The BEST Chest Workout Without Weights!

your chest muscles are some of the most powerful muscles of your upper body to hit each part of your chest we selected some of the best exercises and combined them into the following workout with this workout you will hit the upper part the middle part and the lower part of your chest with the best non weighted exercises for all exercises you should aim for 8 to 15 rep range and 2 minutes rest in between the sets and the exercises only go to failure in the left set of each exercise and aim for 80 to 90% of your max reps in the sets before the first exercise is suggestive and it mainly focuses on the lower part of your pecs while any kind of dips involve your chest this particular body position offers the best chest activation the key in this variation is to lean your upper body a bit forward while raising your legs at the same time this body position puts the center of gravity right below your chest if you do the dip with an upright body in the nearly vertical line the focus switches from your chest to your triceps if you lean your complete body forward without raising the legs you would mostly hit your shoulders it's also possible to do this variation with bent legs as long as the center of gravity stays the same do 3 to 4 sets of this exercise depending on your level as you probably know the classic push-up and all of its variations are some of the best exercises you can do to improve the strength and the shape of your chest the best variation for the middle part is the in-and-out push-up this movement combines the two major functions of the chest which is deflection and the adduction of the arm if you do the standard push-up on the ground your hands are fixed so you can't really move them in and out walk rings on the other hand are fixed so you can move your hands outwards when you go down and bring them together when you push yourself up in this variation you aim for a white arm placement at the bottom but be careful to not flare your elbows completely out what's the out flared elbow position has not only no benefits for your chest development it also puts the shoulder in the bad biomechanical position which can lead to injury in the long term if you don't have access to rings you can also do push-ups on the ground here you should try to initiate the inward movement at the top even if your arms are fixed on the ground again you do three to four sets of this exercise depending on your level now it's time to hit the upper chest and there are two exercises you could do for that the first one is the decline pushup a common mistake when doing decline push-ups on the ground is the hand placement and joint alignment if you do decline push-ups on the ground with a straight body your head will touch the ground first before you are able to get the full range of motion in your shoulder joint most people try to compensate this by changing the hand placement if you place your hands more to the front you increase the range of motion in your elbow joint but not in your shoulders this will decrease the chest and increase the triceps activation if you place your hands more to the back you change the exercise to a more shoulder and chest dominant movement this is the reason why we only recommend this exercise if you do it on parallettes parallettes allow you to use the full range of motion and the right joint alignment the other option to target your upper chest and this is the one we suggest is the upper chest band flight here you fix the band with your foot and pull it from the outside to the inside which is called adduction in addition you pull it from the bottom to the top which is called flexion both directions will engage your chest so it's very important to extend your legs and adjust your body in an Archer squat light position with this you make sure that the band is under tension not only for the flexion but also for the adduction of course you can also fix the bend onto an object instead of on your foot as long as the movement path is similar also make sure to not rotate your upper body this would switch the focus from your chest to your oblique if you are very mobile and want to focus more on the adduction you can go down and do an archer squat hold while pulling the bend to your body no matter if you choose to decline push-up or the bends like you do three to four sets of this exercise depending on your level all right guys this was the full routine always make sure to work with proper form and concentrate on the muscle in every rep if you want a complete program to build more muscle we suggest you our body transformation program the program is designed around calisthenics but we also added weighted exercises like dips pull-ups squats and many more if you want to increase your strength and learn calisthenics exercises in the first place we suggest you our complete calisthenics program every program is available in different levels so no matter if you are a beginner or if you have a lot of experience our programs are the right choice for you just visit Kali milcom and start your improvement now if you have further questions just leave a comment thanks Alex


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  31. Hi guys, i've got one question. The upper chest works to flex the shoulder along with the front delt, while the lower chest mostly works in the opposite way, to extend the shoulder joint from an overhead position of the arm (like what happens in a close grip chin up). However, everyone says that dips train the lower chest, how is this possible if dips are a "shoulder flexion" exercises? Thanks

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  36. Ever since I discovered your channel, the frequency of my workouts in nature (as well as in hotel rooms while travelling) increased EVEN MORE! In addition to my 3-4 weekly sessions in the gym, I'm following a daily 15-min routine at home or in the office. I combine this with full-body sun exposure (during lunch breaks) in order to get my "extra" Vitamin D. My flexibility improved enormously. Thank you so much. You are absolutely AWESOME!

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