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hey every what is your friend he noodles that'll welcome back to roblox Pokemon break bronze or today we are gonna be taking on the seventh gym now oh wait oh wait a second what's test doing there oh oh can okay I don't want to that's did I think the gyms off this way hi route 16 is where I like to spend my days off my friends and I go snowboard in there every weekend hey think glad to see that you made it before you head off the port deck huh you should swing by the frost hill city gym and train up well you need to be as strong as possible in case you'd rather than anymore team Eclipse member good idea like Jake the traitor okay I live with my father on round 15 our ancestors helped build this city they built this city on rock and snow rights obviously um oh she's winking at me I love the mountains there are so many ice type Pokemon living up here I know I caught a shiny one before oh hello so we can we can actually what did you just have for dinner did you know that there's an ice-cream cone shaped Pokemon it's tempting to try it okay let's just go she ate a Pokemon for dinner run no God no no no no no I don't know no no that's weird mm okay I just want to go visit all the places here there might be some hidden like GM's Geoffrey has been acting like such don't work since he started hoverboard with his friends on route 16 what he was about to pull out my hoverboard and say what do you got against hoverboards yo totally ready to go shred the door okay whatever um what else do we are there oh this is quite a big city oh there's the gym okay it's always snowing in frost mill Studios because of the altitude we're actually higher in the air than Amphion is well well well wait this is oh yeah this is where we came from okay okay couple more where's the you know I need to go the pokey Center oh there it is okay let's go to Valley Center and get our Pokemon already did we know okay okay okay I haven't learned the geography of this city yet but let's go little cape off the cliffs next to the jet my dad told me he's searching when he's a kid and found nothing there's a strange looking wall inside nobody really knows why it's there I think it has to do the Reggie's hidden cave sound pretty spooky I don't think I'm visiting them at anytime soon come on someone tell me something people refer to heat their homes of real wood fireplaces we had to be careful collecting wood though there have been cases of Abomasnow attacking people they're cutting down the trees heard of the people mistake snow burrs for trees sometimes there was a story in the news lash of a woman for round seven finding a blue Snover in her guardian why would it be on route 7 okay that looked like a staircase to nowhere what do you got buddy my friends and I hover board a lot 16 all the time reason I discovered a cave tucked away in a corner out there it's hard to read so I haven't been inside I wonder what in there aha that's a hint that's a hint I think we need to go there so apparently I guess the hoverboards it's not sort of like snowboarding in the mountains and a lot of people do it on route 16 okay let's go in here and oh hello always so gloomy depressing in this town I look huh emo uh anybody else up here okay and no Sansa does not live here visit asked me about him all the time jokingly gets on my nerves seriously why would okay I don't know because you have a fireplace that does even make sense okay let's go here now oh there's one more book poking about with frozen in a battle in route 15 I got them the Pokemon Center to get them thought I was informed by the nurse certain moves you can use in the battle and thought your Pokemon out most of them are fire type moves of course and here one last house okay Wow all of these are two story house Frost feel feelings winter all year round I still prefer to living over in places like Aredia the desert is way too hot yes they are polar opposites in terms of climate the gym in the city is actually dark tight oh you would think it would be ice type since it's so cold all the time the gym leader finds that these mountains are closer to the moon in the night sky claims it helps him train better oh ok we definitely need to go in the buggy Center now uh what cuz all I brought was oh no well ok ok dark type I think I probably would still be ok because I have Luke who is now going in slot number one umm but yeah we're definitely definitely need some more fighting-type moves wait let me check let me take my Pokemon let me um let me work on this and see if I've got any thing else that's gonna be good or dark type gym that's tricky I'm glad I went around him and and and visited all these people okay so Victini has Brick Break so I'm gonna keep Victini okay yeah let me uh let me work on this a little bit all right guys here is the team and leading with Lukas of course just as I was going to if it were ice typing that I think it's actually better that it's dark-type for this because seeing that Lukas is fighting type and has fighting-type moves fighting does double damage to or is super effective against dark and also dark moves are are not effective against Luke so it actually boosted it on on behalf of Luke because I was gonna use fighting-type moves on ice but then ice is just effective it's not super effective so got an advantage there then I've got shiny copy berry type and we've got fairy-type moves so that's that's an advantage only level 50 though then we've got Charlie just because it's my starter and I like to keep fly at all times and I'd like to get Charlie some XP Victini tini could be a liability psychic so it's super effective against psychic but we do have a fighting move Hariyama of course is a fighting type shiny Hariyama sorry shiny shiny so yeah so this is what I did basically as I brought oh well Victini I brought a legendary I brought three shinies my starter and Lukas right and scraggy is also shiny dark fighting so I thought that might be really good because you know it and I don't know I think it stacks this way right then since its dual type and both are not effective dark and fighting it should be 1/4 so even though it's level 31 it might hold up I don't know I hope so let's get to the gym hello there Jin looks so we're too lit up from the outside but the inside is so dark and spooky woah there's a seal dancing right behind me with blue hair okay let's go in ready here we go sevens gym baby Oh what is this this is so weird it's like oh do I have to jump on those alright no is this a park witness there's a parkour gym this is this is so weird oh okay whoa all right look okay it is a parkour gym what is the what are these okay Oh what happened there oh ah okay how do I get back up oh oh okay okay here's the trainer or the I guess one of the zeros of myself to keep from Vidia my strategy one of the gym foes silhouette oh this is so cool we're like everything's a silhouette even the Pokemon but I know that uh I think that my Tina knows what's about to happen I think I see him shaking all right let's mega or a spear oh yeah I should have done that ah I wanted I wanted a look there's like people back here I wanted to I wanted to beat this like I wanted to see if I could beat this flawless oh oh okay good good good good I wasn't sure that because I thought that would take too much time and then he would get a shot off and I would already have ruined my flawless okay flawless is still a possibility guys I I think I almost got on the last gym and was it Lucas or Charlie I think was Charlie that I used for the last oh well whatever doesn't know another Mightyena silhouettes oh alright this move isn't strong enough guys it's all over already come on yes okay alright alright still reserving it okay what do we got next come on come on another Mightyena loser you got three of the same oh c'mon you think that's a good way to battle do you think that's a good way to battle goodbye okay we got through the first guy come wait yes completely flawless yes that's right goodbye almost really easy guys okay um I tripped on something what was that that that would have been my mega lucario is what you tripped on you tripped on my mega Luka wha okay alright there is a ladder here I guess we're going up wait huh oh you can run up the ladder okay whoop all right and now what I'm oh wait what am I supposed to do here oh do I jump on these no okay now what wait I don't I can't get up there or we saw okay what am I supposed to do oh this keeps going this oh what is this alright this keeps going this way oh oh did you see that Oh check that out it's just wake up that is so cool check that out uh another letter thing what does it say oh wait the shadows don't sleep oh this is this is so cool that's how many things you have to place like the perfect place to make that spell something well there's a guy floating up there alright I can't reach that guy okay how do i how do I jump up hold on let me see huh huh oh wait what where's the guy oh I know I know I go pass him oh yeah this sunlight hurts my eyes okay what do you got huh come on bring out another dark type o dark flying that actually is ah no wait wait Aura Sphere is not gonna be super effective and it's gonna ruin my flawless ah what do i do i do have rock moves i think oh yeah rock side 75 does anybody else have rock moves but everybody's pretty weak let's check Victini no ah what do i do if i switch no I'm gonna stay the reason I'm gonna stay is because I feel like the next one's gonna be one I can get with Lucas so do I mega evolve let's mega evolve again an aura sphere ah it might be strong enough it's not gonna be super effective come on come on come on ten level advantage do it no no no oh hey that's actually good thank you flawless is still preserved guys yes oh yes okay we got it we got it all right what's next okay and now I get to choose sweet okay beautiful Oh gun tank poison oh wait wait poison oh yeah yeah no no I'm good I'm good I was just thinking poison dart I have earthquake right yes oh all right this will knock you out no question what no oh there goes well that's whoa dude wow that was it oh man earthquake couldn't do it oh I bet bone rush would have done it I should've switch to the khari Oh No oh yes let's try berry move here oh I've got a severe okay this is this is where it all falls apart guys you can see the shiny particles let's go with moonblast hike it come on oh wow Wow yes Oh shiny Kobe rocked it killer yes you're good little shiny sylveon mmm yeah all right okay it wasn't don't look to the skies you ruined it you ruined it with your weird pokey bond there why am I still running not that how do I get up to this oh here we go wait oh no that wait what nothing just appeared out of nowhere he's oh jeez okay all right okay so it's sort well look at that guy what is he praying how did you do that okay aha ah is this the leader already or what what is this weird icon thing here I supposed to talk to this guy or ahh welcome where you travel in my name is Zeke oh dude already to the leader surely I would expect more people to fight but okay that's fine I bet you had an interesting time finding your way through the dark to get this far the darkest caves artbooking on the advantage of stealth and prowl is it also saves us on the electric bill I'm assuming you're here to try to win my gym badge my Pokemon are but Baird Jake you on can you handle their dark power um I hope so oh cool he's also he's still yeah he's still a shadow all right here we go okay hunch Crow is another man so here we are again with the with the flying dark so do I Wow level 72 and he's got six pokemons okay there's no way I would have done this flawless before do I go berry here but the level advantage is ridiculous no I'm gonna rock with was weak all right let's go shiny kopi shiny Kobe did well it's just that the rock move wasn't any good okay okay that's fine moving blast come on look at that 21 level advantage or disadvantage on my end come on let's see what we got this is a good move though okay that is really good against someone 20 levels ahead come on you got oh no I hate that oh don't hit yourself hit yourself come on come on Jonny Kobe no no yes yes show you hon crow that's right baby all right yes well done you haven't gotten hit yet and you beat a Pokemon that has 20 level advantage on you I'm so proud of you 21 levels actually okay okuu get out okay no oh yes Oh stupid I meant to switch to Lucario um I'm gonna keep going but I have a really up I'm a yes oh no that's right I'm confused I need it I okay this isn't gonna go well if I'm confused try again but I really do want to get Lucar okay that's it that's enough that's enough that's enough all right hey sue okay I'm gonna beat the krookodile and then I'm going I'm gonna switch well I don't know what I'm gonna switch to but I want to switch to Lucario but yes shiny Kobe is taking out two pokemons come to vote c'mon that were 21 levels ahead of him him I want to say her cuz it's Kofi but it's actually a boy there we go alright you have done your deed well done you've done more than I could ever ask him ah okay come on what's next what's next what's next oh right now now you wanna learn move this is not the time we're in a like a very very heated gym battle is what I was trying to say yes I will switch my Pokemon it yes I will switch back to Lucas and hopefully I should have no problem fish are up here did I mega yet I don't think so should I yeah there's four bogum on left definitely worth it let's do this come on you know it's not as impressive when it's when it's just a silhouette you know not seeing all the colours and not being able to see Lucario's headband here we go let's see come on yes one shot baby boom got it all right what's next somebody's got to laughter three no he's got three laughs I think Umbreon no I'm good that's just straight dark-type yes goodbye oh but look at that level 73 so I think that his final Pokemon is gonna be what like oh geez oh no okay so I think it's finally one's gonna be like level 75 do I switch or do I risk it I'm gonna switch I'm gonna switch we've got a fighting-type move here I just don't want to end up hitting myself and I want to preserve Lucas whoo no oh it's gonna take a while then oh well brick break strong though it's a good move it might be able to aah so close no oh that's bad that's bad what can hurt that much though all right let's knock you out here we go I'm gonna knock you out the TV said knock you out there we go and I'm gonna switch back to Lucas this is a confusion we're off while you're in battle with the other Pokemon I'm not sure pangoro yes let's switch back to Lucas looking awesome there's the colors there's the mega colors all right Lucas how you feeling look I don't see any docs all right and pangoro does not even he doesn't even look that intimidating in a silhouette form here we go yeah oh baby that was great level 73 took him down in one shot okay last one what do we got what do we have houndoom nope I'm good I am good Lucas has not gotten hit guys so we can't call it a flawless gym but we might let's see what happens here so level 74 of his level 79 we might just be able to call this a flawless like that Lucas did not get oh he's mega doing oh I got the it's not I got the gym badge so he's doing mega houndoom guys oh-ho-ho that would be so much scarier actually he's pretty scary dark okay but wait does that mean that I'm gonna knock him out one shot am I gonna one-shot the mega hound ooh Lucas never got hit not even once I mean he did I did like do some stupid switches so there we go got dark really fast oh yeah baby eleven thousand eleven thousand pokey dollars well I guess you win a fair and square I must say I wasn't expecting you buzz about to handle this darkness so well I guess we'll have to take what I learned today and learn how to counter moves like yours I want to have this now as it I want you to have this now is dope good of your victory where's the badge I can't even see it oh is that it the spinning thing there obtained the contrast badge equipped with the contrast badge you'll be able to trade from Pokemon up the level Oh dude wait the level caps 90 now you'll also be able to use the Move surf where's HM surf I would also you TM 97 in the bag dark pulse is a Oso TM 97 is dark pulse dark tight special attack that can even cause your opponent to flinch if you're lucky your victory may have been in the dark but you have a bright future ahead of you with that I wish you the best of luck as you consider your adventure also watch your step on the way out right okay um wait so it was talking about hm surf that's so cool where is hm surf cuz there are some places I want to go with hm surf so the level cap is 90 now all right let's see can I do I just all right let's go quickly okay let's do what they do what are they doing oh oh oh oh come on oh my goodness I'm so stupid let's try that again let's get out and then we can move we can okay let's try that again so I can jump on this okay and then jump over it there okay we got it well oh no ho hahaha almost fell down there Quick Reaction and there's the exit and we get to see what people are like look like cuz they were all black and white before hello oh did they not make it out here they are here they are hey guys alright well we got the JIT off check it out there it is there's the gym badge that's cool wait can we see it here actually can you see you can see it here bad badge you can see the bag in your or the badge in your bag can't you I guess not huh hmm Wow well anyway guys uh-oh I should head to the trade resort and give away some Pokemon okay so Dragon Knight try says and I think it's supposed to be Wilmer or way Lord's favorite TV show well of a fortune okay so macho gamer boy what do messy and a magician spelled differently but maybe that's because of the filter have in common they both do hatch tricks oh nice expert tell me what why did the physics teacher break up with the biology teacher because there was no chemistry here I guess physics biology chemistry I love it here we go with calls sad one two three what do you want do alright so we got two there we go cos had one two three says what do you call a witch on the beach a sandwich and then creeper kid 87 what do you call a bull that's terrible at everything a terra-bull it's alright that's it for this episode of a road blocks pokemon brick bronze if you enjoyed it and you want to see me play some more pokemon brick bronze go ahead and pick up those chopsticks and hook that like button as hard as you can also don't forget to follow me on Instagram and Twitter and please do become an earlier today and subscribe I'll see you guys again soon thanks for watching and of course you live


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