in this video I’m gonna show you the
best exercise to lose weight in 2020 this is how David over here lost 70
pounds and completely transform his body and his life in the process so you know
it works alright let’s see what it is what’s up
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okay before we get into it I want to start this video by saying that it is
not your fault okay it’s not your fault why you’re not losing weight with
whatever exercise you’ve tried to do up until this point and you’re gonna
understand why by the end of this video now raise your hand if you’ve watched a
separate video or you read a magazine or you read a blog post somewhere that
says 5 exercises to lose your belly fat or somewhere along those lines so you
try it and they’re usually selling some sort of workout program or you know
equipment or whatever when they tell you to do these magic exercises so you try
it you give it an honest effort and you even add you know a few sit-ups at the
end of the workout just for good measure Just so you can really get results but it
doesn’t work in fact nothing has worked up to this point and that should sound
familiar to you right? you know you do your sit ups you do your planks you do
your crunches you look in the mirror and you look the
same long story short you’re not getting a very good return on your investment
your time investment at the gym and this is what 95% of people that go to the gym
this is what they do and the really messed up part is a lot of personal
trainers a lot of so-called experts out there want you to believe is that you
can somehow just spot treat yourself that if you do this workout you do this
exercise you can burn off whatever body part you want to improve so let’s talk
about conventional exercise wisdom real quick because exercise is often
considered as one of the key pillars when it comes to weight loss right so
let’s talk about two crucial concepts about it number one is the concept of
calories burned during your workout and the overcompensation effect that comes
with it and the connection being is calories and exercise is the great
equalizer the connection being that you can just burn off whatever you eat as
long as you’re working out that’s why you’ve got elliptical machines
Stairmaster you know you’ve got bikes with monitors
everyone’s got a SmartWatch a Fitbit an Apple watch or whatever gadget is out
there and it seems like a pretty straightforward concept and this fits in
closely to the calories in versus calories out model of weight loss let’s
say you eat a McDonald’s blueberry muffin for example okay that’s 430
calories and a mind-blowing 31 grams of sugar you can just go for a run or hop
on the elliptical, the Stairmaster, do a spin class you can lift some weights and
once you’ve accumulated 430 calories on your Apple watch you’re good you’re
breakeven you’ve burned it off and we’re all happy and everyone’s walking around
with a six-pack but it doesn’t work like that
and that shouldn’t be breaking news to you. Now I want you to shift your mindset
and understand a very very important concept about diet and exercise and this
is what a lot of personal trainers and so-called experts again don’t talk about
but this is gonna shatter your reality the pathways involved when you exercise
versus when you eat are two completely separate things now for this to make
sense we need to talk about basic human physiology don’t worry it’s easy now
let’s go back to the muffin example okay muffins are made out of refined carbs
and sugar. Everyone knows that. When you eat it, your body metabolizes all that
sugar and turns it into glucose your liver processes all that glucose and
it’s gonna cause the hormone insulin to go up to deal with all that extra
glucose in your body but your liver can only store up to about 2,000 calories
worth of glucose anything on top of that gets stored as body fat all you have to
remember in this instance is that refined carbs, sugar, and artificial
sweeteners spike the hormone insulin the most are you with me so far? And then high
insulin blocks fat burning now I want you to remember that concept because
we’re gonna come back to it in a second here now if you continue to eat the
foods that I just mentioned repeatedly over time it’s gonna cause a fatty
buildup in your liver which causes insulin resistance and fatty liver
disease and that opens up Pandora’s box to diabetes obesity and heart disease so
eating a muffin or a granola bar, a protein bar, drinking a can of diet coke is not
good for you it’s fattening but it’s not a very good marketing tool if you’re one
of these companies that makes these granola bars and protein bars to say
that your product is fattening that doesn’t move any products so you have to
sort of sell it that it’s not bad for you so we’re then led to believe that
as long as you’re exercisng you can eat muffins you’ll burn it off or
you can get that extra protein to build muscle by eating this protein bar or
that you should fuel your workouts with Gatorade, Powerade zero and BCAAs
which are usually sweetened with artificial sweeteners and then they use
professional athletes to market this stuff and then everyone thinks that this
stuff is good for you but you’re literally just drinking liquid sugar or
you’re eating a glorified Snickers bar by eating that protein bar but people
somehow justify drinking that stuff and eating that stuff because they worked
out because they think they can burn it off now let’s quickly talk about some of
the benefits of working out if you do some sort of cardio workout you’re gonna
get your heart to pump and it’s gonna make it stronger and if you do that
repeatedly over time then you can train for a marathon or you can do an Ironman
if you’re crazy if you do resistance training you’re working out your muscles
but here’s the number one problem with exercise okay you can exercise your
muscles but you can’t exercise your liver they are completely different
physiological mechanisms yes you’ll get stronger by working out and some people
will argue that exercise depletes muscle glycogen stores yes you’ll deplete some
of the excess energy in your body but very inefficiently and that concept
applies mostly to professional athletes they train all day they get paid to work
out all day long and then they play a three-hour match and they get access to
the top dietitians nutritionists and doctors and so on that should not apply
to the average Joe the average person here’s the thing at the end of the day
exercise has nothing to do with the liver which is what process all the
calories that you eat at no point do they intersect they’re completely
different pathways remember I mentioned earlier that high insulin from eating
refined carbs sugar artificial sweeteners blocks fat burning so even if
you exercise if you have high insulin levels chronically high insulin levels
you’re not gonna lose weight it doesn’t matter if you spend hours on the
treadmill and this is why you see those poor souls at the gym every single day
you see them spend hours on the elliptical machines or the Stairmaster
they do their spin classes every day they do a thousand situps and they don’t
see any results for their efforts they work so hard for nothing and they
think it’s their fault because they’re not working out hard enough you are
you’re just not working on the right things and this is super cliche but it’s
so true you can’t outwork a bad diet if you hear anyone say that oh just do this
one exercise every day and you’ll get a six-pack they’re lying to you
listen 80% of your weight loss results will come from your diet the other 20%
comes from lifestyle choices like how much sleep you get how much stress
you’re dealing with your social interactions and exercise and you know
this is true because two of my private coaching clients completely transformed
their bodies without exercise one of them lost 25 pounds of fat and went down
six dress sizes and the other one lost 5 inches off his waist and was able to go
off of his blood sugar medication they were both dealing with injuries so they
couldn’t work out so they focused on their diet instead and they lost tons of
body fat the problem is most of the general population think that exercise
and diet are equal parts when it comes to fat loss they’re not most people
focus on exercise the 20% part of the equation and it’s not even the full 20%
it’s maybe 10% of the equation right because you’re dealing with stress sleep
and your social interactions and people fumble their way with the 80% of the
equation which is their diet and a lot of people say that oh but I eat healthy
the problem is they’re not they think they are but they’re not and that’s a
different rabbit hole that we don’t have to get into in this video because I
don’t want this video to get too long so I’m gonna link to one of my videos
somewhere at the top here about people who think they’re supposedly eating
healthy spoiler alert they’re not now the other exercise concept that I want
to talk about is this idea of being able to spot treat yourself because I get
asked this all the time so Carlo what’s the best exercise to lose your love
handles or what’s the best exercise to lose the excess fat in your arms and I
call it the chicken wing see this don’t worry everyone has them listen you
cannot spot treat yourself you can’t go oh I’m gonna do 100 sit-ups every day to
lose my belly fat without adjusting your diet first or I’m gonna do 100 bicep
curls every day to get rid of my excess arm fat it won’t work and you should
already know that now I’m not saying that those exercises won’t work but you
won’t see the results that you’re looking for until you’ve gotten rid of
all the fat that’s on top of your muscles the best exercise to lose weight
is 5 sets of stop eating so much crap that is the plain honest truth about it
if you focus on the 80 percent part of the equation and turn
yourself into a fat burner and make sure you stick around until the end of the
video because I’m gonna give you a proven plan on how to do that your body
will target all the unwanted body fat in your body and burn it off no amount of
exercise can do that for you this by the way is how David who you met at the
beginning of the video was able to lose 70 pounds and completely transform his
body he focused on the 80% of the equation and he exercised for maybe an
hour a week tops this is how you lose weight in 2020 and that’s the other
point that I want to make in this video is that you want to focus on quality
over quantity when it comes to your workouts what I mean by that is you
don’t have to be doing chronic cardio and hours and hours on the elliptical or
the treadmill every week or you’re doing a million isolation movements there’s a
lot of studies now that shows that you can get all the benefits from doing
hours of cardio by simply doing 5 to 10 minutes of high-intensity interval
training or HIIT for short so I’m talking about like boot camp style workouts or
CrossFit style workouts bottom line is that I want you to think less but better
when it comes to your workouts at the same time I want you to be inconsistent
with your workouts that’s right I want you to be inconsistent what I mean by
that is you want to vary the types of workouts that you do think about it this
way and this is how we evolved by the way as human beings our ancestors back
then walked an average of at least 5 miles a day when was the last time you walked
for 5 minutes in between those five mile walks they would go hunting or maybe
they were being hunted which meant that they were sprinting all-out for a short
period of time they would climb trees or go hiking when they’re in gathering mode
or when they’re moving from one place to another then they would build shelters
which means that they would be lifting heavy rocks and so on our ancestors did
not wake up at 5 a.m. every day to go to their 6 a.m. spin class and then sit for
8 hours on a desk every single day you know what I mean so add variety to your workouts
maybe go for a 30-minute walk one day and then go for an all-out sprint the
next day go hiking another day and then go lift really heavy weights the next
day then do some sort of high-intensity interval training the next day your
workouts does not have to be confined within the four walls of the gym you
want to always find ways to move your body even outside the gym and you can
incorporate extra movements by you know taking the stairs instead of the
elevator every once in a while park a little bit further and you know walk a
few extra steps take your dog out for a walk they all add up your goal if you
want to be healthy and lose weight is to avoid prolonged periods of inactivity
and here’s what I always say exercise is good for you you should do some form of
it every day it’s like brushing your teeth you should do it every day it has
lots of benefits you get stronger you get fitter you build muscle and other
good stuff but weight loss is not one of them so
diet is diet and exercise is exercise just don’t confuse the two if you have
weight to lose that’s a dietary problem you fix it with
diet you can’t fix it with exercise but let’s say you want to train for a
marathon or build muscle that’s an exercise problem and they do go
hand-in-hand like peanut butter and jelly it’s not like you can just diet
and build muscle at the same time that’s not how it works
if you diet you’ll lose weight but you won’t build muscle
that’s where exercise comes in just don’t think that you can exercise your
way to a six-pack thank you for coming to my TEDtalk on exercise the next question
then becomes how are you actually supposed to eat if you want to lose
weight because let’s be honest 80% of your body composition is determined by
your diet you can’t just freestyle this part do you
have a proven plan that you can follow to help you with that I want to give you
a free copy of my lean body blueprint this is how I melted all the fat around
my stomach and turn it into a six pack without going on a crazy diet or wasting
hours at the gym it’s a simple four-step process specifically designed for busy
professionals and it’s the exact same blueprint that I teach all my private
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