone called them out on YT with their recycling old article titles on the covers, the same bodybuilders, and using awkward poses and photo editing. Get yourself a top rate fitness program and "clean up your nutrition" as Athlean-X puts it. Intensity is key too. I just found out about GVT (German Volume Training) via an Athlean-X video, and man, if you want to break plateaus and gain more mass, that is definitely one way to go!!!

  17. Could you please give feedback for my transformation from 105 lbs to 154 lbs! Thank you!

  18. awesome

  19. I will cut off my fuckin dick if these Americans are fuckin natural

  20. Steroids hit you💣 KAABOoMMM

  21. Must watch motivational video

  22. Those ugly ass Chinese haircuts who the fuck designed them Jesus h fuck

  23. Falto a minha aí

  24. Natural jajjajajajajaja. Estan inyectados hasta la medula, presentan piel de papel, esteroides 3d, yo soy natural y ni siquiera me acerco a sus fisicos, y llevo años entrenando, estos chicos son jovenes y tienen un fisico asi, debieron estar entrenando desde los 6 años, jajajajajajajajaja

  25. 31:39 brilliant technique … genius. 😀 xD

  26. Hard gainers are so lucky. Well done to him, it still takes a ton of work

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