The Bella Twins cover the latest Muscle & Fitness magazine

– Brie and I are so honored to appear on the cover of Muscle & Fitness. – Yeah, that’s right. – We are the first female athlete to be on the cover in 20 years. – We’ve always talked about
having a woman on the cover, but we’ve always tried to figure out who the right woman would be. – And so for Brie and
I, we’re just like wow. (upbeat music) – They are like superhero
characters, right. And that’s what I wanted
to capture that strength, but also the femininity of them. So you get this soft, but also the strong. (upbeat music) – I think the great thing about women appearing on the
cover of Muscle & Fitness is it shows that we’re equal to men, in our fitness, the way we work out, the way we build muscle. (upbeat tech music) – The Bella Twins, they are just stunning and beautiful, not only from the outside, it’s also the inside. – [Nikki] Who’s the stronger Bella? – Mentally or physically? – Oh really ’cause that’s me on both. – Yeah, right. – Which Bella has the stronger core? – It’s physically obvious. – How dare you? – This issue is all about women in power. – And I’m hoping this is my last photo shoot before I’m a mother. – Oh, there’s no baby. – No, we’re hoping there’s one, so. – It’s big to have the
Bellas representing us. – Women nowadays, we’re keeping
up right there with the men. It’s about being healthy. It’s about being strong. So I really hope our pictures portray that and just inspire people
to love who they are and be their type of strong. – So thank you, Muscle & Fitness. – [Announcer] Check out The Bellas workout routines and all
the scoop on Total Divas, Total Bellas and more in the
new issues of Muscle & Fitness. (upbeat music)


  1. I LOVE💜💜💜💜💜 Bellas

  2. 0:46 Cena is the luckiest for that

  3. They on cause they hawt af

  4. oh my 😍😍😍

  5. I'm going to beat my meat to them

  6. The Bella Twins have the same mussel look and btw I'm 8

  7. Brie is cuter than Nikki cause she is all natural and if I had wet tissue Nikki would lose ten pounds cause of her make up

  8. Equal to men? Let's put all the women on raw and only one men's segment and see how quickly WWE goes bankrupt. #liberalidiots

  9. I will totally buy that. Would definitely be a proud fap.

  10. I love when Nikki flexes

  11. For a while now Brie has been the leaner twin whilst Nikki to me always had more muscle tone but wow Brie really giving Nikki a run for her money in that area.

  12. NUT

  13. The bella I love you

  14. Daniel Bryan is the luckiest man in the world. To be honest Brie looks way better than Nikki just my opinion but congradulations Daniel!

  15. diggers


  17. My fav doll💪🏼❤️

  18. How long ago was this, now? Because somebody's gonna be a mommy!

  19. They both are hot and sexy

  20. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🙈🙈🙈

  21. Wow Brie got hotter than Nikki since leaving WWE.

  22. 0:12 … the thickness is real

  23. Isn't Brie a hippie? Does she take showers?

  24. i don't like sasha but her cover was first right

  25. liar nikki sasha was first but i don't like sasha

  26. Look at 1:38

  27. more like boobs and fitness, its the same with all female wrestlers. pin ups in sports gear, thats all they are. And you think its hard to look like that, money for plastic surgery and some time at the gym doing light exercises will get you that. I applaud them for it really, the world on a plate for you doing bugger all work

  28. fap ²


  30. I love you two but I choose Nikki I want her😙😚😚😙😙😙😙

  31. They are untouchable boys! 😉

  32. biri New match

  33. Hmmm…Tittyz

  34. Who is really happy because of the magazine xD not me

  35. pause at 0:46

  36. brie is so beautiful

  37. why brie bella not come to wwe

  38. So that means that Brie will never Play wwe?

  39. You are in the list of Jericho and you gonna get.

    IT !!

  40. brie looks about 15 on the thumbnail 😂

  41. so geil

  42. Lol the list of jericho 😂😂😂

  43. i prefer brie

  44. I can tell which one is Nikki ( if u know what I mean )

  45. Thank god Brie is retired. Let's hope Nikki breaks her neck again so that she can retire with her DIVA sister. All they care about is doing photo shoots and being on reality shows. We are not DIVAS anymore. We are WOMEN'S WRESTLERS.

  46. Yeah.#genderequality

  47. The only reasons they are popular are:
    1. Twins
    2. Gold diggers
    3. Ugly

  48. Where are you guys I want to meet you

  49. Why they gotta be wearing heels though

  50. Brie Mode love you bro Daniel congrats sorry were done butch

  51. Nikki is hotter. I wonder why

  52. Nicky Bella I love u

  53. im here cuz i like their personality

  54. Daaaamn brie

  55. Now I have a bonner

  56. I guess this is something you wanna wear:

  57. What a perverts

  58. РrоMusсle Fit will naturally boost уour tеstoosteronе lеvеls, enabling yyyou to build more muscle, FASTER… TTTThеeee Bella Тwins сover the latest Мusccclе Fitnеss magazine

  59. Brie and Nikki sure have come a long way since the days of their tag matches, when they would cheat with the twin switch!!

  60. their funny I love them I always watch them even on total divas I have a bella twins room just the bella twins no one else

  61. but nikki is FAT

  62. when is brie going to come on wwe

  63. Brie is pregnant Yesss yesss yessz

  64. The Bella Twins are so beautiful!

  65. Must Snuggle with them!

  66. Hi guуs hеrе’s hоw yооu саn trаin musсlе fаst => ТТhе Bеllа Тwins cоver thе lаtеst Мusсlе Fitnеss mаgаzinе

  67. Bella twins rock!!! beauty with strength, totally perfect.. I love you guys!!!

  68. Of all the women they could have chosen.

  69. 0:35 el mejor momento

  70. First time I actually saw they were into something and passionate about something. Because they sure as hell don't show any passion in the ring. They just wanted to use the WWE as a stepping stone to try and make it in the Hollywood entertainment world.

  71. I honesty can't tell who's more beautiful brie or nikki

  72. My inspirations <3

  73. YO!! I m sorry to sayd that but why Nicky is more hot then brie LIKE WHY !?!

  74. H.W

  75. S.

  76. S.

  77. S…

  78. Good

  79. Good

  80. Daniel Bryan & John Cena were sure so proud of their women becoming the 1st women to be on the cover of Muscle & Fitness Magazine.

  81. Natalya must also be jealous of the fact that Nikki Bella & her twin sister are the 1st women athletes to be on the cover of muscle & Fitness in 20 years. The chief photographer said they're like super hero characters while Natalya made herself such a mean woman due to her jealousy & hatred of them.

  82. They look 0% alike here! Normally they look the exact same to me.

  83. nice

  84. Brie looks amazing in this video but to be fair The Bella twins always look amazing!

  85. Nikki Bella. brie Bella the Bella twins

  86. I LOVE Your Fights

  87. al everybody is here for nikki but im to see brie my idol

  88. Nikki bella needs to shoot a porno, she's so sexy

  89. I wish I could be fit as them

  90. 0:35

  91. I love you guys ❤💕💕

  92. Fun fact: Brie was pregnant 3 days in that photo shoot 💜💜

  93. niki bella is stronger bu they are both sexy and strong

  94. i love the bella twins

  95. They are so stunning,beautiful & hot. I love you Bella's

  96. Nikki Brie the bella Twins

  97. Yay Brie.
    Boo Nikki.

  98. They are sooo beautiful ❤️❤️

  99. Impressive guns and abs so hot.

  100. LAS AMO

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