The Best Apps For A Healthy Morning Routine


  1. I’m first. VICTORY!!

  2. ❤❤❤

  3. oh so close

  4. Amy is just awesome

  5. QOD: We (NYPL card holders) lost the 10 monthly play credits with the Kanopy streaming service because they decided to prioritize making more audiobooks in inventory. I had set a resolution to not let a month pass this year with an unused movie. Next year I will try to do something similar with Libby… SOMEHOW!!! So I guess Libby is my favorite app 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️

  6. Peloton app changed my life
    Totally replaced Netflix

  7. Yasss I've been waiting for a video on this!

  8. So motivated to wake up early tomorrowwwww

  9. Buen Video! Tengo algo parecido en mi canal pero en español!

  10. I love this!! Super helpful! But I have a bad habit of getting addicted! I usually just play music and podcasts from my laptop to avoid getting lost in the endless scroll!

  11. There was also an app called Fabulous, to help people creat a coached morning routine. Unfortunately is became a subscription based app after I started using it and was not something I was able to budget for. Still a good app though.

    P.s. I love that you’re holding a lemon 🍋 for your book cover. Your lemon water obsession is legendary 😂

  12. YouVersion Bible app, and if you have an Amazon Alexa, you can ask Alexa to read you the verse of the day or whatever chapter/book of the Bible you're currently reading.

  13. Definitely the Headpsace app!!! 😍

  14. I use Keep and Keep yoga everyday.

  15. Google notes best app

  16. Well, I'd say my favorite app is the music app cause I use music to help me get things done all the time. I love music a lot to the point it can be distracting at times.

  17. Love Spotify bc I can tailor it to my mood and interests👍been listening to a lot of Rachael Hollis lately❤️

  18. Giving me something else to do on my phone in the morning is a great way to curb some bad habits!

  19. The Fabulous App is AMAZING for helping to build a morning routine and get it to be a habit. I highly recommend it, especially for those who wake up with their heads in the clouds. It gives you direction when you need it most.

  20. Only for ios

  21. Great information! Victims love excuses.
    Game changer love (Results! ) love your music picks. Ever life is of Equal Value! Thank you very much.
    Harley hall of fame.

  22. I frequently use the Headspace app to meditate in the morning.

  23. My current favorite morning app: myPoli. It's a habit tracker that I also use for calendar blocking. It's similar to Habitica or LifeRPG, but a lot simpler to use in my opinion. After I've completed my morning routine, I open the app and review my day ahead, adding and/or moving things as necessary. I also update it at the end of the day as necessary.

  24. Yay health. 💜🌺

  25. I love the YouVersion Bible App. I am guilty of not always opening it everyday but when I do I definitely feel better. Plus, I have a timer that goes off at 8am to give me a verse of the day. I love getting those!

  26. Alarmy makes me get up and take a picture of my faucet in my bathroom in order to turn off my alarm. Game changer for me

  27. Oh nooooo! I have android 😖

  28. Hi Amy, can you recommend the android version of these apps please. Also have you reviewed the morning sidekick journal by habit nest

  29. ♥️♥️♥️♥️ Patreon weekday podcast🗯

  30. Oooo looking up the fitness app 😐😬🤭

  31. ♥️App💜 JW library 💜

  32. Augh!! Can’t Wait for December 10! 📚

  33. Spotify is my go to app

  34. Thanks for another wonderful video Amy.
    I love my morning routine and the ME time I get out of it. I make sure to stay 100% away from connecting with other people at that time and that involves staying far away from technology. If I happen to grab my phone for one reason or another, I find myself going to work in a grumpy mood. Especially being a busy Mom of two young children and working full time.
    However, if I had to choose an app that I could allow in my morning routine and that would help me feel productive, it would be my kindle app. I’m a book worm and the best time for me to read is during my morning routine. 5:00 AM, a quiet house, me, my Argentinian mate drink, and books. Yes please!

  35. I replaced waking up to my phone to journalling, gratitude and affirmations. GAME CHANGER!

  36. Habits App – I love hitting that check after I get stuff done in my morning routine. It's literally the only thing that motivates me to get stuff done without rolling over and falling back asleep XD

  37. “Motivation”, “Day One” & “I am”

  38. I love Moodpath for symptom tracking (mental health). It checks in three times a day and keeps track of trends.

  39. The Shine App and Headspace. Love them both!

  40. Watching this on my phone after waking up. Irony is lost on me

  41. The exhaustion is over when some melodious listen
    Great peace of mind
    And the heart is relaxed
    And I feel like working 🌺 💌 @AmyLandino

  42. She never fails to motivate us 😃

  43. Watching your videos is my AM routine! 😅

  44. Youper- it’s like texting your best friend! You can vent about your day and it tracks your mood! The best thing is that it helps you analyze what are the things that make you feel a certain way. Must have!

  45. Definitely Audio, so that I can listen to audiobooks. Game changer for me.

  46. Hi Amy.
    No Apps I try to only touch my phone to put it in my bag before work.
    Will Amazon in Australia be selling good morning good life?????? And will signed copies be available?????

  47. Along with YouVersion Bible app, I love the SheReadsTruth devotional app! I like reading its devotion for the day and incorporating my reflection on the reading to my morning pages 🙂

  48. An app that changed my life by helping me actually stick to a morning routine was Routinist. You input your routine actions and how long they should take and times you as you go through the routine. It really helps guide me in my morning and night routines so I don’t forget anything or get distracted. I absolutely love it!

  49. Anybooks👌

  50. My favorite app is Amino. Mostly teens are on there but there is a wide variety of age groups there. You can join millions of communitiesn to find anyone with a similar interest to you. There are active group and voice chats, you can become an Influencer and created blog posts there.

    Amino is Facebook, Skype, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat all in one app.

  51. Favorite podcast:
    Revolution Ramblings 💞💞💞

  52. My favorite app you tube. Amy TV. My everyday go to.

  53. I like the Calm app

  54. tafsir word by word…………I read it every day check it out

  55. If you're looking for an app to help you stay awaaay from your phone and actually stay focused- try Forest 😉
    It totally changed my life! I use it not only to be productive for uni and work but also for my morning routine, reading, spending quality time with others 😊 Really just to stay OFF my phone and ON my goals!!

  56. Hi Amy, i‘ve been watching your videos enthusiastically and i would love to have my very own morning routine, but: i get up at 3:45 most mornings and start working at 4:30 so there is not really time to do anything if i don’t want to get up even earlier. Do you have suggestions for people who dont work a 9-5 job, but early or changing shifts? Thanks for your help and all the best from Austria!

  57. ai eu te amo

  58. The Insight Timer meditation app is my morning go-to.

  59. Love your videos…I hope you realize when you were promoting 30 day fitness… that you said. " whetherbyou are…..JUST A MOM….. or…….. it hit like a ton of bricks… didnt hear a word after that…. btw I work full time and I am a mom of 3…..its hard work being a mom….
    Just an fyi….

  60. deepstash is an interesting app. i can always find something that inspires me or something to think about… really nice app

  61. Tone it up fitness app. So good to get your work out in.

  62. I love Buddhify, it's a meditation app and they have several wake up meditations which I'm currently using to kick off my day. I am so that person who intends to meditate later on and then just doesn't so first thing it is!

  63. Hallow is a fantastic prayer/meditation app that I use almost every morning and afternoon.

  64. I love the outro outro. 🙂

  65. Down Dog for daily 20 minutes of Yoga, Morning Pages app on apple iTunes, meQuilibrium for personal and professional goals, MyFitnessPal to log what I eat every day, well almost every day, lol . I gave myself a 7-day Challenge to do all these things before my work that starts at 11am and so far I missed a couple things the last 2 days but I have kept it up for the most part! 🤗😊🙏🏼

  66. Honestly I had a moment the other day where I was feeling blah with a little ugh and I thought "I need Amy." Detail therapy was playing seconds later. Thanks for the pep Amy.

  67. Habitica is a great habit tracking app that I use regularly. Helps me have a better routine.

  68. I like the Rainy Mood app. It plays different sounds of rain and a cafe and helps clear my mind.
    Also the overdrive or libby apps for audiobooks from the library. If I can manage to find a book that my husband would be into as well, I can get him to turn off Netflix 😊 (that's more of an evening thing, but I do like listening to them by myself in the mornings).
    And the Google Keep Notes app. It's a simple note/list app that has a layout that's easy to understand and organize.
    And then there's just the phone's timer….because I get easily distracted lol

  69. Really love this! For me it’s honestly probably YouTube. I’ve found so many inspirational voices on here. The first and most impactful of which is you. But YouTube can also be a trove of everything distracting too. So it’s a hard balance. I’ve started trying to limit YouTube to while I’m working out/stretching, or letting a playlist of videos run while I drive. That way I literally can’t just scroll. But some days like today, I just couldn’t get out of bed so I turned me on some AmyTV and it helped! So many times listening to your positivity and inspiration have gotten me out of a funk. Thank you!

  70. The Abide App… Scripture Meditations & Sleep Meditations. This app was super helpful for me when I was dealing with chronic insomnia, but I still enjoy it when I have a little extra time in the morning.

  71. I highly recommend Ryan Caligiuri's podcast: the Cut the Crap Show (otherwise known as "the Resilience Prescription"). He's on point and really can get you on the path to success… Real success.

  72. I love using Pinterest in the morning to think what I could have for breakfast and what to wear that day

  73. No puedo ver los subtítulos en español, cómo le hago

  74. Me encantan tus videos, pero no entiendo el inglés al 100%

  75. Any recommendations for android versions of those apps?

  76. Thanks for the app suggestions, but I have an android phone and can't use those. 😕

  77. These are some great apps. I love using Calm or a guided meditation off youtube. Also, more with youtube, MadFit and Psyche Truth for a good morning routine since I like lots of variety.

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